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Who is
Dr. Stephanie Crise?


Dr. Stephanie Crise loves to make people smile! She graduated top of the class at Texas A&M University with a biomedical science degree. She then became valedictorian of Baylor College of Dentistry, where she completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery and earned a master’s in orthodontics at Baylor/Texas A&M Dental College. She takes pride in offering each patient a red carpet experience!

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What Other Dentists Are Saying About Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics…

“I always know Dr. Crise’s patients because of the excellent results I see!”

– Dr. Arthur Nelson, DDS

“We send everyone to Dr. Crise and her team because we know they will get the best customer service and orthodontic care in North Texas. If you want it done right with a smile and have the confidence to know you’re getting the best care available… this is your place!”

– Dr. Matt Parker, DDS

“I am fortunate to know Dr. Crise as a dental colleague, as a fellow school mom, as a ‘mom’ to one of her patients, and as a friend. Dr. Crise shows her gentle care and passion in all she does. I am beyond blessed to have people like Dr. Crise, Dr. Downs, and the Smiles Hollywood team in our lives! Thank you for all you do!”

– Dr. Lisa Clark, DDS

“Not only do I trust to send my patients to Dr. Crise for their orthodontic needs, But all four of my children were patients there… And their smiles are absolutely stunning! Exceptional care and beautiful results are delivered by Dr. Crise and staff!”

– Dr. Brenda Reber, DDS

“Our patients put their trust in us, and it is important to know that we are referring them to an orthodontist who will care for them the way we do. We love working with Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics for this reason! On top of that, their work is impeccable!”

– Dr. Ginny Lee, DDS

Dr. Crise loves meeting with the local dentists around the McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Princeton, Celina, and Prosper areas and referring patients to one another. She not only builds a stronger clientele through these amazing doctors, but relationships and lasting friendships with her dental friends. Because Dr. Stephanie Crise is so grateful for the wonderful relationships she has built with these doctors, she loves to spoil them with treats, gifts, and fun events at the Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics office. 


A Letter To Our Patients:

Dear Smiles Hollywood Patients,

I just want to thank all of my past, current, and future patients for trusting Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics to care for your orthodontic needs and smile! I know I speak for my entire staff, as well as myself, that we are truly honored that you chose us over all others. At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, we are not just an orthodontic office, we are a family. Both Dr. Jessica Downs and I love to have the opportunity to get to know our patients on a personal level. We especially love to know how they are doing with their extracurricular activities, where they plan on attending college, any wins currently happening in their lives, or if they need a listening ear for anything going on. We have been privileged to be invited to many patient events over the years, and we love cheering them on from the crowd or the sidelines. Our front desk schedulers love to welcome our patients with a warm smile as they walk in because it is our goal to make you feel like part of our family.

Our practice would not be as successful as it is without the trust and dedication of our patients. Because of you, we are now the most reviewed and highest rated orthodontics office in McKinney, Texas. We are truly so grateful to be where we are today, but the best feeling in the world is seeing one of our patients grinning from ear to ear with their new beautiful Hollywood Smile. Our goal is to make every patient who comes to our office feel like a STAR! 

The practice of orthodontics is special to me because it allows me to see my patients very regularly over many years of a patient’s life. Many times, moms will say after their last child has had their braces removed, how sad they will be because there will be no more orthodontic appointments. It is a period of time where many memories are made, and a beautiful smile is formed, and a person’s confidence grows. It is a beautiful thing to see, and unique to the practice of orthodontics. It is truly a joy to build relationships with our patients, and it always excites me to see them leave with a gorgeous smile and a new level of self-esteem. When we see this, we know we did our jobs right.  


How Dr. Stephanie Crise Found Her Passion For Orthodontics

I have to thank Dr. Jim Boley, who was my orthodontist as a teenager, for his relentless belief in me and for his undying love of orthodontics, which he passed on to me. He is and always will be my orthodontic daddy. He was always talking to me about dental school and becoming an orthodontist every time I would see him for my orthodontic appointments. Although, at the time, I was convinced I wanted to be a medical doctor. Over the years, and after doing an internship in Dr. Boley’s office, I was convinced that orthodontics was the path for me, and I never looked back! This is why I love to have students come mentor and shadow in our office because you just never know who needs to be encouraged, and who might be a wonderful orthodontist in the future. 


Dr. Stephanie Crise’s Love For Family

Dr. Crise is so grateful for her Smiles Hollywood Orthodontic family and team! “It is such a pleasure to work every day with the most incredible and professional staff anyone could hope for. Each of them has amazing gifts and talents and adds so much to our dynamic Smiles Hollywood Orthodontic team. It is an incredible joy to have relationships with our patient families; we all love doing life together. I am thankful for our relationships with each and everyone.” 

When Dr. Crise is not helping her wonderful patients at our Smiles Hollywood Orthodontic office, she is usually with her husband, children, and two kitty cats. She loves quality family time, which includes attending her son’s sporting games, going to the movie theater with her husband, singing with her daughter, and visiting her eldest daughter in Colorado. Dr. Crise loves making memories and bonding with her loved ones.