Here at Smile Hollywood Orthodontics we are going to be able to provide you or your child with the best setting possible for them to receive Mckinney orthodontics services. We make sure that our facility is open to both children and adults by providing separate areas for waiting and sitting. Our facility is actually extremely interesting and very different from what you would find at a typical Orthodontics office because of our founder who decided that she wanted to base Smiles Hollywood off of one of her passions. One of these passions would be her love for the stage and for singing.

With that, a doctor Stephanie Crise was able to create a facility in which we can provide an amazing Hollywood themed setting for both adults and children to feel comfortable in. Once you walk in you’re going to notice that there are many cutouts, posters, and collectibles from popular movies and Hollywood stars that we know today. On top of this, they have made sure to provide room for people to be able to bring their children and their own space, the under the water room. Along with this, we want to make sure that adults feel comfortable when waiting for their children’s Mckinney orthodontics services to be complete. This is why we went ahead and made a workstation / waiting area.

By doing this we’ve been able to provide anyone and everyone with an opportunity to attend our Mckinney orthodontics office. We want to welcome both children and adults to go ahead and receive the proper Orthodontics care that they so desperately need. So if you are an adult and you are simply looking for teeth whitening Services then we can definitely help you out there too while also creating an environmental office that you feel comfortable sitting in. If you happen to have an older child as well, we will definitely have an area that fits their needs.

If you can’t tell, our office truly is unique by the fact that we provide so many different areas to fit so many different age gaps. If you do have an older child and you know that they might not be interested in the young kids room then we also have a movie theater as well as a gaming room with the latest up-to-date games and snacks. There are so many ways in which we differ from other dental offices and we try to provide some of the US orthodontic services possible.

If you want to learn a little bit more about what to expect at our office, we actually have an office tour and office description tab on our website at We also welcome you to walk in and check out the office or you can give us a call and schedule that first appointment today to receive your free consultation X-ray and Exam. you can reach out to us at 972-529-9700!

Mckinney orthodontics | Our Community Efforts

Having proper dental hygiene and knowing the importance of detecting certain oral issues is extremely important when it comes to Mckinney orthodontics here at Smiles Hollywood orthodontics. This is because we know exactly why the community has struggled previously and that is because people lack the capability to explain the proper processes and needs for dental hygiene. However, our founder Dr Stephanie Crise is more than willing to provide the community with an opportunity to learn and engage in their oral hygiene. She has often been involved in the community doing various things and continuously tries to give back to the community. She does this all while providing some of the best Orthodontics care that you can find.

If you are in fact interested in visiting our facility to receive Mckinney orthodontics Services then we can assure you that we are going to provide some of the best service you’ll be able to find. Along with this, we are going to make sure that you leave our office with a smile worth smiling for. In other words we are going to make sure that it is Hollywood worthy. That is exactly why we were created and why we continuously strive to provide more for the community and to create a better atmosphere for those two who don’t feel comfortable in a dental area to come to our office.

A main way that Dr Stephanie has been able to make a change within the community is by providing seminars at local schools, typically Elementary schools, and providing lots of dental and hygienic information. By doing this she is advising the proper methods for teeth hygiene and therefore avoiding any unfortunately invasive Mckinney orthodontics services or surgeries that may be required in the future. She does this because she knows the importance of learning at an early age just as she did the proper requirements to take care of your teeth.

Dr Stephanie also has a program that she calls the candy buyback program meaning that you can personally donate candy to the facility, specifically chewy or sticky candy, and therefore she will then donate $10 per pound of candy that we get. She does this because one is to avoid serious cavities, it is a trustworthy way to get rid of your candy and two because we are going to go ahead and give back to the community when you get back to us. So if you do in fact choose to participate in this it’s good to know that the candies are also going to be donated to local communities, neighborhoods, and schools in order to benefit everyone all around.

we want to make sure that you can walk out of our facility with an amazing smile that you can be proud of which is why we want to say you can get your first exam and consultation completely free which does include an x-ray. to learn more about this or schedule that first appointment you can visit our website at or go ahead and give us a call today 972-529-9700. Let us go ahead and create that beautiful smile that you so long for.