At Hollywood Smiles her own orthodontist was pushed into the dental field by her own orthodontist many many years ago which was obviously successful and led her to create the best office for Mckinney TX Orthodontists needs. Along with this she has a passion for allowing others to be able to explore the dental field and see if it’s exactly what they want to be in. She does this by visiting elementary schools and providing seminars that explain to students exactly the importance of their Dental care. Along with this she likes to employ those who are in high school and take an interest within the dental field. She employs these students within her own office in order to be able to Shadow and Mentor her and her practices.

Hollywood Smiles is probably going to be one of the best Offices here in Mckinney TX Orthodontists if you are hoping to join a professional team that’s more than willing to give you the advice and assistance you need to grow. Whether you’re looking to be a clinical assistant, scheduling coordinator, treatment coordinator, or a records assistant, we can definitely employ you here at our facility. some of the positions that we employ here at our facility or some of the previously aforementioned ones along with marketing directors and general front office staff.

However, Dr Stephanie cries to make sure that you have the best chance to become an Orthodontics specialist if you do want to. This is why she opens up her office to high school students to be able to Shadow her and understand the amazing practice she uses for her Mckinney TX Orthodontists. Along with being a dentist it’s very important to have highly trained clinical assistance, treatment coordinators, and so much more. These are an integral part of being able to smoothly process Dental patients and their needs.

Our office has a passion for planting passion within others for the dental industry. We want to make sure that you either understand the importance of caring for your smile or you want to be able to provide others with the knowledge and capabilities to care for their smile. Even if you are a dentist yourself, we are more than willing to provide you with your necessary Dental care. This means that we definitely take on more than a few other dentists each year to provide them with the dental care that they are looking for.

This says enough in itself that if other dentists are coming to us for their Dental needs then we are definitely doing something right. We actually have plenty of reviews and testimonials from other dentists that have visited our office interested us with their Dental care. to review these testimonials from other dentists you can check them out on our website on our very front page at We also know questions may arise about the possibility of shadowing our amazing doctors here at our facility so you can definitely give us a call to learn more about that at 972-529-9700.

Mckinney TX Orthodontists | Did You Know? Braces!

Braces are extremely common for adults and children and meaning that you along with your child are more than welcome to attend our Mckinney TX Orthodontists office and schedule a free exam or consultation today to see if your teeth may need straightening. It’s also awesome to know that here at Hollywood Smiles we’re going to be able to provide you with three different options for teeth straightening knees. These options are new and improved methods for braces and will provide you with the best opportunity at a great smile. A lot of these options are very new age and therefore less strenuous on the patient’s teeth as well as less High maintenance.

However, even if these types of braces are less high maintenance it is very important to note the do’s and don’ts of having braces. This includes the activities you’re able to do, eat, and the method for brushing your teeth. So even if you aren’t aware of exactly what those do’s and don’ts are, you really shouldn’t worry because we are going to go ahead and explain that to you at our Mckinney TX Orthodontists office. After you have had your consultation and we begin the process to start braces treatments for you, we are going to explain to you exactly what you are able to and I will not do.

A majorly controversial topic when it comes to braces is going to be what can I eat? We can definitely help you understand exactly what you’re able to eat and not eat when you have your braces on. We actually have tons of helpful information about braces and our Braces 101 guide on our website for anyone who wants to view that. This means that you do not even have to be a patient in order to see the Braces 101 guide and understand exactly how you can best care for your braces. Our Braces 101 guide is going to explain to you exactly what you can eat based on our knowledge here at Mckinney TX Orthodontists office.

It’s going to be extremely important for you to stay away from sticky or chewy items when you have your braces on as this puts you out of risk to pull off wires and therefore create more bacteria in your mouth. It’s also important to stay away from pretty much any candies that may stick to your teeth or that are chewy in any way. With this, you definitely should never eat gum if you have braces in your mouth because it’s going to get stuck pretty much all over and will be extremely hard to get out.

to learn a little bit more about the foods you can eat with your braces on you can definitely check out our Braces 101 guide and then just select the what can I eat tab. You can find this guide on our website at! While you’re there we would like you to go ahead and decide if this is going to be a good place for you to receive your braces treatment and if so you can give us a call to schedule your consultation today at 972-529-9700.