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Jessica Downs​​​Dr. Jessica Downs sparked an interest in orthodontics all the way back in middle school. Dr. Downs herself had to have multiple phases of orthodontics multiple times, including pulling in an impacted tooth. She is very sympathetic and understands what difficult orthodontic treatments are like for a number of patients. Her ability to relate to patients on that level gives her special insight into how to connect with patients on more than just a clinical level. Because of her own orthodontic experience, she realized that creating beautiful smiles for patients would be her calling. Dr. Downs loves the orthodontic field because of the self-confidence she helps build in her patients and how she gets to build relationships over time with her patients. The bond that she builds with her patients is one that sticks for life. After 20 years in practice, her previous patients still come to visit her and even bring their children to be treated by her most capable hands!


Education and Credentials

  • Orthodontic specialist for over 20 years in McKinney TX.
  • Named one of “America’s Top Dentists”-2010
  • Bachelor of Arts in biology – University of Virginia (1992-1996)
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Magna Cum Laude – Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, (1997-2001)
  • Certificate of Orthodontics and Master of Science – Baylor College of Dentistry (2001-2003)
  • Texas A&M Dental College Mentor
  • McKinney ISD Mentor


Professional Affiliations

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • Texas Dental Association
  • Baylor Orthodontic Alumni Association
  • Alexander Discipline Study Group


Dr. Downs is originally from Yorktown, Virginia. After graduating from the University of Virginia (go Wahoos!), she completed dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude! The prestigious orthodontic residency program at Baylor College of Dentistry (now Texas A&M Dental College) brought Dr. Downs to Dallas, Texas, where she completed her certificate of orthodontics and Master of Science. Dr. Downs is still very active in the Baylor/ Texas A&M orthodontic program. She goes to many study club meetings, as well as their annual orthodontic meeting.

After graduating from Baylor orthodontics school in Dallas, she decided she enjoyed the Dallas area so much that she wanted to make Texas her permanent home, leaving Virginia behind. That is when she joined Dr. Crise at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics in McKinney, Texas in 2002! Dr. Crise and Dr. Downs connected instantly due to their similar treatment philosophies, personalities and dedication to patient care. They love being able to collaborate on cases together and being able to give multiple options for orthodontic treatment to patients, knowing full well that one size does not fit all because no two patients are the same. Dr. Stephanie Crise has worked with Dr. Jessica Downs since 2002 and have become like sisters. Because of Dr. Downs’s incredible work ethic, drive to provide the best possible orthodontic care, and personable personality, Dr. Crise has been so grateful to have Dr. Downs her trusted associate and orthodontic partner.

Dr. Downs is proficient with several bracketing systems, including Damon brackets, Innovation brackets, Alexander brackets, as well as several different functional and interceptive appliances. These functional appliances include the Herbst appliances, rapid palatal expanders, Carriere, forsus springs, Schwartz, pendex appliance, tongue crib, as well as many holding arches, including nance, trans palatal arch, band and loops, and lower lingual arch. She is also very knowledgeable in Invisalign and clear active aligners to give alternative treatment options to her patients, other than braces and appliances. She is one of the Best Orthodontists in Mckinney TX. Over her many years in practice, Dr. Downs has built relationships with several oral surgeons to collaborate on many surgical cases for orthognathic surgery to treat patients with Class II and Class III dental/ skeletal cases. She also works closely with periodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists being the main point of contact for the patient when having to receive implants after braces. She also works closely with other dental professionals in regards to cases that involve tooth removal for overcrowding of the arch and the pulling in of teeth that are impacted in the bone. Her relationships with other dental professionals allow her to make sure the patient has the best possible treatment available to them.

Dr. Downs also enjoys mentoring students and has been a career mentor through the McKinney ISD mentorship program. She has mentored several students, from both high school and college, who are interested in the dental profession. Many students have come and spent an entire summer with her in our office at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics to see what orthodontics is really all about. These students have been able to go over treatment plans, x-rays, and see actual chair-side treatment before going to dental school. Her last high school mentee is now in her second year of dental school! Dr. Downs is also an advisor to many of the new orthodontic students at the Texas A&M Dental College program teaching them current treatment practices and methodologies.

Dr. Downs prides herself on treating all of her patients like family and loves hearing about all of her patients’ sports and activities. In her free time, she loves taking zumba classes, going to concerts/live theater, and is a huge sports fan (particularly the Cowboys and UVA sports). Dr. Downs also enjoys traveling and going on new adventures! She is always ready to go on any type of beach trip! She loves college basketball and watching March Madness each year, especially when her UVA basketball team is playing! She loves football too and going to any sporting event with her friends or family! She is known to be a guru of pop culture and sports knowledge, so feel free to ask her any questions! She loves 1980’s music too, which is often played in our office during the day. Dr. Downs is extremely involved with her family. She spends a lot of her free time visiting her sister and their parents who both reside in New Braunfels. Her pride and joy is her adorable rescue Labrador named Bennett. Dr. Downs is an amazing dog owner! She takes her dog on a walk at least three times per day, rain, hail, sleet or snow. She enjoys staying fit and working out often and is a great dancer too! You may see her in McKinney walking her dog in the area. Feel free to say “Hi” if you should see them!


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“They work with you as the patient to help you achieve that “Hollywood” smile. As a kid I remember coming here and loving it, I mean the inside is decked out like Hollywood so it is very kid friendly. There is free popcorn, coffee, and video games kids can play while they wait. The staff is very nice as well as the doctors. From when I was a kid up until my frequent visits recently I have seen the same doctors and nothing has changed! They are SO nice! Warm and welcoming.”

~ River L.


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