If you were looking for the best orthodontics McKinney TX provides, look no further than our orthodontics office. You can receive a free exam and x-ray today at the highest rated orthodontics in McKinney. When you schedule now you can meet all the doctors and we love accepting new patients! We can give you information on braces as well as Invisalign, whitening and wisdom teeth removal. We are supported by the Texas dental association, the American Association of orthodontists, Invisalign, and top docs living. Here at our office, all of our patients are stars and we are looking to get them not Hollywood smiles

Our top doctor at orthodontics mckinney TX, Dr. Stephanie Crise has fallen in love with making people smile. Graduating as top of her class at Texas A&M University she received her degree in biomedical science. After she went on to become valedictorian at Baylor College of dentistry and completed her doctorate of dental surgery as well as earning a masters in orthodontics at Baylor/Texas A & M dental college. Along with a red carpet educational career, she wants to make her clients feel like they are experiencing the red carpet experience as well. You only want the best when it comes to finding a Doctor Who will service you or your child’s teeth. And with her many years of education, our dentist will give you that educational experience as well.

Our other doctor here at orthodontics mckinney TX is Dr. Jessica Downs who has always had an interest in orthodontics since she was in middle school. She has had to have multiple orthodontics procedures, multiple times, including having an impacted tooth polled. She understands the pain that can go into orthodontics and wants to give her clients the best experience and painless experience as possible. With this experience she’s very empathetic, and she understands how difficult orthodontic treatment can be on her patients. With the ability to relate to patients on such a level, it gives insight on how to connect with patients on more than just a clinical level.

We have many reviews listed on our website as well as Google and Facebook and yelp, and they all rave about how wonderful of an experience they have received at our orthodontist office. We believe in giving everyone a Hollywood smile and we know when you’re a kid, you dream of the perfect smile. Well, we are here to give you that perfect smile. And we want to do it in an environment that is warm and inviting so as not to scare off patients who have experienced trauma in this field in the past. It is important that our clients are comfortable and confident when receiving their orthodontic care.

To view even more credentials about our doctors, we would love for you to check out our website today at https://smileshollywood.com to see how easy it is to use. We have all of our services listed on our website as well as all of the reviews mentioned. We also provide a detailed list of what all our dentists can offer you and your family today as well as why specific servicing needs are needed for your oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is very important and we want you to speak with a representative today at 972-529-9700 if you have any outside questions that our website cannot provide the answers for.

Orthodontics Mckinney TX | Where You’re a Star

One of the best orthodontics McKinney TX has ever seen is our dental offices. We have had our smiles featured on ABC network channel 8, 97.5 KLAK and close up. We have received awards for our Hollywood smiles from readers choice three times, top docs living, WB top 50 women in business and many other awards that are detailed on our website. We are backed by the Texas dental association, Invisalign, in-ovation, and Damon system more than straight teeth. And this isn’t even going into detail on the wonderful reviews that previous customers have left for us all over the Internet.

Our orthodontics McKinney TX office services the following towns of McKinney, Allen, Fairview, Plano, Frisco, prosper, Celina, Melissa, Anna and Princeton and other Texas areas. We know that great orthodontics offices are a few in for emetine and we would love to service you no matter what location you are currently in today. Our website provides amazing directions for you to get to our offices, and we look forward to scheduling your first visit with us today. We also will give you a complimentary smiles Hollywood smile evaluation and that includes the orthodontic exam, consultation and a digital x-ray. Orthodontic upkeep needs to be a priority with the best office.

When it comes to braces, our orthodontics McKinney TX office will provide you with all of the necessary upkeep and surgery that braces require through the years. The first phase is the early orthodontic treatment for children 7 to 12 years old and the appliance for skeletal correction and habit correction. We know that children do not prioritize oral health and don’t have the best dental hygiene habits, so we ensure that they understand the importance of their oral health at such an early age. Early treatment can help avoid more aggressive treatments that are needed for tooth removal or jaw surgery that you could experience in the future if you don’t have the necessary oral habits.

Phase 2 is for braces orthodontic treatment for anyone between the ages of 12-99. It starts when all the permanent teeth have ruptured from the gums that usually start at age 12 or 13. It requires all teeth for an average of 18 to 24 months of braces for both teens and adults. We offer the fastest and most high tech braces that you can find in the market that’s available in both metal and clear. No need to worry if you’re an adult, 25% of our patients are adults. Orthodontics for adults has become popular lately due to the convenience of clear braces and Invisalign.

To find out more about our bracing stages, be sure to check out our easy to use website at https://smileshollywood.com and review all of our ratings and testimonials. We have many before and after photos that we know you will be impressed by and we are proud to offer other services when it comes to your oral hygiene. We know you will not be disappointed in our results as well as our customer service, so give us a call today at 972-529-9700 to schedule a visit with us today. We will help you set up your braces appointment and talk to you through the whole process when you get here.