Here at orthodontics McKinney TX, we are happy to announce that we have Invisalign and clear aligners for teens and adults available for you when you schedule an appointment with us today. Invisalign is a series of invisible and removable and comfortable clear plastic trays that straighten your teeth without braces. We know many adults have had horror stories from friends or themselves in the past when it comes to braces, so Invisalign is a wonderful and alternative approach when it comes to orthodontistry. Our office also provides free retainer placements to ensure that you keep straight teeth after your braces or Invisalign treatment. We want to keep your beautiful smile.

We know nobody wants to talk about wisdom teeth removal, and our orthodontics McKinney TX office is here to make sure that this treatment is done professionally, right, and as painless as possible. We will provide removal of wisdom teeth and other teeth if it is necessary. We also provide minor gum surgeries like frenectomies or fiberotomies if needed. Along with all of the services we offer a free evaluation for your wisdom teeth removal and other surgeries you could possibly need. We want to make sure that we are on the same page when it comes to what your mouth is going to need teeth removal or surgery wise.

Not only do we provide take-home whitening kits with and without trays here at orthodontics McKinney TX, but we have an in-house lab with a certified lab technologist to make it possible to have faster turnaround on retainers and other appliances that are needed. Sometimes it can even be done in one day. We offer custom-made sports cards that protect your mouth and teeth from multiple injuries as well as night guards for protection from those who grind their teeth. All of the equipment we use our high quality materials because we stay up-to-date with all the latest and most effective materials to bring you a smile that you are wanting.

With digital x-rays and an Itero scanner, we mean it when we say we have only the best equipment possible. Digital x-rays will give off minimal radiation unlike normal x-ray equipment that is a thing of the past. We can see the x-rays immediately on a computer and demonstrate to our patients where there are issues or if possible changes need to be made. The itero scanner lets us see instantly a before and after image that is convenient to the patient’s recovery journey. To see all of our wonderful equipment as well as see if you are needing any surgeries or braces, be sure to call our office today to schedule your free smiles Hollywood orthodontics evaluation.

To go into detail on all of the services that we offer from braces, to wisdom teeth removal, teeth whitening, to our wonderful house lab and it’s equipment, please look at our easy to use website at where all this information is available at your fingertips. However, if you appreciate a more personal approach, we would love to discuss all of our services that we provide and help schedule you an appointment today by calling the number 972-529-9700. Orthodontistry has never been so invigorating as well as exciting. We know that there are many dentists out there who do not have your best interest at heart, but our main mission is to ensure that our clients smiles can be seen everywhere in the world.

Orthodontics McKinney TX | A Celebrity Smile

Invisalign is the most convenient and arguably the most attractive way to have your teeth straightened and you can get that service here at orthodontics McKinney TX. If your smile is ready to be beautiful, then we recommend Invisalign/clear aligned treatments. You can take advantage of Invisalign by its convenience as well as its discretion. Metal braces are a thing of the past, especially for adults. Many adults do not want to think about having to have braces for years and years and years. And, it is possible to get an adult the same treatment in a convenient way.

We here at orthodontics McKinney TX are here to let you know that Invisalign is a faster treatment than normal braces. Most patients can finish their teeth straightening twice as fast as patients with braces. The treatment with Invisalign is usually six to 12 months. Both of our dentists have had many patients who use Invisalign and have been extremely happy with the results they have received using this product. And they love the fact that they never had to wear braces. Invisalign aligners are comfortable and formed to the shape of your mouth as well as easy to take off whenever you need to.

Not only can we at orthodontics McKinney TX promise that Invisalign aligners areeffect, but they are practically invisible as well. They can treat a range of teeth straightening conditions such as crossbites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites. Invisalign is exactly like it’s name – it is practically invisible. Not only are they invisible, but they are comfortable as well. The removal process is so easy and unlike the braces experience. You do not have to worry about any poking wires and irritated gums. Your mouth will thank you when you straighten your teeth in the most effective and aesthetic way that is possible for today’s day and age.

If you are a teenager with less than straight teeth, come and experience the convenience with Invisalign today. When you schedule an appointment with us, not only will you receive a free estimation, but we can give your teen a better experience in comparison to traditional braces you may have had to experience as a child. Invisalign corrects simple and complex teeth straighten cases, it’s covered by orthodontic insurance, and you will not experience pain as well as miss on many unexpected orthodontist visits. These can be removed for special occasions and dates and being a teenager, we understand that this is super important for you.

To learn more about Invisalign today, be sure to check out our easy to use website at to view all of our testimonials and Invisalign before and after photos. We know you will be impressed! Please give us a call at 972-529-9700 today and we can book your appointment as well as your free first time estimation. We will go over how Invisalign will work best for you or your teenager and we will provide many before and after pictures to show how effective this is. Braces are things of the past and you do not have to worry about braces and retainers when Invisalign is an affordable option that your insurance will cover.