The same at Smiles Hollywood Mckinney orthodontics truly is an extremely unique theme unlike other Orthodontics offices who may just provide a standard theme that is going to Target a younger audience. The theme of our office is actually unique considering that the doctor Stephanie Crise was the one to choose it and create our office solely based on the fact that she very much enjoyed singing in her personal time and the Hollywood aspect. She had a love for Hollywood and Broadway and how it could bring someone to life. This is why she wanted to make sure that Hollywood was going to be the theme of her Orthodontics office.

Dr Stephanie did not actually have plans to become a Mckinney orthodontics specialist until her very own orthodontist during her teenage years encouraged her to explore this field. Her orthodontist continued to encourage her throughout her time visiting them even though Stephanie believed that she was going to end up pursuing a career as a medical doctor. However, you can see that she did choose to pursue Orthodontics and ever since has found a passion and love for the field. She knows there is nowhere else she would rather be than here at the orthodontics office, smiles hollywood.

Along with Stephanie’s passion for singing and Mckinney orthodontics she also very much enjoys Spending quality time with her family and actively communicating within the community. She always tries to stay involved within the community and specifically with her favorite fundraiser which is the Samaritan in a local charity that aims to benefit the homeless. She very much believes in this fundraiser and group which is why she not only is seeing fundraising for them but she also donates to the group throughout the year using her buyback candy promotion.

This promotion in particular means that those who donate candy to her will be assisting in providing donations to the Samaritan inn. In other words, when someone has donated up to a pound of candy, every pound of candy means we are going to donate $10 to that group. This is just a few of the ways that Stephanie has remained involved within her community and strives to remain so to this day. alongside this she wants to make sure that anyone and everyone has a chance to become an orthodontist so she provides those in-person seminars as well as a mentoring program at her very own facility for young adults.

to learn a little bit more about the buyback candy promotion or the amazing opportunities for Shadow Stephanie you can check that out on our website at . We also welcome anyone who may have any questions regarding the types of services we offer or how much it’s going to cost them to initially become a part of our team. to contact us today you can give us a call at 972-529-9700! We even have a 24-hour emergency line.

Mckinney orthodontics | Nothing Compares To A White Smile

Some people may biologically struggle with stains on their teeth or they may simply develop over time, but either way we provide some of the best Mckinney orthodontics teeth whitening services that you can find here in texas. There are four different types of services we offer which can actually be taken home with you or you can complete them in the office. Either way we’re going to make sure that you get those results that you so desperately want. You can get a free consultation to have assistance in deciding the best teeth whitening option for you if you just give us a call today. all of our consultations are going to be free of charge to you whether that is for teeth whitening, surgery, or teeth straightening methods.

To start off with the options that we are going to provide you we are going to provide you with the option for our boost whitening. This means that you can come into the office to receive your Mckinney orthodontics whitening treatments after two to three applications. you’ll definitely see a difference in your beautiful why smile and just one hour. these are extremely fast results so we recommend if you have a wedding or any reunions coming up in the future that you most likely will want to choose this one over any of the at home methods that may take longer.

We are also providing the custom whitening trays method for your Mckinney orthodontics teeth whitening needs. so if you want to take home custom-made trays that will fit your teeth specifically you are more than welcome to and we will explain to you prior to you taking them home exactly how to use it. However, we can go ahead and let you know that the simple process for using these whitening trays is going to be placing the gel inside the tree at night for just 15 to 30 minutes.

As we stated previously this is definitely not going to be one of the quicker methods and you might see results within one to two weeks but your shade of teeth will definitely get wider over and over the more you do this. Along with this, we also provide go whitening trees which are of course take home trays but we want to note that these are more easy to use than a custom whitening tray. Along with this, it also means that the results are going to be within one to two weeks and we recommend you don’t do more than three applications within that same week.

to learn a little bit more about the other options we have such as the Crest Whitening Strips which are deemed a professional stature, review our website at! While you’re there you can go ahead and review the awesome testimonials we have from previous patients who have had their teeth whitened here at our office. you can see the amazing results we’ve been able to provide and give us a call to schedule that first consultation today at 972-529-9700.