Do you believe the current status of your smile is unfortunately not aesthetically pleasing or wonky in some areas and you’re searching for Mckinney orthodontics? If you answered yes then we can definitely help you out here at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics where we are going to provide you with a smile that truly looks like you walked off the stage at hollywood. Doctors are highly trained and skilled in providing the best Orthodontics care you can find. Whether you simply need a teeth straightening treatment plan or you are looking to whiten your teeth, even if you are just searching for a general hygienist we are able to help you.

However, here at Mckinney orthodontics we specialize in straightening people’s teeth and helping kids who may have a job that is not aligned or able to shut correctly. so this means that if you are dealing with a jaw issue where your jaw has grown too far under or too far above we can definitely help you out. We know the importance of being able to smile properly along with being able to buy it properly. This is why we’re going to provide you with the opportunity to get a free exam and x-ray today to determine exactly how we could assist you.

These are just one of the many ways that we want to make sure everyone and anyone who is able can get into our facility and get some of the best Mckinney orthodontics services that they deserve. This means that if you do in fact qualify for certain areas of treatment such as orthodontic surgery or you have a child that’s going to qualify for our two phase program then we can definitely help you out. the Two-Face program is going to be mainly for children who are experiencing jaw issues and you want to be able to tackle that as early as possible.

Being able to tackle your child’s jaw issues as soon as possible is going to mean he’s going to have the greatest chance at not incurring any seriously invasive procedures when they’re older in order to correct it. the two phase process is definitely going to help you avoid this by providing your child with the first phase between the ages of Seven and eight. This is because at the age of 8:00 to 11:00 your child’s bones are probably going to drastically slow down in terms of growth.

If you believe your child could benefit from this Too Faced treatment then you definitely want to check out more information regarding what that treatment entails on our website at! to schedule that first appointment and get that free consultation and x-ray you can go ahead and give us a call to schedule the appointment today at 972-529-9700 or we have the capabilities for you to schedule online as well so feel free to do that on our website.

Mckinney orthodontics | We Know Braces

Whether you are an adult or child we can definitely help you out here at Mckinney orthodontics by providing you with some of the best citizens when it comes to braces. This means that we are going to go ahead and set the stage for you to have a lifelong smile even if that doesn’t include you getting braces. As an adult it may be concerning when the topic of braces comes up but we can assure you that many adults end up getting braces and we have several different options that will work for you if you in fact do not want braces that are seen. So during your appointment we will determine if in fact the treatment by Embraces will be the treatment for you and if it will work then we will go ahead and follow that discretion from our treatment coordinators.

However, most people are unsure what to do after the fact that they have received Mckinney orthodontics braces services. This is because most people tend to follow common misconceptions regarding the ability for them to do and not do things with braces. we are here to assure you that you can continue on with most daily activities you already do unless they are already unhealthy for your teeth then of course we’re going to advise that you stop doing that. some of those things that include chewing on unnecessary stuff such as your pins, your fingers, or even ice. Specifically, chewing and eating chewy items is going to be something that we advise you against doing while you have your braces.

you may be surprised to learn that you can actually continue most of your daily activities such as playing an instrument, and playing sports, and eating pretty much most of the things you ate prior to obtaining your braces. Although, we want to make sure that you know to stay away from things such as sticky or chewy candies, beef jerky, bagels, pretty much anything that’s going to require a large amount of chewing on your part and can be considered tough. We also recommend not to eat hard foods such as ice, pizza crust, and rib bones.

we also know that emergencies may happen here at Smiles Hollywood which is why we want to let you know that if you do in fact have something happen such as a broken bracket or one of your wires becomes out of place and is poking you you should definitely give us a call because we have a 24-hour emergency line. This means that no matter what we are going to be able to answer any questions you have about your Mckinney orthodontics braces services and we can determine if an office visit is necessary.

So whether you currently have braces or you are in search of obtaining braces you can definitely get the assistance you need here at our Orthodontics office. Smiles Hollywood we are going to provide you the best Services possible and you can review those services on our website at or give us a call at 972-529-9700!