Mckinney TX Orthodontists Values our community, and all of our patients that are in there. We serve a white variety of patients with everything from surgical orthodontic treatment to get there with him to take it out to normal teeth cleanings. All of our services are incredibly affordable and flexible to encompass a full treatment care plan with you. Two doctors are highly certified and members of the Texas dentist society. This is a team of highly trained professionals, equipped to help you with a smile on their face every single time. We know that you’re going to love our office the moment when you walk in with all of our incredible free, complimentary drinks, and toys for your little one’s to play in. We have multiple reviews and testimonies on our website that will show you this as well as the many beautiful pictures of our facilities.

In the very beginning of our business, we have always prioritized one thing, and that is our patients here atMckinney TX Orthodontists. With our consideration in mind for them and their community, we have made a plan and a goal to continually give back. We want to use all of our success for the good of everybody, not just us. That is why we have developed a contest and hosted some patience to win a variety of items through them. Some of the things I’m going through with our contest have been gift cards, tickets, movies, concerts in sporting goods. We offer them every single month and always are changing them with new exciting prizes to engage our younger community in orthodontic knowledge. We wanna make sure that we are teaching kids how to take care of their oral and dental hygiene to the best of their ability.

Another way we help getting back to our community is with our golf cart. Shuttle picks up her patients who are in double middle school. Mckinney TX Orthodontists is located right next-door to a Dowell middle school that receives a lot of patience and has the honor of helping them with all of their dental appointments. Do you know that this is a great convenience for the patients and their families to get their kids to and from their orthodontic appointment close by. So our golf cart shuttle pick up helps them do that and also takes them back as well.

We also partner yearly with the Samaritan in our Texas area so that we can help raise money for living products for the homeless population. We want to give our elementary school to know if they need to take care of their dental health with the schools. We also understand that there are some people in our community. Don’t even have access to the proper toothbrush and floss to take care of their teeth. That is why we give a goodie bag, full of educational, dental info, and a free toothbrush to them all.

Help us begin, impacting our community, even more by contacting us at 972-529-9700 we’re getting involves one of these organizations on our website at

Mckinney Tx Orthodontists | Trusted Service With Hundreds Of Honest Reviews

Mckinney TX Orthodontists probably serves a Texas sauce area located in McKinley. Our office at 175 Ridge Rd., Suite 500 in Texas is one of the most popular in the area. With three different practices of Hollywood smiles, we serve everything from normal appointments to braces appointments to full orthoDontics surgery care. We have loved our customers and formed lasting relationships with them for years to come because of how amazingly friendly and enjoyable our staff is. It’s incredibly easy to begin feeling like you’re part of a family. This is our goal, to make every patient feel amazing.You can get everything you need here with a staff that loves to make people smile for a living.

Throughout the years, our patients have loved us and become a part of our family. With this kind of quality of service at Mckinney TX Orthodontists, we don’t want you to just hear it from us, but we will let you visit our website to view all of the personal testimonies of our patients from the past. Throughout our website, we have written and videoed testimonies of the service that we provided throughout different treatment plans. One of our patients names is Amy K helped her 16-year-old daughter get her braces taken off. Our patient described the whole process as incredibly innovative and excellent. One thing I did staff help this patient do is avoid extensive surgery for her daughter because of The intervention of the care doctors provided.

Another incredible account that our patients have written on our website at Mckinney TX Orthodontists is of a 70-year-old patient. Our incredible patient named Jane I said that she loved flashing a big smile for seven years until she lost a front tooth that was threatening to steal her joy. She said that she was recommended to our facilities and immediately got her smile back with the help of our doctor, Stephanie Christ. One of the most highly rated things we have seen in our websites is more patience is the cost efficiency and professionalism, as well as the individualized care we provide them with.

Another incredible account that we have got the joy of experiencing with our patients is helping heal their overbite issues. Our patient Andrea had chosen to use clear aligners to correct her issue. Our patient, Andrea, did not know a lot about the treatment plan, and as soon as she started, she began seeing the excellent job. Her doctor didn’t inform her of any clipping. And you’re right on our website that she was really impressed and happy with her. Finish treatment. While she also complements the scheduling staff she enjoyed with the friendly energetic environment that has been incredibly positive and even recommended to her husband. With all these amazing accounts, we’re sure that you can come in and have an even more incredible experience than they had.

With our first consultation as our VIP guest we make it easy for you to come in and get everything done for free. Contact us today at 972-529-9700. You can get your free x-ray and consultation on our website scheduled right now at