Mckinney orthodontics is incredibly popular and professional and I don’t care. We also offer our services to our community to be fully accessible with emergency care. We offer the highest quality in the region as we have worked with invisalign and specialize in invisalign treatment Our clinic is one of the highest rated in the texas area. We have received the award of being the readers’ choice since 2012 3 times. and work with some of the top doctors in the Texas dental society in the area. With our doctors here and fully staffed and incredibly skilled lab certified team ready to assist you we can promise your appointment will be amazing every single time. As we are prepared to roll out the red carpet for you

As a first time patient, you can be experiencing some nervousness for your child to get their braces put on for the first time. That is why here at Mckinney orthodontics Will you make sure you are incredibly informed and knowledgeable about how to help your child go through this new process. With our team of lab certified technicians and incredibly friendly doctors they have developed a plan for you to understand everything about braces from start to finish. With our new innovative treatment for braces such as Invisalign and the Damon braces technology, he will have everything you need to receive the most comfortable treatment plan for you.

One thing you should know about us is that we care about our patients and here at Mckinney orthodontics we don’t want any of our patients to experience breaking a bracket. That is what we have developed in the Nono list for foods to avoid during their orthodontic treatment. We suggested our patient stay away from food that is gooey, chewy, and sticky, such as gummies and candies. These hard to chew foods can pull off your wires and feed but the bacteria in your mouth. We also recommend that they stay away from incredibly chewy, tough food, such as beef jerky, and Slim Jim’s so that they will not get food caught in between the brackets.

There are some foods that you are recommended to absolutely not eat, because they will get stuck in your brackets and become incredibly uncomfortable to remove as you’re brushing your teeth. These foods include Tootsie, Rolls, caramel, candies, and gum. Gun will get stuck in your braces even the sugar-free kind that is rumored to be good for braces. We are here to debunk that mess and let you know that gum is not going to be fun to be picking out of your braces and will avoid you the embarrassment of getting it caught on your teeth. We wanna make sure that you’re fully equipped and rocking those new braces without any problems.

With this incredible Liz, we are sure that we have a clip you with everything you need to help out your child get their birthstone for their first time give us a call to schedule your free consultation at 972-529-9700 and book a free x-ray that we will offer you as our first time VIP gets on our website at

Mckinney Orthodontics | How To Not Let Braces Limit

Mckinney orthodontics Offers a wide variety of dental care services, such as whining, wisdom teeth removal, Invisalign, and braces to our community at an affordable rate that is accessible to anyone. What makes it so accessible is that we have worked with all kinds of patients. Making it incredibly experiencing over center industry and trustworthy to you. Our doctors are incredibly skilled and I have received their degrees from amazing colleges as well as work in the Texas dental society. The extensive training provided with our stuff and make sure that you received the highest quality scale and service for your dental needs

We have been well known for the incredible care and attention that we provide each of our patients with. Here at Mckinney orthodontics we have a lot of teens and young children getting their braces put on for the first time in the Andersons and being a reckoning experience. This way we have developed a list of foods called the “No-no” list and the “Yes-Yes”list. The Nono list consists of foods that are not recommended to eat, so that they do not cause any harm, invite extra bacteria, or break up any of the brackets. But we also have provided a delicious solution with our. Yes yes list which is a list that includes everything that they are recommended to eat. And you can be assured that the top one on our list is ice cream. Because we understand that they are still kids and will be able to enjoy a variety of delicious treats.

The foods that are highly recommended to eat while your patient is receiving their braces for the very first time, our things, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, such as carrots, apples that I’ve cut into bite-size pieces. Mckinney orthodontics does not recommend that they bite food with the front of their teeth, but they would use the side and backside of her teeth. For example, meat should be cut away from the bone and corn on the cob should not be consumed straight on. This ensures that they will not break off any brackets, loosen the wire or have any problems that they would need to come back for an unnecessary appointment.

We have also provided a helpful tip and cleaned your braces. If braces are broken, they aren’t working correctly so this will delay the treatment process and we wanna make sure that doesn’t happen. While we are providing you with the highest quality and most efficient service that will get your child’s smile looking amazing without having them have braces for multiple years. Some of the great tips we suggest you, include your child’s diet to keep them happy and healthy without breaking. The brackets are ice cream, popsicles, soft pieces of bread, such as croissants and muffins. This Gives them food options that they can enjoy so that they will not feel like they are incredibly limited by having their bracelets. Food such as pepperoni and cheese, pizza cake, pie and cookies are also encouraged to be enjoyed with braces so that we will not be limiting them from enjoying their favorite foods.

Let’s begin giving you world-class customer service and roll out the red carpet for you and your family are giving us a call today at 972-529-9700 we’re visiting us on our website to find out more information at