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Convenient and Secure Services…

We value you as our top McKinney orthodontics patient and appreciate your commitment to continued oral health care. We take your personal information as well as your medical information very seriously. We abide by the HIPAA regulations and have you fill out a HIPAA form when you first become a patient. When you become a patient, we electronically send you all the health history forms to fill out online through a protected link. We appreciate you filling out these medical health history forms online because it will save you about 10-15 minutes in the office on the day of your appointment. As a service to you, we will ask you for any orthodontic insurance that you may have so that we can verify how much of an insurance benefit you have. Verifying your insurance involves calling the insurance company, which often can take 30 minutes to an hour on hold. Our staff will do this for you before your appointment as long as we can get all your information prior to your appointment. This way, you will know exactly what type of orthodontic insurance you have as well as how much of a benefit you have. Filling out the health history form and the orthodontic insurance coverage ahead of time will make your appointment go very smoothly as well as save you time in our office on the day of your appointment. It’s just another convenience we offer to you.


Email and Text Message Reminders…

We know how busy our patients’ lives can be, so we do everything we can to help remind you of your upcoming appointments. When you come in for your initial exam, part of the paperwork that you fill out will authorize us at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics to send you reminders of your appointments. The best part is you get to customize how you receive appointment reminders by email, text messaging, and/or voicemail, as well as how many weeks and/or days in advance of the appointment that you want the reminders sent, as well as how many times you want each type of reminder sent. We know that some top McKinney orthodontics patients prefer only one reminder, whereas others may want several reminders through all the variety of outlets, such as text, email, and voice messaging. You get to customize all of this to best meet your appointment reminder needs.

Once you have completed Phase I or Phase II orthodontic treatment at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, you will be on a maintenance system for a while. So, our system automatically will put you on a recall and send you the reminder electronically to let you know that it is time for your next follow-up appointment.


Online Scheduling for New Patients…

We help make it easy for our brand-new top McKinney orthodontics patients to make a first appointment by going to our website and choosing a new patient exam time and day through our local med portal. This is great for those of you that want to make that first appointment with us on a weekend or late at night when our office is closed. You can make your first appointment online at ANY time that is best for you!


Coordination With Other Dentists & Specialists

Our doctors at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics network with dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental specialists that may be of service to you someday. This is very important to you as one of our highly valued patients because when you are in need of a dental specialist in the North Dallas/McKinney/Frisco/Allen area, Dr. Crise and Dr. Downs will be more than happy to refer you to the right one! Our doctors will also write you a doctor referral letter for the specialist as well as share any photos and X-rays we have. Dr. Crise and Dr. Downs will also consult with you and go over everything with you so you are always in the loop concerning your Hollywood Smile treatment. The top McKinney orthodontics doctors are also more than happy to look through your insurance provided list of doctors to give their recommendations on the best doctors or dentists to go to on your plan. This helps our patients a lot in deciding on which dental healthcare professional to choose. Our doctors at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics are your advocates for all of your dental needs.


Our Golf Cart Service Takes You to Your Appointments!

Another really unique service Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics offers to our patients is a golf cart service for those who attend Dowell Middle School right next door. We have certain days of the week when our golf cart picks up students with an appointment at our office. Of course, the patient’s parent has to sign off on a form stating it’s okay for one of our top McKinney orthodontics team members to drive the golf cart over to Dowell Middle School and check their student out of their classroom for the appointment. Our team member will pick them up about 5 minutes before their appointment and drive them over to our office for their appointment time. We will take them by golf cart back to Dowell Middle School and get them checked back in again at the front office, so they can go back to their class. This is so helpful for parents who both work. This allows the Dowell Middle School student to have their orthodontic appointment during the day, and is a great service to the parents who do not have to take off work to get them from school to their appointment and then back to their class. It’s a huge time saver for Dowell parents! This is just another convenient service that we offer to our Dowell Middle School students! It’s also really fun for the student to ride in the golf cart to and from their orthodontic appointments!


Our In-House Lab & Certified Lab Technician…

Another really helpful addition that Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics is so fortunate to have is our very own fully equipped dental lab with our own in-house certified dental lab technician. We are one of the only top McKinney orthodontics offices in McKinney to have their own in-house certified dental lab technician. She makes all of our active aligner trays, passive retainers, expanders, holding arches, and other specialized dental appliances that may be needed by our patients. It’s super helpful to have her here every day on staff because if you do need a retainer quickly or any orthodontic appliance, we are able to do a quick turnaround if needed. Also, we have a lot of patients who do Active Clear Aligners with us, and she can make your next aligner in a week versus having to send it to an offsite lab, which can sometimes take 3-6 weeks to make. Having our certified dental lab technician on staff is so wonderful and really speeds up the processing time for our appliances and retainers. This is a great benefit to our patients!

At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, you are not only our patient but also a member of our extended family, so we take care of you just like a family member! Thank you for choosing us to be your orthodontic care provider! We know there are many orthodontists to choose from, and we look forward to earning your trust and business every day!

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“They work with you as the patient to help you achieve that “Hollywood” smile. As a kid I remember coming here and loving it, I mean the inside is decked out like Hollywood so it is very kid friendly. There is free popcorn, coffee, and video games kids can play while they wait. The staff is very nice as well as the doctors. From when I was a kid up until my frequent visits recently I have seen the same doctors and nothing has changed! They are SO nice! Warm and welcoming.”

~ River L.


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