Mckinney orthodontics Is it a world-class orthodontic office that makes every single person feel like a movie star. We have been featured on ABC channel eight and multiple radio shows for quality of care and service. Our services have been ranked six times consecutively as a runner for multiple awards, such as readers’ choice and one of the top women-owned businesses in the area. With our doctor, Stephanie cries and Dr. Jessica down we’ve created a team unlike any other. Fully staffed with a highly certified lab technician team, ready to help you with everything. We will provide services such as wisdom, and teeth, removal for adults, children, and teens. As well as professional whitening services, and Invisalign treatments that are some of the most cutting-edge and innovative technology.

One of the services that an amazing team of certified professional lab technicians provides here at Mckinney orthodontics is suiting you with a beautiful retainer. We understand that you worked hard for your beautiful smile. We wanna keep it that way for the rest of your life. So once you receive your braces, your Tees are going to be straight, but they are not going to stay that way forever. You are the journey as a treatment plan that helps you keep your smile once you get your braces off. This means that we have custom-made retainers that are removable that you can wear in every night to make sure that you are keeping those teeth in the way that they should be

We offer a wide variety of retainers when you come alone or in style. We offer you tonnes of different materials that are similar to clear aligners and offer alternatives. Mckinney orthodontics offers patients new innovative designs of retainers without wearing the old traditional uncomfortable ones that contain a wire. We also offer fixed retainers that consist of wire that get attached from the bottom to the top of your mouth to help keep your teeth straight permanently remaining in your mouth.

Another traditional retainer we offer is the removable one with and without a tongue crib. These are the ones with metal wires around the front teeth that are attached to an acrylic arch and we’ll sit at the roof of your mouth. These are the ones that are most commonly used in traditionally given to those who just got their braces taken off. We do offer one that is a little bit more comfortable that contains a tug crib, which is exactly like the previously described one except it provides more comfort for those who have a habit of moving their tongue around.

Our team is here to give you the perfect retainer that has been fully customized by our certified lab technicians in the house so that we can keep your smile looking amazing. We can get you started with a free consultation and free x-ray by giving us a call at 972-529-9700 and visiting more options for your retainer online at

Mckinney Orthodontics | The Pros And Cons Of A Retainer

Mckinney orthodontics experience is unlike any other, I do feel like 1 million bucks. They are highly trained. The doctor is Dr. Stephanie, guys work together with the doctor just to get on. She was fully equipped. My skills range from specialization in wisdom, teeth removal and orthodontics surgery to innovative new Damon system braces. Whenever you are visiting our clinic we can make sure that you have an experience unlike any other, as we provide you with the most innovative technology to make you comfortable. As well as giving you options for treatment plans that are cutting-edge in world-class. You can be assured that we are the ones you can trust to take care of all of your family’s orthodontic needs time and time again with excellence.

One of the most common misconceptions we have in the dental industry is that once you get your braces taken off, they will just remain straight forever. Our professionals here at.Mckinney orthodontics want to let our patients know that that is not the case. Your treatment plan is a long-term plan with a lifetime sustainment of that treatment plan. Meaning that once you get your teeth straightened, the journey isn’t quite complete. We wanna keep it straight and looking, it’s best. That is why we give you a retainer to stabilize the results. Retainers are needed to control the potential moving environment of your teeth so that they do not move back to their original position. It’s important that they are held in the creek alignment with the surrounding gums, bone, and muscles for the day and not reposition in your mouth.

Some of the pros that we have helped our patients discover when they learn that they have to wear a retainer every night is that here at Mckinney orthodontics Your retainer will be incredibly comfortable because we will custom make it ourselves. This means that it would be removable to be taken out for your eating and hygiene routines as well as perfectly fits your mouth making sure you can sleep without being disrupted. We also don’t want you to worry about wearing it throughout the day as it is only necessary in the very beginning process of your braces being removed. We want you to pay more attention to hygiene and flossing and wearing your retainers at night so that they can effectively keep her teeth and they’re proper alignment.

Teeth with fix retainers are also one of the treatment options we offer here. This option is a treatment plan that is basically the same as a normal retainer but it will be permanently fixed inside your mouth so that your teeth will not have any chance of moving and your smile will last a lifetime. These types of retainers are equipped with floss, threaders to pass dental floss through the small spaces between the retainer and the teeth. So they will not be compromising your hygienic habits and keeping your teeth looking, clean and amazing, but also keeping them in place for years to come. We recommend a retainer schedule of wearing your retainer every night for the first year out of your braces.

As your treatment plan progresses, we will recommend that you wear your braces every other night or at least three times a week when you fill your teeth moving after your second year out of having braces. Once you’ve reached your third year out of braces, we recommend you wear at least one or two nights a week for the rest of your life. You know every three retainers away but if you do end up doing so and an unfortunate accident, we will offer to remake a custom one for you by giving us a call at. 972-529-9700 we’re visiting us on our website online at