McKinney TX Orthodontists Need to be able to provide consistent and quality service. to do so, you need true experts to be providing that service. look no further than Smiles Hollywood to find that expertise! For many years we have made it a point to ensure that we’re taking care of the people who need our help with finding that Hollywood smile. Our skill level can be verified simply by looking at the many amazing reviews that our clientele has left us. You can trust that we’ll be able to help you regardless of your age. So when you’re ready for your Hollywood smile, come to Smiles Hollywood to get started.

The incredible McKinney TX Orthodontists working at Smiles Hollywood show extreme expertise in their field. bringing this expertise to every patient is a passion of ours, and that’s true regardless of their age. It is important because it affects what group the patient pulls into. Phase 1 patients have not had their permanent teeth erupt yet, versus a phase two patient who has. each phase requires different types of treatment and care. Phase one, for example, is focused on ensuring that the future health of the patient’s teeth is taken care of in the best way possible. Because they don’t have their permanent teeth yet, the patient typically is better treated through the use of things like spacers and expanders. this helps to prevent bad habits that have been forming from continuing, which allows the patient to avoid later problems. These problems can cause the need for oral surgery or tooth removal.

Our McKinney TX Orthodontists at Smiles Hollywood can help phase two patients as well as phase one patients. Phase two patients also need help with realignment, but the realignment is for permanent teeth. this means that they required a different set of help than a phase one patient might. to achieve this, we use means such as braces and clear aligners. whether you use braces or clear liners, the methods we use as well as the items that we use help to ensure that you receive treatment that allows for the fastest movement of your teeth with minimal friction. this allows you to avoid the pain typically associated with realignment as well as minimize trips to the orthodontist.

in addition to those services, we also offer services meant to help with basic upkeep. These services include wisdom tooth removal, additional x-rays, the building of custom mouth guards, and other options such as teeth whitening. no matter what you require, we expect to be able to help you with it. to achieve the level of care that you require, we offer all these services and more!

once you’ve decided that you’re ready to begin your journey towards the amazing smile we know that you can have, there is a simple choice. to begin, just go to or make a call to 972-529-9700. we are more than happy to help you along your path towards a perfect smile.

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The best McKinney TX Orthodontists that you’ll ever find are at Smiles Hollywood! When you come to us, you’ll know that you’ve come to the best and most experienced orthodontists available. we bring our expertise to every single interaction we have with our clientele and the phenomenal reviews we receive help to prove that fact. we feel such immense pride in helping to make this possible because it allows us to reach a variety of people and help them towards their Hollywood smile. When you’re ready to start towards your best smile, Smiles Hollywood is the clear choice for you!

Our exemplary McKinney TX Orthodontists Help people of all ages make their way towards the perfect and amazing smile that let me know they’re capable of. typically, patients are split into two different phases. Phase One and Phase 2 are separated based on whether or not the patient has grown in their permanent teeth yet. this means that a patient in phase one will have different needs and benefit from different services. phase one patients typically require things such as spacers or arch support instead of braces. by using these very helpful tools as well as others, we’re able to provide an Avenue to fix bad habits that could be developing. by helping to fix that was another issue, we’re able to engage and preventative measures against further complications that can lead to the need for oral surgery or tooth removal.

our exceptional McKinney TX Orthodontists can help phase two patients as well. the phenomenal care that we deliver allows people who have permanent teeth to experience the most comfortable and quick alignment that they can. given that we actively strive towards that, every single one of our patients gets to benefit from the best products on the market. these products are centered around ensuring the fastest tooth movement with the least friction. what this translates to for the patient is less time with the braces and more time with a perfect smile! there’s also means less pain overall.

maintaining your teeth should also be a basic part of your life, and it’s easy to achieve that but coming to Smiles Hollywood. we have a variety of affordable payment plans to help you afford any service you might need. Whether you use our digital x-ray services, or if you have your teeth whitened, or if you have us build a custom guard for you, you can trust that you’ve chosen the very best around. we build custom night guards to help prevent tooth damage happening in your sleep, such as from grinding your teeth. sports guards can also help prevent damage, but this is from the sports that you’re playing. No matter which service you use, you’re excited to bring help to you.

once it’s time for you to start the journey towards your perfect smile, all you have to do is go to or call 972-529-9700 to get a hold of us. our team is ecstatic at the idea of helping you get your perfect smile.