Are you currently wearing braces but you are completely unsure of what you can and can’t do after receiving your Mckinney orthodontics braces? then we can definitely help answer any questions you may have regarding the do’s and don’ts of a braces wear. We know exactly how important it is to be able to provide information regarding braces and the capabilities they have as well as your requirements for care which is why we have provided tons of information on our website. We actually have a racist 101 guide on our website which is going to tell you tons of helpful tips and tricks for people who have braces. In this article we will go over a few different things that you can do and things that you shouldn’t do when you have braces.

To start off we want to make sure that you are aware your life can continue as completely normal after you have received your Mckinney orthodontics braces other than the fact that you are going to need to watch what you eat, you are going to need to provide yourself with the utmost hygiene and care after every meal, and you all in all will need to be able to pay attention to your teeth. All of this is very easy and can become routine to you after you have done it more than once.

However, we will be more than happy to tell you that they definitely are certain foods and certain things you probably should avoid when you have your Mckinney orthodontics braces treatment. Certain chewy or sticky foods are definitely to be avoided as they put you at risk for breaking one of your brackets off your teeth or even lifting up the wire within your teeth brackets. so, you should definitely avoid gum, gooey candies, suckers, beef jerky, and even bagels are recommended to be avoided.

Now you may be wondering exactly what I can eat? well you can certainly continue eating the typical items of food that you ate previously but we really just recommend that you avoid eating hard foods. We want you to be aware that if you choose to eat fresh vegetables, fruits or Meats you’re going to want to make sure they are cut into bite-sized pieces and do not use the front of your teeth to bite down. This puts you at risk for losing those brackets on the front of your teeth. In other words, avoid anything that requires you directly biting to obtain.

That amazing Braces 101 guide is completely accessible to anyone and everyone on our website at or we want to go ahead and let you know that you are more than welcome to give us a call at 972-529-9700 with any questions or concerns that you may have. it is also amazing to remember that we are here for you and your dental needs so you should definitely not look any further for the best Orthodontics care then here at smiles hollywood.

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Hollywood smiles. Mckinney orthodontics has the most passion for providing the best Orthodontics care that you can find within taxes. There is a reason that we are the highest rated and most reviewed Orthodontics facility that you can find nearby. This is simply because we want to make sure that you can walk out of our office with a smile worthy of standing on a Hollywood stage. We are also passionate about making a difference in the local community and we believe that dental hygiene is more than just a term and should be taken into consideration for every child starting life. This is why you can often Define a doctor Stephanie at local elementary schools providing seminars about the proper methods for dental care as a child.

Even as an adult we may forget sometimes the proper necessary things for us to do in order to retain proper Mckinney orthodontics care. This is why we are a judgment free zone here at Smiles Hollywood and want to provide anyone an opportunity to receive our services no matter what your condition may be. We handle things ranging from teeth whitening, to alignment of Jaws and teeth, to so much more such as a simple examination or even surgery. We offer multiple different types of orthodontic assistants because we know that everyone is different in each case.

We also want anyone and everyone to know that not only do we provide Mckinney orthodontics care to Pediatric patients, but we always provide to our adult patients as well just as we would our pediatric patients. This is because we know that adults and Children’s Dental needs as well as their preferences are completely different and very. This reason right here is exactly why we made the theme of our office to be hollywood. Well, another reason why we chose Hollywood as the theme is going to be because of Dr Stephanie who has a passion for Hollywood and singing.

Other than Dr Stephanie’s passion, it was a great idea to create the Hollywood theme because it allows for children and adults to feel welcome. on top of the Hollywood theme though we have gone ahead and provided an under the water sea theme for younger children as well as a game room and workroom for adults or young teens. Either way we are going to make sure that anyone and everyone feels comfortable walking into our office.

an amazing opportunity that you could participate in on our website is going to be our office tour and office information. so if you do want to learn a little bit more about what to expect when walking into our office just go ahead and visit our website at Then select office info and tour. from here you can learn a little bit more about the office and what to expect when you walk in along with a tour. you’re also more than welcome to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns at 972-529-9700.