Mckinney orthodontics Is a fully operational family-owned orthodontic dentist office that has everything you could leave in one place. They service everybody from young children getting their braces on to Bull emergency care and orthodontic surgical treatment. And as you can be fully accessible to all of our doctors, Dr. Stephanie Christ, and Dr. Jessica downs knowledged in association with the text with a society. So that you can be sure we are the most trusted Emelee qualified to take care of your family with the dog needs. Our specialization and wisdom teeth removal is something that is hard to find in an orthodontic dental office. We have opened up the availability to access everything you need in one stop.

Here at our clinic, we are part of an offering of wonderful services and making it for Litze as well to everybody. Mckinney orthodontics I have a wide variety of insurances that we accept and work with her and coverage as well as a development insurance plan that they may offer. There are a variety of insurances that are limited to work within certain clinics that we make sure we take a little better and make it fully sensible for you and your family

We will work happily to help you find an insurance plan, or develop flexible payment options so that you will be enjoying our services here at Mckinney orthodontics Completely carefree. So that you don’t have to worry about any insurance, denying or rejecting you. We’re here to make it incredibly easy. We offer flexible payment options priority to help you have access to getting a beautiful smile to bring you confidence for many years of your life. Will you tailor and edit the payment options according to your knee, always a guarantee of 0% interest rate. That means we will provide you with 100% financing without getting involved with large banks.

Our payment plans range from 0% interest in-house financing to down payment assistance. Weeks of down payments from anywhere from $250-$1250 and allow down payments to be split into two or three payments depending on your budget. To have a wider variety of insurance means it will be able to serve our community better. So as soon as you are going to let you know which insurance you are working with and are also able to assist you with finding insurance that will help you with your orthodontic coverage.and we walk and you will begin to understand that we care about our patients.

Let our team help you develop a fully customizable payment plan by giving us a call today at 972-529-9700 for visiting us on our website at We’re sure we can give you everything you need and leave you satisfied with a bright and beautiful white smile. We are here to help you and your family Receive high quality care you deserve.

Mckinney Orthodontics | The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had At A Dentist ‘S Office Ever.

Mckinney orthodontics Led by Dr. Stephanie Grace and Dr. Jessica Dianne ( is an incredibly successful orthodontic office in the Texas area. We are located in the city of McKinney and any of the other clinics offer a fully operational service here. From everything from surgical orthodontics to Invisalign to braces. We can get everything you need done at one stop with the excellence of execution, and skill. this will become your new, found my favorite dental office, and we can guarantee it because of how we take care of everything you need in one place. We offer services for emergency, orthodontic care, surgical treatments, whitening services, and Invisalign treatments.

Here is our amazing, highly qualified and skilled team of lab-certified professionals, and incredibly welcoming doctors at Mckinney orthodontics. Our team creates a welcoming environment unlike any other for our patients and their families. The term that ultimately coined our business name “Smiles Hollywood” is the red carpet experience that we roll out for you as soon as you walk in the door. By providing the finest quality orthodontic treatment for children, teens and adults we create a fun and welcoming environment that you will love returning to for your appointments. Our doctors have over 20 years each and are truly passionate about creating a comfortable environment for their patients.

One of the ways we were out the red carpet for you is with our compassionate and exceptional staff. provide staff here that are ready to come in all of your needs from physical disabilities to creating a payment plan with 0% interest fees. Mckinney orthodontics also offers extended hours to make sure that we are available to your convenience. We are open 7:45 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Thursday and are open until 630 on Tuesdays. That goes above and beyond that we can meet every single one of your needs. This is how we have gained an incredible amount of five star reviews from our patients.

The family-friendly and fun, I’m just gonna recreate at our office is incredibly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We offer a cove area with the toys for your children in a reading area for the younger ones with you as well. So that when you bring your family for an appointment your team can get taken care of while the others enjoy the use of their laptops provided with free Wi-Fi and Internet to get some work done. We also offer a magical under the sea playroom for younger siblings, who love playing in the waiting area combined with an incredible slushy machine and hot chocolate/cappuccino machine. Our team has new flavors of a slushy machine every month and gets the whole family excited when they were tied up in her appointments

Smile and are left with hot chocolate and happy children every single time you book an appointment with us. Let’s get you scheduled for this amazing service and experience by contacting one of our friendly staff members at 972-529-9700. Also, book your free first visit as our VIP guest, receiving a free consultation and a free x-ray on our website at