Mckinney orthodontics is an incredibly well known and successful orthodontic office that rides the Heights quality orthodontic experience to every customer. We are here to create smiles throughout our community in McKinney Texas. Our main goal is to make sure every patient feels like a superstar. That is why we are called Hollywood smiles. We have served our community for many years successfully, providing everything they need from braces, Invisalign, to whitening. Our amazing office also is different from many others, because we do wisdom teeth removal as well. Certified by the American Association of Orthodontists and Texas dental society, our service is second to none.

The incredible orthodontic office here at Mckinney orthodontics is run by the amazing least skilled Tag Team of Dr. Stephanie Price, and Dr. Jessica Downs. Their combined excellence and education has created an atmosphere that is cutting edge and walk class. As they are always thinking about improving and providing the most innovative, technology and treatment plans for their patients. One of the things that has started a business with their mutual agreement on providing excellent service to each patient. They wanted to create an atmosphere that made it more welcoming and unique than any other orthodontic experience.

We offer a patient a clinic where they can call home and leave in like a million bucks. One of our visions for our businesses here at Mckinney orthodontics is to make every patient feel like a Hollywood star. And when Can you provide me with a world-class services and treatment plan such as braces, innovative, gaming systems, to straighten your teeth we are sure that she will be. Our braces are some of the most innovative in the industry as we work with the Damon system to ride it as more than just straight teeth but quality and efficiency in your treatment plan.

We are in the business of creating smiles and beautiful memories. We wanna make it enjoyable whenever you come to our office so that is why we wanted to take special care and pay attention to each one of our patients. A special offer. We will give you to make you feel even more at home aside from a warm smile as soon as you walk in as a free exam and x-ray consultation. everything you need from emergency care to getting her wisdom teeth taken out will be taken care of here at our dental office.

Let us begin to make you feel amazing, and look like a Hollywood rockstar by giving one of our fully staff members a call at 972-529-9700 or reserving your free exam and x-ray on our website at

Mckinney Orthodontics | The Highest-rated Orthodontics In Mckinney Texas

Mckinney orthodontics makes sure that you’re going to feel like a superstar every single time you visit the orthodontics office. With our doctors, Stephanie, Krissy, and Jessica Downs. We provide care for a patient that makes them feel amazing and comfortable every single time they come in for a visit. From getting on their first pair of braces to custom-made molds of Invisalign we do it all. With efficiency and our clients’ comfort being our number one priority. Our office also specializes in whitening teeth so that you can look your greatest and shine brightly. Throughout the Texas area, we have become one of the most successful and trusted dental offices.

With our extensive background in this industry, we have developed expertise and the skills we provide to our patients here at Mckinney orthodontics. Sorry, doctors of Stephanie Christ. She has a passion for making people smile and has received her doctorate degree in biomedical science at Texas A&M University. She also went on to become a valedictorian of Bear College of dentistry, completing a doctorate of dental surgery and earning a masters in orthodontics. She is one of our full-time staff members I take, spreading and offering a red carpet experience to every single patient every single time.

One of the things that is good, you might as well in the highest bidder orthodontics in the Texas area is our attention to innovation and treatment options. We offer a lot of innovative treatment plans here at Mckinney orthodontics. You’re wanting to get braces. We understand the typical braces are long-term and are slowly going up her teeth. I just like that we have developed and studied the Damon system of races that is incredibly more innovative than traditional braces. Do you want to make sure that you’re getting the most efficient and new treatment plan? That is why we work to study and see if the date. Do you want to be up-to-date with all of their latest research and discoveries as well as work at the American Association of orthodontics to ensure that we are making it easy and comfortable for you to get a great smile.

The Texas dental society has also worked And happy has become as skilled and has an excellent position in our talents as we can be. By being ranked three times as readers’ choice since 2013. Our services are seconds and nine. Six and winner of the living our best lives award and have been ranked one of the top women-owned businesses in the region. You are a member of the American Association of Orthodontics and work directly with the Invisalign brand to ensure high-quality materials are being provided for you with the excellence of skill and knowledge as well.

After providing you with everything, you need to know that we are the ones to chance with your orthodontic needs. Give us a call at.972-529-9700 to schedule a free consultation and x-ray by one is a highly-rated orthodontic office in McKinney Texas. You can also read and find more information about all of our associations and awards, as well as book an appointment on our website at . Don’t wait any longer to receive the quality of care and service that you deserve with the most affordable and flexible. Innovative treatment plans.. Don’t wait any longer to receive the quality of care and service that you deserve at the most affordable and flexible. Innovative treatment plans.