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If you would like to refer a friend to our practice now, please provide us with the information below. Once you’ve completed the form, click on the black SUBMIT button below. We will follow up with your referral and get them all the Top Mckinney Orthodontics information they may need.

  • i.e parent, sibling, friend, etc.


At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, we love to go above and beyond for our Top Mckinney Orthodontics patients. We also love to go above and beyond to reach our potential patients too! If you are a current patient at our office, then you have the opportunity to help us reach new potential patients. We want to reward you for referring by gifting you with a gift card! When you Refer A Friend to our office and that friend starts treatment we will send you a gift card. Your referrals mean so much to us that giving you a bonus is our honor! If you have a friend who is wanting to get orthodontic treatment and you love Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, then why not tell your friend about us and get rewarded too! We appreciate any and all referrals! There is no better compliment that we can receive than a personal referral from you, our patient!

Another way you can pay the highest compliment to our office is by writing us a Google review. Google reviews are so important and we value your positive comments! Many of our potential patients read our reviews before coming to see us! So your comments mean the world to us!

Also, you could do a quick Top Mckinney Orthodontics video testimonial on your cell phone and email it to us and then we will put it on our Youtube channel. In your video just tell us these three things:

  1. Your name?
  2. What’s your favorite thing about Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics?
  3. Would you recommend our office to your friends?

Another great way to let your friends and family know about Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics is through Social media. Social media plays a HUGE part today in getting the word out to your friends. We would love for you to let people know through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. about how happy you are with your orthodontic treatment and/ or our office staff, etc. If you are posting pictures of yourself on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Youtube and commenting about your teeth or braces, etc. please tag Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, so we can see that you are posting on social media. Please be sure and LIKE Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics Facebook page, as well as our Instagram and Youtube accounts. Many mom’s check out the Mom’s Facebook groups to get advice about which Top Mckinney Orthodontics to choose. We truly appreciate any kind words about our orthodontic office on these platforms. And remember if a mom comes in and mentions your name then you will get a gift card for each family that starts their orthodontic treatment in our office! Thank you in advance for your referrals!

Another fun thing that we do for our patients at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics is that we offer Croc Bucks to buy various things out of our showcase in our front office. There are a variety of ways to earn Croc Bucks including the following: make sure your teeth are clean when you come to your appointment. This is super easy to do! Now we realize that you may have come straight from school and may not have had a chance to brush your teeth; but that’s no problem at all! We have prepasted disposable toothbrushes with a special brushing station set up at our office that you are welcome to use each time that you come to your Top Mckinney Orthodontics appointment! Another way to earn Croc Bucks is to have nothing broken in your mouth. If something does break in between your appointments, please call our office and we will get you in just as soon as possible. Please don’t walk around with anything broken in your mouth for very long, as your appliances are not working correctly, if things are loose or broken and that will extend your treatment time! No one wants to wear orthodontic appliances any longer than they have to! Also, each patient receives a Croc Hollywood T-shirt (if you don’t have one, please ask the front desk for one) and if you wear your T-shirt to your appointment, you get extra Croc Bucks. We also will reward you for all A’s and E’s on your report card. Please just bring your report card and show the front desk and they will give you Croc Bucks! So, there are a variety of ways to earn Croc Bucks! Now, you are probably wondering what do I get with all my Croc Bucks!!?? That is an awesome question! After you save up your Crock Bucks, you can turn them into the front desk and get a variety of prizes such as gift cards for Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, Whataburger, and Target. We also have prizes that you can see in the lighted showcase at the front desk that you can “buy” with your Croc Bucks, such as paint by number paints, toy cars, sunglasses, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bouncy balls, stuffed animals and the list goes on and on! Our patients will receive Crock Bucks every time they come to our office.

A successful practice doesn’t just happen; it is the result of a strong Top Mckinney Orthodontics commitment to excellence in the professional community and in the relationships we build with our patients, their families and our colleagues. We always use state of the art equipment and materials for all of our patients to be sure you have the latest and greatest technology in your mouth! Both of our doctors go to continuing education classes each year, so they can stay on top of the ever evolving art of orthodontics! It’s so important to have an orthodontist who is up to date on everything changing in the field of orthodontics! We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us to provide you with the best orthodontic care possible at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, and we thank you for recommending our practice to your friends and family. After all, everyone wants to have a beautiful Hollywood smile! We look forward to meeting your friends that you refer to us!


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