After many years of living with your teeth and the older you get of course we lose the perfect white smile we may have had as children which is why we want to make sure you understand that smiles Hollywood is going to be the Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX orthodontics office you can find. This office is going to be able to assist you in many different teeth cleaning services including that whitening service. This means that your teeth can go from looking a dimmed color into a nice bright white smile. We know exactly how important this is to some people and why they may want a Brighter Smile which is why we are more than happy to provide that for you. However, we want to make sure you understand the different types of lighting Services we offer.

We are going to start by addressing the most common whitening service we offer which is going to be the take-home whitening kids that are provided in the office. You would be surprised to learn that most people are not aware that you can actually do teeth whitening at home and you do not need to attend our Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX office but we do recommend in office whitening for extremely higher quality results. we can actually boost you in office within two to three applications which will provide you a beautiful smile in just one hour.

Another way that we want to make sure that you can be knowledgeable in our whitening Services is to provide you with a free whitening consultation. This means that we are going to discuss with you the best whitening system for you as well as the proper results whether that be sooner or later for you. We do this because we know some people may have events very close in the future that they may need the Whiting done for immediately. However, it is definitely best to be prepared in advance to receive these treatments.

for some more information about the take-home trays that we offer here at Smiles Hollywood the Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX dental office that you can find you can visit our website to look at some more information about that. However, I’m going to go ahead and tell you exactly what type of take-home custom trays we make, which are going to be ones that fit your teeth specifically to your knees. then a whining Jello will be provided to use at night for just 15 to 30 minutes. this will be a slower whitening process and not as quick.

We also provide a few other take-home tray options which are going to be typically a one to two week best results or maybe even sooner depending on if you choose the strongest whitening capabilities for our services. don’t forget that you can get a free consultation so don’t hesitate to give us a call today 972-529-9700 about getting those teeth whitened or visit our website for more information at

Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX | What Are Braces?

You would be surprised to learn that some people actually are not familiar with what braces are and what the procedures are for handling them after you have visited the Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX and have undergone treatment to be fitted for braces. However, we are here to assure you that we’re going to make sure the process and treatment after braces have been placed is going to be as smooth and easy as possible for you. We do this by providing tons of helpful information and resources on our website or at the click of a button if you wish to call us and request some of these resources be provided to you. We also are going to make sure that you are educated prior to leaving our facility on some of the best practices for taking care of your braces after you leave. It is still very important for these resources to be available at any time to anyone which is why we have provided a braces 101 guide on our website.

Within this guide you can learn exactly how you are supposed to eat with braces, how you’re supposed to take care of those braces, as well as any retreatments and important information about possible retrieval in the future. So if you are looking for basic treatment then you should definitely reach out to Smiles Hollywood, one of the Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX has to offer. At this office we’re going to make sure you’re educated in the best practices once your braces have been fitted into your smile. A very important topic is the fact that you are not going to be able to eat exactly what you ate before or exactly how you ate before.

specifically there are certain foods that we are going to ask you not to eat while you have braces in your mouth. some of those are going to be with consistencies that are chewy or sticky, hard candies, tough things that are too chewy for you, anything along those lines is definitely going to be something that we do not recommend. This is why we are the Best Orthodontics Mckinney TX office that you can find because we want to make sure you understand exactly what you can and can’t do with your braces on.

it is also important to know that you’re going to want to try to keep most things out of your mouth and do not chew on anything especially your fingers, pins, anything that could possibly cause you to break one of your brackets off. We also say that you should limit certain drinks or certain things that can provide you with staining or can get stuck in your teeth.

to learn more about these recommendations from our Orthodontics office for those who have braces you should check out our website and then select the tab Braces 101 to learn more at We also want you to know that you can get a free consultation today to get an evaluation of the current status of your teeth if you are interested in getting braces and do not currently have them. to reach out to us and schedule that free consultation today just call us at 972-529-9700.