Orthodontics Careers

There are many exciting careers in our Top McKinney Orthodontics office. Besides the actual orthodontist, there are several different areas that are all very important positions! The office can not run properly without each of the following positions. Here are some of the employment positions in our office at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics:


Clinical Assistant

Our very caring & gentle Clinical Assistants love working with both children and adults. They are very detail oriented and thorough. They are able to multitask and are very energetic. These amazing assistants work chairside, with the orthodontist, assisting in orthodontic procedures such as removing and changing wires, fitting bands on teeth, taking impressions, sterilizing instruments, taking x-rays and preparing the patient for the orthodontist. Many of our clinical assistants are Registered Dental Assistants, which means they have taken extra coursework to learn how to be an excellent assistant. All of our assistants are up to date on the latest Top McKinney Orthodontics procedures and appliances.


Records Assistant

The Records Assistant takes diagnostic records on our Top McKinney Orthodontics patients. These include intraoral pictures, x-rays, impressions and a computerized 3D scan. After the orthodontic diagnostic records are taken, the records assistant prepares charts for the doctor to study the records to create an orthodontic treatment plan. Our Records Assistant is caring, gentle and loves working with both children & adults. The records assistant also assists in delivering retainers to patients post-treatment and with all of our active Clear Aligner patients.

The records assistant needs to be very personable and able to work in a fast paced environment. They have to be able to keep patients on schedule and assist in the flow of the office. They are often the first clinical staff member that a patient comes in contact with when starting braces. So it is important that the records assistant help make new patients feel at ease and comfortable with the orthodontic process.


Scheduling Coordinator

The scheduling coordinators are the first people that a patient sees when they walk into our office. They greet patients in a friendly manner while they are checking the patient in for their appointment. They must be great at multitasking in order to juggle all of their responsibilities. They provide paperwork for the new patients to fill out regarding their medical history and dental insurance. They also answer a multi-line phone system, schedule Top McKinney Orthodontics appointments, collect payments towards patient ledgers, and perform other office duties. They are responsible for verifying dental insurance before the patient’s appointment, which entails going into various insurance websites online and entering the patient’s dental insurance information. If this information cannot be found online, our scheduling coordinator will call the insurance company and speak with a representative from that insurance company to find out further information for each specific patient. The scheduling coordinators also handle various correspondence with other dental offices that we partner with while treating our patients. This is a very fast paced job so one could never get bored. This position requires a very detailed oriented person to keep up with all the various information coming in both over the phone and at the front desk.


Treatment Coordinator

The Treatment Coordinator must have excellent people skills and be able to speak with patients very easily as well as find ways to connect with them. This person works closely with the orthodontist during Top McKinney Orthodontics consultations to obtain vital information from the patient and family about dental and medical history as well as patient orthodontic needs and expected treatment outcomes. They collect and enter data into the patient electronic file from the orthodontic exam during the initial patient examination. The treatment coordinator also needs to be a good typist and speller, as they are typing while the doctor calls out orthodontic information for their electronic file. The treatment coordinator also prepares the financial contract for needed orthodontic treatment and goes over all the numbers on the contract with the patient and discusses any questions on the contract that the patient may have. This person also is responsible for following up with any patients who need more time to think about their proposed orthodontic treatment.

After the doctor has gone over the patient’s diagnostic records and decided on the patient’s treatment options it is the job of the treatment coordinator to do the consultation with the patient and their parents, if applicable. The treatment coordinator will then go over the treatment plan in detail, as well as the orthodontic insurance with the patient. The treatment coordinator collects the down payment and helps the patient to set up a payment plan that is good for them, as well as answers any questions that the patient may have.The treatment coordinator is in charge of electronically filing the orthodontic insurance and will follow up with insurance companies when payments are not received in a timely manner. This position also coordinates all of the wisdom teeth removal surgeries and other extractions that are done with our traveling dentist who comes to our office. The treatment coordinator ensures that both the medical and dental insurance have been verified for each patient.

The treatment coordinator also assists the orthodontist with various other projects, but their main function is to be a patient advocate and act as a liaison between the patient and the doctor. This person needs to be able to multitask and work at a fast pace, as well as be very personable and quick with math.


Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is responsible for coordinating marketing outreach for the practice using various avenues of communication including social media, print media, website, contests, events and other means of contact with our patients and potential patients. This person also delivers goodies to our dental partners who work with our practice. The marketing directors works off site quite a bit, but comes to the office to mingle with patients and to promote patient contests or promotions that we have going on each month. This person must be tech savvy and have a general idea of how to work with Instagram, Facebook, etc. Outreach and mingling are also crucial to this role.


Positions available:

We currently have no positions available, but we would love for you to send us your resume to keep on file, so we can contact you when an opening becomes available. Please email resumes to: smilesmanager@hotmail.com. We would love to meet you and make you part of our Top McKinney Orthodontics Smiles Hollywood team!



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