Cool Braces Colors

Cool Braces Colors can make your smile unique. To start painting your braces, click on a color, then on the tooth you want to paint. Or, click on a color, then click on one of the buttons below to assign that color to specific teeth. Check with your Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics to see which fun colors are available for your teeth!


Great! Now click on a tooth, or choose an option below!


Mckinney Orthodontics Brace Colors



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Cool Braces colors are SO much fun at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics! Did you know you can change your elastic Top McKinney Orthodontics band colors every time you visit us for an appointment? Think of the color wheel and all the different shades of reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, etc. The choices are endless! See how many color combinations you can come up with and have fun doing it by changing your colors at your next appointment. Check with Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics to see all the fun colors that are available for your teeth!

There are so many fun reasons to wear braces, but one that really stands out to patients is the ability to change out the elastic band colors every time you come to your Top McKinney Orthodontics appointments. Cool Braces Colors can make your smile very unique. Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics has hundreds of colors of elastic bands, so let your Top McKinney Orthodontics creativity flow! Let’s start thinking about all the various color combinations you can do. The year starts out in January. Usually January is a cooler month here in McKinney, Texas, so you may want to do white (think snow) and a pale blue color, or even a bright blue color. Then, February has Valentine’s Day, so why not try red and white elastic bands, or red and light pink or hot pink elastic bands. March brings us Spring Break and spring colors, such as purple and pink or a pastel green and yellow. These spring colors can carry you into April, where we usually have Easter. Just think of all of the pretty pastel colors you can wear for your elastic bands, such as yellow, and light green, pale pink and purple. Also, pale orange and light blue are fantastic for this time of the year. Then, we move into the month of May! Lots of fun events happen in May with end of the year school activities and graduation! Let your imagination run wild, and think about wearing your school colors on your Top McKinney Orthodontics braces! Then, it’s sweet summertime when we get to the months of June, July and August. It’s vacation time during this time of the year for many of our patients. You can match your elastic band colors to the type of vacation you are going on. If you are going to the beach, do crystal blue elastic bands, like the ocean, or if you are heading to the mountains, how about green like all of the beautiful trees you will be seeing. In July, we celebrate our great country’s freedom on the 4th of July! Wear red, white and blue elastic bands for all of your Independence day festivities! August is when school starts back up. This is an awesome time to wear your school colors on your braces. September brings the start of lots of fun school activities. You can match your elastic bands to your favorite team’s colors, such as the Dallas Cowboys, where you can wear silver, blue and white. There are several college teams that many of our patients follow, so don’t forget to coordinate your elastic bands with your favorite college team as well. Don’t forget about other professional Top McKinney Orthodontics teams of all kinds of sports, such as football, baseball, softball, soccer, swimming, drill team, cheerleading, wrestling, powerlifting, volleyball, etc. The list goes on and on. Colors are so much fun! Don’t forget to mix and match with all of the cool colors that we offer at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics! The month of October brings us Halloween and trick or treating! Go ahead and do orange and black elastic bands, or try out our really cool GLOW IN THE DARK elastic bands. How fun will it be to go trick or treating and when you smile, your elastic bands glow in the dark! Elastic bands can be so much fun and definitely part of a great and creative costume! November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving. You could do brown and white or whatever you want to do for Thanksgiving. Then, December is Christmas! This is a favorite holiday for many of our Top McKinney Orthodontics patients. A lot of our patients will do green and red for Christmas! So, start thinking of all the various color combinations you can do with your elastic bands and have fun decorating your braces!


Here Is A Fun Activity You Can Try!

HELP!!! Cavity Gator is trying to keep Croc Hollywood from fighting cavities. Croc needs your help to fight cavities and have good dental health. Help Croc by finding the Top McKinney Orthodontics dental words!

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Fill in the blank:
A doctor who straightens your teeth is called an O_____________________.
Straight teeth are easier to keep c_____________n.
Croc Hollywood recommends brushing _______ times a day, for _______ minutes each time using small circular motions.
Floss _________ times a day, before bedtime.
Choose healthy foods to decrease ____________ on teeth. (Hint!* Don’t feed the sugar bugs)


Answers to Fill in the blank:
Cavities or Plaque

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