Mckinney orthodontics as a family-owned and operated establishment that serves all of the Texas community with its orthodontic leads. Dr. Jessica Downs and Dr. Stephanie, Chris created this company with a vision to provide excellent service and experience for all of their patients. Our goal is to make every single patient feel like a Hollywood star. This is what coined the name of their business. Hollywood smiles came from their mission to provide quality service unlike any other in the industry. Our patients range in ages from 16 years olds. Getting their braces on to Full emergency care Care and wisdom teeth removal for all of our patients.

Hooter orthodontic facility, but ourselves, and giving you the most highly trained and educated doctors Mckinney orthodontics. Through a limit on the operator facility that specializes in orthodontic treatment that is excellent service and skill as well as highly innovative. Our doctors were in a team of two from Dr. Stephanie Christ to Dr. Jessica downs, providing work. Let’s go to our patients. Dr. Stephanie crises with her passion for quality service and making every patient that Love makes an incredible orthodontist for you and your family.

How orthodontist Dr. Stephanie Christ has specialized for over 20 years in her skills. She has been voted the best Mckinney orthodontics in Texas 11 times by the readers choice award and living magazine. Also being named one of America’s top tennis teams in 2007 and 2019. I am a highly skilled doctor with a bachelors of science from Texas A&M University. As well as a doctor of dental surgery as a valedictorian of beer College dentistry. With all of these years of training, and even having an appearance on the radio dental health consultation, 97.5 KLAK radio radio She is quickly becoming the most influential and highly skilled in her industry.

Our doctors have received the outstanding women in business of one to thousand 14 with air quality in school and their service. Dr. Christ is a woman who is committed to excellence in her school as well as committed to helping our community. She is generously involved in charities, and has an annual fundraiser for the Samaritan in, a local charity benefiting the homeless. She has a heart for chips as well and honors those who served in our country by providing funding for packages that are sent overseas to our troops. Dr. Crisis’s ultimate goal is to inspire all of the patients she encounters and be the best you can be to improve their lives in any way possible. her lover dentistry is no less where she excels accomplishing this as well.

If you’re ready to meet this amazing Tag Team, a professional, highly skilled and incredibly loving doctors ready to help you give us a call today at 972-529-9700 and visit us on our website at

Mckinney Orthodontics | What Does This Apart From Other Orthodontic Clinics

Mckinney orthodontics it’s going to become an orthodontic office. With our dog visiting, someone was highly trained, and skilled in the industry, working with the Texas dental society and the American Association of orthodontics. We specialize in Invisalign and braces that are patience, love, and have said as a part from many other clinics due to our quality of care. We wanna make sure that every patient is getting everything they need with her and whitening removal for a monthly braces tightening. The goal of our services is to provide customers with something they can enjoy coming back two times. I am again. We serve adults, children, and teens. We provide surgical orthodontic services in our facility as well for wisdom, teeth, removal and emergency care.

One of the things that set us apart here at Mckinney orthodontics is our complementary smiles evaluations. We offer a 100% lifetime warranty with all of our patients miles so that they will never have to worry about paying full price for braces retreatment ever. Our complementary services ensure that you will be set up for success throughout the rest of your life. Once you get your braces on and from the moment you take them off. Your passion about what we do and have supporting staff that are highly trained. In all the technical aspects you might need. Customer service is also a notch and we have no doubt that we exceed your expectations.

Aside from 100% lifetime warranty. Guarantee you here at Smile’s Hollywood. We also offer you a free retainer to complete that beautiful smile. Here at Mckinney orthodontics You will receive a complementary upper and lower retainer so we will be able to keep your smile looking spectacular for a lifetime. Retainers out to be one in the evening while you sleep tease after your boys and taking off will not move back to their original position. We were very unmatched in our customer service and truly believe that it makes a difference in our patient’s lives. We’ve created it here to set us apart from every other orthodontic treatment center.

Another thing we do that Makes us unique is that we take the time to provide specialized care and get to know each of our patients. We like to form a lasting relationship with a patient and family that lasts for years because we end up treating the whole family for their orthodontic needs. By forming relationships with our patients, we have a comment to everyone of their needs as we’ve gotten to know them throughout the journey. For patients with special needs, such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and Asperger syndrome, we are here to provide a caring and welcoming gentleman fireman for them, so that they will not become fearful or anxious about coming to the dentist office.

Let us give you a service and treatment, unlike any that you will never forget. From the moment you walk in and are greeted with a genuinely warm smile to the moment you receive your free consultation and free x-ray. You will be incredibly satisfied and happy you chose us. Get your free consultation scheduled today by giving us a call at.972-529-9700 or visit us on our website at