If you have been looking for mckinney orthodontics that is going to treat you and your family well, then smile Hollywood is going to be perfect for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you and getting you started on your first visit. we will need you to fill out some forms online to save you time, instead of feeling me sold out when you come into the appointment. you can easily take these out and send them right back to our front desk in our office, it is a simple process for you we will make sure that we prepared for you.

If you prefer to print out our mckinney orthodontics paperwork for new patients, this is going to be an option as well. you will just print it off and then one of the days that you need to come in, we will have it put into our system. The first one is going to be our online health history form. This is just kind of need so we can Some information and kind of get to know what kind of person you are. It’s important for us to be in personal relationships with all of our clients.

When you get ready to fill these forms out for your first mckinney orthodontics, make sure that you fill out the entire document. it is very necessary that you do not miss any of these boxes. we are going to need your information to put you in the system. The most important things are the first, middle, and last names. the date that you were born, and were you aside recently. If you have any other children or siblings, we are going to ask for this information. if you want to get to know who everybody is and how they’re related.

We love working with whole families and building a relationship with them. We also encourage you to let us know how you find out about our company and our services, or if you came from a different office. We are constantly going to Local Schools to do visits, and show kids how to properly take care of their teeth. If you saw us at your school, please let us know we would love to get this information. It is important that you have the medical history for Philadelphia completely because this information is very vital and moving forward in the next steps.

you’re so excited to be able to help you in this journey to getting your perfect smile, we are ready to get you started with that free consultation whenever you are. you’re going to enjoy coming to our office because we are going to be perfect for you, you’re going to get a free pair of retainers when you use any of our services. This is so you can continue to keep that perfect smile. You can also visit our website anytime at smileshollywood.com for more information. You can also call her office to ask any questions and to get started at 972-529-9700.

Mckinney Orthodontics | Getting Checked In

When you are looking for a mckinney orthodontics, you’re going to be a perfect fit for you. We have been in business for over 20 years having thousands of families get the smile that they have been desiring. Having a healthy and straight smile can be very important especially when it comes to eating or getting older. This is why we have been able to help so many people, and continue to add people to our list to help because we have already got their smile fixed so we need to help some other people get their dream smile.

This is why before getting to see mckinney orthodontics Dr. Stephanie Christ and Dr. Jessica Downs, you’re going to have to fill out some forms for us. This is so we can get you checked into our system and keep you in there so you will not have to do this paperwork so much. The first one that we are going to need is our healthy history reform. This is just information that we are going to need about who you are and just basic information on yours. make sure you fill out all of the information in this box, it is very vital to getting you in for your appointment and getting started.

Before coming into our mckinney orthodontics, we will send you these forms so you can have them complete and save you lots of time when you get to the appointment. we are going to need a medical history form, this is just information on past medical conditions and current ones. we are going to need this information, so we will be able to watch out for any of this stuff. It is important for us to know if you need to be premedicated before each appointment. We are happy to call in any pre-meds for you during your appointments.

If you have any kind of allergies, it is very important that you put this in your medical history form because we need to know this information. Lots of people are allergic to latex and we normally use these types of clubs when it comes to taking care of our clients. Now if you are allergic to this, we have special latex-free clubs specified for your needs. This is how dedicated we are to our clients and getting them exactly what they need. It is important for you to give us your contact information, so we can be able to communicate with you. If the insurance information is underneath your spouse’s name, then we are going to need their information as well.

We are so excited that you are coming to our office to get your teeth done and get that perfect smile that you have always been daydreaming about. We are going to be amazing to you and provide you with results that last. you can always count on us to make sure that you are at one point and have everything that you need. If you’re ready to get started you can give us a call today at 972-529-9700 and ask our nurses for those forms to be sent over to your email so we can get you in for your first appointment. In the meantime, you can visit our website at smileshollywood.com.