We are always honored whenever a patient chooses Orthodontics Mckinney TX for any orthodontic services needed. It’s an opportunity for us to prove why we are the best in the business, and that we get to know our patients on such a personal level we consider them a family. It’s not good enough to recognize people by just their smiles or x-rays, we get to know what extracurricular activities they’re doing, what’s currently happening in their lives or if they ever need a listening ear for whatever is going on in their life. And our patients include us too, by inviting us to many of their life events over the years. And we love cheering them all on from the sidelines. This standard extends to our front desk staff as well, by greeting all our patients with a warm smile to make them feel more like family.

We would not be a successful business at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics Mckinney TX if it were not for our patients. Because we have created an environment where our patients can trust us, they have responded with their dedication. We truly appreciate how we have grown over the years and that our patients have helped us become the most reviewed and highest rated orthodontics office around. The best feeling in the world is seeing our patients smiling a beautiful Hollywood smile. Our mission and goal is to help every patient feel like a star And we will not rest until our patients are 100% satisfied.

Well you may see a dentist twice a year, when you are dealing with Orthodontics Mckinney TX We see our patients more regularly over a longer period of time. This is one thing that makes our practice super special. We become part of their lives. We have even heard mom’s say once their last child braces are removed how sad they are that they did not have to come back for more appointments. During the journey of achieving a star smile, many memories are made as the beautiful smile is formed and a person’s confidence grows. We really do get to assist in witnessing the rise of a social butterfly. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and a unique part of our practice that we would not trade for anything else in the world.

Dr Stephanie has an undying passion for orthodontics due to her orthodontist as a teenager, Dr Jim Boley. He had a relentless belief in Stephanie in an undying passion for orthodontics which ended up being passed on to Dr Stephanie. When I was coming to his office I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to be a medical doctor, but Dr Jim continued to talk to me about becoming an orthodontist and going to dental school each and every appointment. After years of encouragement and even doing an internship in Dr Jim’s office, I was convinced that orthodontics was for me, and have not regretted that decision. Because of Dr Jim’s consistent dedication to mentor me, I too have a love for mentoring new students and having them shadow in our office.

If you are looking for an award-winning service that treats you more like family than another number, you were in the right place. We are more than confident you will enjoy the services that you receive here and invite you to click our website link at https://smileshollywood.com/ to find further details as well as fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. If you would like a more personalized approach we also offer our phone number 972.529.9700 which you can dial and speak to any one of our professional representatives to get you scheduled for your free x-ray and exam today.

Orthodontics Mckinney TX | Other dentists know our work

The fact is that Orthodontics Mckinney TX is an add-on service from regular dentistry which is much needed for every patient. However, once you come to Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, other dentists recognize our work. This fact keeps us going and is a true testament to our field of expertise. We are changing lives one smile at a time, and other dentists are recognizing that fact. They understand the relentless pursuit of excellent results, because they see these excellent results with their own dental patients. This makes their job easier and the quality ensures that they will not have to complete such aggressive procedures moving forward.

We knew that we were on our way to becoming the best Orthodontics Mckinney TX When we began receiving multiple referrals from dental offices. A lot of our patients Go to dental offices regularly, and those regular appointments often can catch when a patient needs a more specialized approach for additional equipment. By remaining vigilant to be a top rated orthodontist office and by over delivering in our quality of service, The dentist office is taking notice. And it warms our hearts. Not only do these dentists refer their patients, but they also have their family and friends come to us as well.

When we receive an Orthodontics Mckinney TX referral from another dentist, it is imperative to make sure these patients can put their trust in us. They put their trust in their dentist to give them this referral, and it is now our duty to make sure that they are well taken care of while in our hands. We truly do enjoy working with smiles, and have been told our work is impeccable. Dr Stephanie has gone out of her way to meet with all the local dentists in the McKinney Texas area, and work together to refer patients to each other. She not only takes the time to build a strong clientele, but also creates lasting relationships with her dental colleagues.

Not only does Dr Stephanie think it is important to maintain a good professional relationship with other dentists in the area, but she also is part of many associations. As a member of the Texas dental association and a member of the American association of orthodontist, Dr Stephanie and smiles Hollywood orthodontics is now more credible and comes with the reputation of these associations. These organizations are designed to help dentists and orthodontists alike achieve success. And by being part of an association larger than just our offers, we obtain valuable benefits as well all to help service our patients better.

Our website https://smileshollywood.com/ is chock full of pictures and reviews so that you can see our beautiful results. There are numerous reviews from dental associates in the area as well as patients we have seen in our office. You can also give us a call at 972.529.9700 in order to schedule your free x-ray and exam today.