Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics Fun Office Contests

At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics we love to run different, cool contests for our patients and their friends and families. We run various contests every two months throughout the year. One contest is run specifically in our office. For this contest you could win anything from movie tickets to a new movie premiere or even a 50 inch tv!! We love to run these contests to give our patients a chance to win something exciting! The other contest we usually run is an online contest. We promote this contest specifically on our Instagram and Facebook. For the online contests we have given away everything from concert tickets, Apple Air pods, TV’s to 60 minute massages and so much more!
Be sure to watch for both our in-office and online contests for a chance to win one of these awesome giveaways!


Below are just a few examples of some of the things we have given away to our patients during our contests!

 Congratulations to the Agness family who are the winners of our latest contest! They walked away with a $250 Amazon gift card. Just in time for Christmas!

Agness Family $250 Amazon Gift Card

Congratulations to Chad Moremon who won the Tory Burch purse in our Mother’s Day contest

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Giveaway

Congratulations to the Goodrich family on winning our in-office contest for a brand new VIZIO TV!

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Vizio Tv Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Cohee family on winning our in-office contest for tickets to the Ghostbusters movie premiere! They got to enjoy watching the premiere from iPic with food and drinks included.

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Movie Premiere Ghostbusters Contest Winner


Mckinney Orthodontics Sidebar 2

Mckinney Orthodontics Sidebar 3

Mckinney Orthodontics Sidebar 4

Congratulations to the Agness family on winning our $50 Amazon gift card contest!

Top Mckinney Orthodontics $100 Amazon Card Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Sisson family on winning our Christmas Apple Watch contest!

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Apple Watch Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Wright family on winning our online Mothers Day contest!
Which included an hour massage and a beautiful candle from Aloe & Milk Spa in Mckinney!

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Mothers Day Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Luna family on winning a movie watch party!! For this contest, the Luna family was able to choose the movie that they wanted to see which was “Clifford.” They had the whole movie theater to themselves for their family and friends.

Contest Winners Movie Party 1

Congratulations to Julie and her family on winning tickets to the Black Widow Premiere!!
This premiere was shown at iPic and included food and drinks.

Contest Winners Black Widow 2

Congratulations to Erin on winning our Mothers Day basket contest!!

Contest Winners Mothers Day 3

Congratulations to the Mayo family on winning Apple Airpods!!

Contest Winners Airpods 4

Congratulations to Maggie on winning our Valentines Day basket!!

Contest Winners Valentines Day 5

Congratulations to the Holliday family on winning our in-office contest for tickets to the Avatar 2 movie premiere! They got to enjoy watching the premiere from iPic with food and drinks included.

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Contest

Congratulations to the Millard family on winning our in-office contest for a big-screen HD T.V.

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Tv Contest

School Visit Contest Info:

At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics we love giving away fun gifts to our patients and others in our community! Every year our office does school presentations to the surrounding elementary schools in Mckinney and Frisco. One of our doctors, Dr. Stephanie Crise loves doing school visits because she loves teaching others about oral and dental health, plus it gives her a chance to see some of her current patients outside the office. At the school visits, Dr. Crise talks about the importance of dental health in young kids and why it is so important to start healthy habits young. She also shows all of the students how to properly brush and floss, and how to prevent cavities. She encourages kids to eat healthy foods and drinks instead of sugary snacks and energy drinks. During these visits, students also get a surprise visit from our favorite mascot at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, Croc Hollywood! He visits to help children to see what braces look like and what braces do to straighten your teeth. Dr. Crise also brings goody bags to each of the students, which usually includes a toothbrush, a Croc Hollywood magnet, paperwork for the parents as well as a gift to a local ice cream vendor. In the paperwork for the parents, we provide an informational brochure to help parents recognize orthodontic problems that usually signal that an orthodontic visit is necessary! Another informational sheet tells students about our “School Visit Contest.” To enter this contest all you have to do is count how many stars are on our Home Page of our website at Then you would follow the instructions on the page and email over your name, star guess and parents name. See below for more details..


How to Enter our School Contest:

1. Count the number of stars on our Home Page, even the tiniest ones, and then email us at with your answer.
Please include:
Your guess of number of stars
Your first name
Your parent’s name
Parent’s phone number

2. All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!!
The winner will be drawn in May and the winner will be contacted by email before school gets out for the summer break.

If you did not receive the page that includes the school visit contest, we have attached it below for your reference!


Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics TM

Alligator                      Where Our Patients are the Stars TM

The office of Dr. Stephanie Crise DDS, MS Dr. Jessica Downs DDS, MS 

Specialists in Orthodontics for Children & Adults



Dear Parents:

It was my pleasure to share an oral hygiene presentation video to your child’s class. I was “assisted” by our famous friend, Croc Hollywood! I hope your child enjoyed the presentation, which included the following:


  1. A lesson on how to brush and floss correctly. Each child was given a disposable toothbrush which should last about 2 months;


  1. A demonstration about how sugary foods affect the teeth.


  1. Information about Orthodontics and Braces.  Attached is a fact sheet from the American Association of Orthodontists explaining the benefits of early orthodontic evaluation and treatment.  The AAO recommends children have an Orthodontic evaluation at age 7 years. This is a free consultation in our office.


  1. Enter our Online Contest: Count the number of stars, even the tiniest ones, on our website’s Home page (, then find the “Contest” tab and follow the directions for a chance to win. All correct answers will be put in a drawing to WIN A $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD!


Each child was given a “Croc Hollywood” magnet to place on their refrigerators to be a constant reminder for them to choose healthy foods first. Please contact our office if you have any questions about Orthodontics or the presentation, or visit our website at


We enjoyed entertaining your child and hope we planted some seeds about good oral hygiene habits and the importance of eating healthy foods. Please reinforce with your child the importance of good brushing habits.


Sincerely Smiles!

Dr. Stephanie Crise

Top Mckinney Orthodontics Smiles Hollywood Star