We want you to be Fearless when it comes to your dental needs because here at Smiles Hollywood we know the importance of having great dental hygiene and providing the necessary information for people to know exactly how to provide themselves with the best Mckinney TX Orthodontists! not to toot our own horns but we definitely are going to be able to provide you with some of the best orthodontists in the state of Texas that you can find. Two orthodontists are highly trained and skilled and want to continuously bring the community together when it comes to dental hygiene. Our main orthodontist does this by providing seminars at local elementary schools to teach kids about the proper hygiene methods as well as allowing high school students to shadow in her office and understand exactly the best method she applies today.

In order for you to be fearless or to be Fearless in place of your child you definitely want to make sure that this is going to be an affordable option for you. Most dental hygienists are going to let you know that the services you’re requesting are going to cost quite a lot, which is very common. However, here at Smiles Hollywood we are going to be able to provide you with plenty of affordable financing options for your family’s needs. Some of these financing options that you can find for our Mckinney TX Orthodontists office are affordable payment plans, zero interest in-house financing, down payment assistance, as well as acceptance of most insurances.

When it comes to 0% interest in-house financing this means that we’re going to provide your family the option to pay off the cost of your orthodontic needs without incurring any interest on top of this. This is extremely helpful For those who cannot incur an extra expense when attending our Mckinney TX Orthodontists services. Even if you don’t have a down payment, we are going to be more than happy to help you anywhere from 250 to 1,250. Most of the time we are going to provide you an opportunity to pay this off in one to three increments.

We also accept most insurances as well as a spinning account. With this, we want you to know that if you are able to pay in full we are going to go ahead and give you a discount because we understand that this is another way that we are able to help you as our patients. Along with this discount there are plenty others that have to do with certain professions and certain areas that we want to offer those personalized discounts for. This also includes homeschooling so if your student is homeschooled they’re going to go ahead and get a discount if their appointment is between 9:00 a.m. and 2 p.m.

to view more about the services we offer in the capabilities we’re going to be able to provide you when it comes to financing you’ll have to go to our website at Smileshollywood.com. From here you should select about and then learn about our financing options. you’re also more than welcome to call us with any questions at 972-529-9700.

Mckinney TX Orthodontists | We Have A Passion For Hollywood Smiles

Dr Stephanie Price had an extreme passion for Mckinney TX Orthodontists Care along with a passion for the Hollywood stage As seen through her amazing capabilities to sing. Dr Stephanie definitely got her start and passion for orthodontism through her very own orthodontist when she was a teenager, Who convinced her that this was definitely going to be a field she would love to join. However, we have our other dentist here at the office whose name is Dr Jessica Downs and also had a passion for orthodontistry all the way before she ever even entered High school. Just as our other doctor, she also had to undergo her own orthodontic treatments for many different things including an impacted tooth. With this, she definitely understands the importance of great dental care and a professional atmosphere.

Her passion stems from the need to connect with her patients and provide them with the best one-on-one experience that you can find at any Mckinney TX Orthodontists office within the area. She wants to be able to do this because she knows that orthodontic care is one of the most important things you can do. Along with this she also knows that having confidence in your smile is extremely important and the quality of life you’re able to have.

to move on from her passion we’re going to go ahead and explain to you the amazing education and credentials she has as well as any affiliation she has. She is affiliated with the American Association of Orthodontist, Texas and alec association, American Dental association, and so much more that has to do with being the best Mckinney TX Orthodontists you can find. She has an extensive educational background when it comes to orthodontistry achieving her bachelor’s and doctorate within Dental surgery. She’s also known to be a Texas A&M Dental College mentor and McKinney ISD mentor.

Lastly, the reason two doctors work together so amazingly is because they had connected in 2002 and realized that their philosophies when it comes to treatment were extremely similar and therefore they would be great working together. collaborating on cases is probably one of their favorite things to do when it comes to orthodontic treatment at their office. ever since 2002 she has been at the Hollywood Smiles with Dr stephanie.

Being able to understand where your dentist came from and who they are is going to make you more comfortable and trustworthy of our Dental office. This is exactly why we provide this information on our website and you can definitely check this out for yourself under the meet our doctor’s tab. to view this information go to our website at Smileshollywood.com. If you feel like we’re going to be a good fit for you and your orthodontic needs then you should give us a call to schedule your free consultation today at 972-529-9700.