Smiles Hollywood best orthodontics mckinney tx isn’t called the best for no reason. Our patients are the stars! We offer a 100% lifetime warranty. It’s important that our patient smiles last forever so every patient automatically receives 100% lifetime warranty. if you end up needing braces again, no problem! We’ve got you covered. You’ll never have to worry about paying full price for braces again ever!

What services does the best orthodontics mckinney tx offer? Smiles Hollywood offers a range of services from braces Invisalign teeth whitening and wisdom teeth removal. Smile knows and understands dogs. We know they live retainers in the cafeteria, trash, cans of them to give every patient every replacement retainer! At smiles,. We are very proud of all the hard work and practices. We’ve even been featured on local radio and TV programs magazines, and continue to win Best Orthodontist award year after year. They don’t promise award winning smiles for nothing! With smiles we care. We are very well trained, and know how to do what we do.

How much does the best orthodontics mckinney tx cost? Smiles Hollywood offers a complementary evaluation. Smile Hollywood orthodontics for your first visit. You will receive an orthodontic exam consultation a treatment plan recommendation, and a free, digital x-ray if there’s no charge for any of this! Smart hills highly trained staff is here to insure that your experience is better there at the orthodontist. Our customer service is what sets us apart from other Orthodontists. We know and care about our patients we see year after year and get to know them and their families. We are happy to be a part of your family.

Why should I call the best orthodontics mckinney? You should call smiles Hollywood because you know what other Orthodontist practices have the level of care of highly trained staff free exam for your first visit and 100% lifetime warranty. Smiles Hollywood is here for you and your family. Dr. Stephanie has outstanding credentials that combine with her love and genuine concern and her knowledge of signs of orthodontics makes her an exceptional orthodontist. Dr. Crise has a LOVEs for the stage and that gave her the idea for her Hollywood teeth office. She wears all hats, mother wife, singer she enjoys regular Lee speaking at school, churches, and functions..

Visit us at to see all of our services find our contact information. Do your testimonials, see our reviews, get a tour of the office and find out more about the doctors. At smiles your first visit is a free exam and x-ray along with recommendations consultation and no pressure to commit to another appointment. Spiles is an award-winning practice. They offer a 100% lifetime warranty on your smile and offer a free retainer if your dog or trash can gets a hold of it. Call us at 9725299700 to schedule your first reappointment exam and x-ray today!

Best Orthodontics McKinney TX | Smiles, Hollywood

Here at smiles best orthodontics mckinney tx, we live up to our name. We are recruiting practice here in McKinney Texas. The doctors are orthodontic specialists for over 20 years. She was voted bath orthodontics, McKinney Texas it with an 11 times readers choice award and living magazine. Here at smiles, we offer braces, Invisalign, whitening wisdom, teeth, and 100% lifetime warranty. You don’t want to miss out on your free exam x-ray recommendation and consultation at this winning practice. We strive for greatness here; we aren’t awarded, winning for nothing!

What accomplishment does best orthodontics mckinney tx have? Some of the mini accomplishments at smiles Hollywood and Dr. Stephanie Crise has a masters degree and orthodontics from Baylor College of dentistry a doctorate of dental surgery. She was about to marry Dorian at Baylor College of dentistry. She then obtained her bachelors of science, magna cum laude at Texas A&M University. She was named one of America’s top dentists for two years 2007 and in 2019 she was also voted best orthodontist in McKinney Texas 11 times readers choice word magazine. She’s been an orthodontic specialist for over 20 years in McKinney Texas.

Smiles Hollywood best orthodontics mckinney tx is home to another orthodontist Dr. jessica downs. Dr. Downs has been interested in orthodontics all the way back to middle school. Some of Dr. Downs educational credentials include the McKinney ISD mentor. She was a Texas A&M dental college mentor. She earned her certificate of orthodontics in master of science from Baylor College of dentistry. She has her doctorate of dental surgery, magna, cum laude, medical College of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University, and she has her bachelor of arts biology. She graduated from the University of Virginia. She was named one of America’s top dentists in 2010 she is also an orthodontic specialist for over 20 years.

What services does the best orthodontics mckinney offer? Some of the services we offer include Damon, braces, innovation, braces, Invisalign, treatment, whitening services, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics, Bortles, and surgical orthodontics. Damon braces use a sliding mechanism to hold the arc wire to help with the pressure on the T, allowing them to move more freely quickly and comfortably. Braces are easier and faster than you ever thought possible. Innovation system braces can work more quickly than traditional braces. With an ovation braces, you never have to have your braces tightened!

Visit us at to learn more about all the different services and braces we offer. On this website you can also find tips with braces on what you can eat brushing and flossing cool braces, colors and orthodontic retention. As your first exam, recommendation consultation and x-ray are all free from there. There is no pressure on whether you want to move forward with your next appointment. Smile Hollywood is in the ward winning practice. They offer a 100% lifetime warranty on your smile so you’ll never have to pay full price for braces again. Call us at 9725299700 to schedule your free exam and consultation today