When finding the best Mckinney TX Orthodontists, the clear choice should be Smiles Hollywood. Our amazing orthodontists are aware that everyone can benefit from a perfect smile. Our services are the easiest way to get the expert care that can lead to your Hollywood smile. We’re able to help people of all ages, and the reputation we’ve earned over our years of experience helps make our prospective customers trust that we’ll help them get their perfect smile. This experience in operation allows us to bring the high-quality, effective, and affordable care we offer to every individual who comes into our door. So when you are ready to work on your perfect smile, come to the spectacular orthodontists here at Smiles Hollywood.

The amazing McKinney TX Orthodontists working for Smiles Hollywood continue to prove that no matter your age, we can help you with any of your dental needs. whether you’re a younger patient someone whose permanent teeth have not erupted, or a patient who has grown past that stage of life and needs help with other dental problems, we believe we’re capable of helping you. The difference between patients’ ages is categorized as phase one (seven to eleven) and phase two (12 and on) because typically people have their permanent teeth come in during early adolescence. This distinction is important for the type of care a patient receives, and we aim to help every patient coming through our door to achieve their smile goals. Phase 1 patients often need help with correcting bad habits and skeletal misalignments. To help with that we offer them tools or devices that help with realigning their teeth. Treatments like these can be instrumental, as choosing to leave these untreated has been shown to lead to teeth removal, and instances where Oral Surgery becomes necessary. For our phase two patients, we offer services such as custom guard production, tooth whitening, and wisdom teeth removal. we also provide braces to help set your teeth into alignment. The Braces and clear liners we have can benefit more than the typical options because they provide minimal friction while maximizing tooth movement, which leads to a shorter time wearing them and that means fewer visits to the dentist. no matter what service you need, we are happy to help you get our accessible and affordable options.

Our McKinney TX Orthodontists team brings their expertise to help you with all your dental needs. The reviews and testimonials our patients have given us reassure us of all the confidence we feel in our spotless reputation. These overwhelmingly positive messages from our patrons prove what we are capable of. We’ve worked to ensure that our clients can leave wearing a smile.

Smiles Hollywood endeavors to maintain an affordable and effective service. To accomplish this, we developed services that make for easier options when maintaining ease and comfort in payment for our services. These include our down payment assistance plan as well as our 0% interest in-house financing plan and our customizable payment plan to fit your budget. No matter what service you need, we are happy to help you find your perfect smile.

To get started today, go to SmilesHollywood.com or call us at 972-529-9700.

Mckinney TX Orthodontists | Affordable Care

Our awesome McKinney TX Orthodontists who work at Smiles Hollywood bring all of the passion that you want into caring for you and your smile. If you are trying to get a confident smile, or you want help with other needs, we are very excited to help you. No matter your age, we offer services that can directly benefit you. We aim to bring out your perfect smile, and our reputation makes us comfortable in saying that we can make that happen. When you decide that you are ready for help from the most talented orthodontists McKinney Texas has, go to Smiles Hollywood!

Our extremely talented McKinney TX Orthodontists who work here at Smiles Hollywood aspire to help every client we can with the unique needs they have. Because age is a factor, we have to tailor the form of treatment you’ll receive. Phase one patients are people who haven’t grown in their permanent teeth yet. They’ll have different needs than our Phase Two patients who need long-term solutions. A phase two patient could only need clear liners to help realign their teeth, but occasionally they need braces for a more significant movement. Some of this can be avoided by starting in phase one and using spacers, expanders, and other tools to promote better habits. Extreme cases of lack of treatment while in phase one have been known to lead to full tooth removal or Oral Surgery being needed. Even if phase one goes well, phase two patients might have other needs. If you need a sports guard, a night guard, a tooth whitening service, or the removal of your wisdom tooth, we can assist you with those as well. No matter your needs, we’re more than happy to help you get the care that you require.

Our McKinney TX Orthodontists are happy to bring our talents and skillset to help you with any of your dental needs. Our clientele help to confirm this reputation with their reviews and testimonials. We take our reviews to heart because it brings us joy to see that the majority of these reviews are exceptionally positive. We plan to continue proving this reputation while helping our community, including you.

Smiles Hollywood spends our time and resources bringing affordable ways to give patients access to the care we provide. We have decided on several affordable options to help you in getting all the assistance that you may need with your dentistry. We provide a 0% interest in-house financing option, as well as assistance with down payments, or even work with you to design a flexible payment plan customized to your exact budget. We can provide these Services specifically because we have worked hard to find ways to bring our experience to every person we can. So no matter what your budget is, we believe we can provide the care that you deserve.

When you’re ready to have the perfect smile you deserve, simply go to SmilesHollywood.com or contact us at 972-529-9700. We look forward to helping you.