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Dr. Stephanie Crise

Dr. Jessica Downs


Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics


175 Ridge Road, Suite #500
McKinney, TX 75072

Phone: (972) 529-9700


Office Hours:
Monday: 7:45am to 6:00pm
Tuesday: 7:45am to 6:30pm
Wednesday: 7:45am to 6:00pm
Thursday: 7:45am to 6:00pm


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Our goal at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics is to create beautiful smiles by providing the finest quality orthodontic treatment in a fun, friendly and caring environment – Where our Patients are the STARS! We believe orthodontics is a great way to increase your self confidence, improve both your dental health and your chances for success in life! In our office everyone is treated like a STAR! We provide dazzling Top Mckinney Orthodontics service with doctors you can trust. We go above and beyond when creating your beautiful smile.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create Hollywood Smiles using state of the art orthodontics in our exciting environment by our caring team who are dedicated to accomplishing the work that we have been called to do.

Everyone will be treated like a STAR. We provide dazzling Service while demonstrating great Teamwork. Our doctors and staff will be Accountable for treating our patients, families, colleagues and others with the utmost Respect.

Service – we will serve you with a joyful heart, welcoming your comments and questions, ensuring your total well being – mind, soul and smile!

Trust – you can trust our doctors and staff to care for you like family, banding together with elastics and brackets in unity with one another.

Accountability – our aim is to treat everyone like a Star, keeping your teeth gleaming and your smiles beaming.

Respect – we respect the responsibility we have been given, and we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to encourage you to brighten your world one smile at a time!

Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics has been in business in Mckinney for 25 years. It has been our honor and privilege to provide gorgeous Hollywood Smiles to everyone that chooses Top Mckinney Orthodontics. For over 25 years, our office has become a pillar of our community, loved by many throughout Collin County and the surrounding areas. We have helped to create over 6,000 smiles and have had so much fun doing it!

Many words have been used to describe a visit to the orthodontist and fun has never been one of them… until now! Capturing the glittering lights of Hollywood, exciting camera and film decor, and action-packed Top Mckinney Orthodontics rooms make Dr. Stephanie Crise and Dr. Jessica Downs’ office feel more like an exciting family destination than an orthodontist’s office. Our vibrant atmosphere and friendly, joyful staff are enough to make any kid want to wear braces, and every adult want to be a kid again! Luckily at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics we treat both children and adults!

Our office is easy to locate on the North East corner of Ridge and Virginia Parkway. If you are coming down Ridge road then you will surely see our very large logo sign “Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics” on the side of our Top Mckinney Orthodontics building. However, if you are traveling down Virginia then you could miss us. That’s because we are located behind the building directly on the corner of Virginia Parkway and Ridge Road. Just enter the parking lot behind this building on the corner and you will see our large sign right in front. We can’t wait to meet you and give you a beautiful Hollywood Smile!

Keep An Eye Out For Croc Hollywood And Our Croc Bus!
Croc Hollywood is our favorite (and only) mascot at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics. He is a green crocodile that wears a suit and tie and a top hat with many stars on it. He is in many of our ads and can be seen stopping by elementary schools during our dental presentations every year with one of our doctors, Dr. Stephanie Crise. Croc Hollywood has also been seen riding around Mckinney in our Croc Bus. We usually have the Croc Bus located in our parking lot right next to Dowell Middle School and it can be seen easily when driving down Ridge Road. We have taken our Croc Bus to many different events around town and it has made yearly appearances at the Mckinney Christmas Parade. Winners of some of our Smiles Hollywood Top Mckinney Orthodontics contests have won rides in our Croc Bus to Proms, dances and movie nights. Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics has previously used the Croc Bus to take our winners and their friends to the mall for a fun shopping day. If you or your friends want a chance to ride in our Croc Bus with Croc Hollywood then follow us on Instagram and Facebook and watch for all of our contests! Come by our office during our office hours, Monday through Thursday (7:45am – 6pm; 6:30pm Tuesdays) to check out our Croc bus, our amazing office and to say hello to Croc Hollywood and our fun, loving staff!


Thank you to all of our patients for voting us Best Orthodontist in Mckinney, time and time again!

For so many years I have been honored to win the “Best Orthodontist” award in Mckinney in either the Reader’s Choice paper or the Living Magazine “Best of” contests. However, I cannot accept this award myself without sharing it with my awesome partner, Dr. Jessica Downs, who is an outstanding orthodontist, and our spectacular staff at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics!

Our office is known as the fun “Hollywood” office, where we practice Top Mckinney Orthodontics with state of the art treatment. However, behind all the fun and all the expertise, we are a caring group of people who want to help others.

Our purpose in life is to accomplish the work which we have been called to do. As an orthodontist, I feel blessed to be part of my patients’ lives, building their self-esteem by giving them great smiles, so that they may possess the confidence to do what they are called to do.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics!

Sincerely Smiles,

Dr. Stephanie Crise


“They work with you as the patient to help you achieve that “Hollywood” smile. As a kid I remember coming here and loving it, I mean the inside is decked out like Hollywood so it is very kid friendly. There is free popcorn, coffee, and video games kids can play while they wait. The staff is very nice as well as the doctors. From when I was a kid up until my frequent visits recently I have seen the same doctors and nothing has changed! They are SO nice! Warm and welcoming.”

~ River L.


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