The quality of the Mckinney TX Orthodontists who work for Smiles Hollywood is beyond compare. The phenomenal work that our expert orthodontists provide has brought many of our patients back to us for years. This has let us see them grow, and we hope to add you to that growing list. Our patients have enjoyed quite a few different services and the variety of payment plans that accompany them. We have been providing these services with a quality and expertise that continues to strengthen our reputation. We actively help people of all ages achieve their dental dreams. So if you’re ready to get the Hollywood smile you want, hurry down to Smiles Hollywood!

The skillset of our Mckinney TX Orthodontists at Smiles Hollywood is unparalleled. We’ve been bringing this high-quality care to patients for long enough that we’ve had customers grow with us. As such, we have the expertise needed to assist patients of all ages with all of their orthodontic needs. If you’re bringing in a patient who hasn’t yet developed their permanent teeth, they will require different care than one who has. For example, braces would be much more beneficial to someone who has had their permanent teeth erupt, while spacers or expanders would be more appropriate for a younger patient. The tools used to help younger patients can be important as a preventative measure, as lack of treatment can lead to loss of teeth and can go so far as causing a need for oral surgery. No matter the age, we have the expertise to help you with the exact needs you have. We additionally offer wisdom teeth removal, tooth whitening, custom mouth guards, and digital X-rays.

Mckinney TX Orthodontists rely on their patients’ testimonials and reviews to provide the sort of reputation people trust. By providing these reviews, our customers help us share our work with as many people as we can. The overwhelmingly positive nature of these reviews helps to give confidence in the quality of our work. This quality is something we work hard to keep accessible to as many people as possible. We believe we can help you as well.

Smiles Hollywood has devoted extensive time and resources to giving every person the care and attention they deserve. To bring this about, we have established several different Financial options to assist in the payment and processing of our services. some of the examples include a zero percent interest in-house financing plan, a Down payment assistance plan, and a customized flexible payment plan that is tailored to the budgetary constraints of the individual client. we bring these affordable options to our patients so that everybody can get the Orthodontic Care that they deserve. no matter the service you need, we are confident that we can age you without the financial stress that is so easy to come by.

We believe everyone deserves a great smile, and while you likely already have one we are willing to help you make it perfect. Just go to or call us at 972-529-9700.

Mckinney TX Orthodontists | Amazing Smile

The Mckinney TX Orthodontists working for Smiles Hollywood have a passion for seeing amazing smiles on our patient’s faces. We know that a great smile is a sign of a confident person, and we want to instill that confidence in as many people as possible. To do that, we have garnered the sort of expertise needed to help people of all ages with getting the perfect smile. The quality of our workmanship is beyond compare, and we bring that quality to every single patient interaction that we have. If you are ready to take your smile to another level, come see us at Smiles Hollywood!

Our Mckinney TX Orthodontists bring a high level of skill and expertise to every single interaction they have. Here at Smiles Hollywood, we actively work towards the best results for every client we have. To make that happen, we have come to offer a variety of services that can benefit every age. The treatment requirements do however change based on age. For example, a younger patient who hasn’t had their permanent teeth erupt yet would benefit most from using tools such as spacers, arch supports, or expanders and would receive little long-term benefit from braces. However, clients who have already had their permanent teeth grown in would benefit most from braces or clear aligners. Younger patients who need the tools or other forms of help benefit so much from this because it helps to alleviate bad habits that can lead to needing a tooth removed or, in extreme cases, oral surgery. Patients who get braces benefit from the fact that we choose to use products that have minimal friction and are fast at moving teeth into position. What this means for the patient is less time at the dentist’s office as well as less time with the braces.

Mckinney TX Orthodontists should be reliable. Our customer testimonials and reviews help to show our expertise and reliability. We strive to bring the most amazing smile to every client we interact with, and all the positive reviews bring us comfort in knowing that we’ve done our job. If you’re ready to receive the same quality of service, we look forward to working with you.

Smiles Hollywood is dedicated to bringing fantastic service while maintaining financial accessibility for as many patients as possible. To accomplish this goal, we’ve come up with a handful of options to assist patients in paying for our services. Spanning from our down payment assistance program to our customizable and flexible payment plan and even our 0% interest in-house financing plan, we have come up with quite a few options to assist our customers regardless of the budgetary needs that they bring with them. This passion goes into both the payment options we provide as well as the orthodontic care we provide.

If you are ready to begin the journey to your best smile, you can go to or call 972-529-9700 to get in contact with us today. We eagerly anticipate your contact.