Wisdom Teeth Removal

Mckinney Orthodontist Wisdom Teeth RemovalSmiles Hollywood orthodontics is happy to be able to provide Top McKinney Orthodontics tooth removal services for our patients who need to have their wisdom teeth removed or any other tooth that may need removing. Our excellent dentist, Dr. David Roberts, with over 30 years of experience comes to our office here in McKinney to remove wisdom teeth (erupted or impacted), as well as other teeth that may need removing (for orthodontic reasons). He also performs surgeries like frenectomies, operculectomies and fiberotomies. Plus, we offer a FREE surgical evaluation for wisdom teeth removal and for any of these other surgeries.


Why Remove Wisdom Teeth/ 3rd Molars?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and the last set of molars that grow in the mouth. Most of the time Top McKinney Orthodontics patients do not have room for the wisdom teeth/ 3rd molars to grow into the mouth effectively. This often means that these teeth are impacted or trapped in the bone, or they try to come in and are mostly covered by gum tissue causing places for food to get trapped thus increasing the chances for infection. Most patients will, therefore, need to get their wisdom teeth removed, somewhere between 14 and 20 years of age. Years ago, most people waited until after the age of 18 years to have their wisdom teeth removed, however, it is now recommended to get them removed at an earlier age because the roots aren’t as long, if taken out at an earlier age. This means the tooth sockets (or holes) will be smaller once the teeth come out and it will take the body less time to fill the socket with bone. In other words, healing happens faster. Younger people tend to heal quicker than older ones especially when it comes to 3rd molar wisdom tooth removal. Another reason for removing wisdom teeth earlier is that since the roots are smaller there is less risk for permanent numbness of the face or paresthesia, which can happen when long roots of wisdom teeth damage the mandibular nerve during the removal surgery. So, if you do not have the space for 3rd molars we recommend that you get them removed earlier as opposed to later, so the recovery time will be much quicker and the risks lower.


How Do I Get a FREE Initial Surgical Consultation Appointment to Remove Teeth?

If you are not currently a patient at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, just call our office and ask to make a Top McKinney Orthodontics appointment for a surgical consultation. One of our doctors, Dr. Crise or Dr. Downs, will examine your mouth and an X-ray called a panoramic X-ray will be taken so that all of your teeth can be seen. The doctor will then discuss the process with you and you will be set up with a surgical date. Be sure to bring any dental and medical insurance information (or card) with you so we can check your insurance benefits for you. The Top McKinney Orthodontics consultation and the X-ray are absolutely FREE.

If you are currently a patient in braces or invisalign/ clear aligners in our office, Dr. Crise or Dr. Downs, will let you know whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed during or after your orthodontic treatment. You may get a call from one of our treatment coordinators, letting you know it’s time to consider removal of wisdom teeth or you can call us directly and ask about wisdom teeth removals. Our treatment coordinator will check your insurance benefits for you and provide a quote so that you may know your cost for the procedure and what your insurance will cover. Be sure to bring your medical and dental insurance Top McKinney Orthodontics information, in order for our treatment coordinators to give you an accurate quote. Our treatment coordinator will call you with the financial information once she has checked your insurance and will then help you to set a date on the calendar for the wisdom teeth/ 3rd molar removal procedure. It’s that easy!

About one week before your scheduled procedure, our treatment coordinator will call you to go over several things; such as the date, time, what to wear, what not to eat or drink etc. before coming in for your scheduled surgery. Typically we would not want you to eat or drink anything except for sips of water 6 hours before your surgery.


About Dr. Dave Roberts DDS…

Dr. Dave Roberts has been traveling the metroplex since 1987, performing nearly 25,000 surgeries. He is a general Top McKinney Orthodontics dentist who provides oral surgery. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Illinois Dental School. He then spent two years in San Antonio in dental residency school at the University of Texas Health Science Center. He was awarded “Young Dentist of the Year” in 1990 for Dallas County.

Dr. Roberts makes himself very available to the patient and their parents. He will give you his cell number and email, so you can reach him any time, day or night, with questions and/or concerns. He is available 24/7 to assist each of his patients.

We are often asked how the patient is put to sleep for the surgery. Dr. Roberts uses I.V (conscious sedation), also known as twilight sleep. The patient receives this through an I.V. in their arm. With this type of sedation, patients have little to no memory of the surgery at all and no pain. This sedation is safer than general sedation because the patient still maintains reflexes such as swallowing and coughing. The patient can talk to you during the surgery, but they don’t remember a thing.


Dental Surgery Appointment Day…

One of the benefits of using Dr. Dave Roberts is that it’s really nice for the patient to be able to have the surgery done right here in our orthodontic office, where the patient is already comfortable and familiar with our office and the setting. Dr. Roberts brings his own team of professional and caring assistants and nursing staff with him to assist in the procedures. Several of his team members have been with him for many years.

On your surgery day, Dr. Roberts and his team of caring professionals will be set up in our office with all of their state of the art instruments and equipment before you arrive for the procedure. When you check in for surgery, one of Dr. Roberts’ assistants, will go over any questions and/or concerns that you may have. You will then go back to the clinic for the procedure to take place. It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to have all four 3rd molars/ wisdom teeth removed. Time varies depending on if the wisdom teeth are impacted or are erupted. It then takes about 15 – 20 minutes for the sedation to wear off. A parent or friend will need to pick up the patient since the patient will not be able to drive under the influence of sedation medications. The patient can be picked up in the back of the office and should be able to walk to the car with assistance of the surgical staff. It’s a pretty seamless procedure.

We are often asked, “How long is the recovery period after 3rd molar removal?” Of course, it varies with each patient, but usually within 2-3 days, the patient is feeling pretty good. We recommend a liquid diet for the first 3-5 days and then adding soft foods for about one week after that. There will be a post surgery follow up appointment at our office, as well, so a doctor can look at the incisions, and make sure the healing process is going well.

Post Surgical Appointment

Every patient will need to be seen for a post surgical check by one of our doctors usually 5-8 days post surgery to make sure the healing is progressing well. As always, if you EVER have any questions at all, please free to call our office or Dr. Roberts.

If you are interested in being evaluated for wisdom teeth removal, contact our office for a FREE visit. Click here to book your free appointment.


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