Smiles Hollywood Orthodontist mckinney care was founded over 25 years ago by Dr Stephanie Crise, a young woman who at the time was extremely passionate about providing a one-of-a-kind dental services that you can’t find anywhere else. With over 20 years of experience as a specialist in Orthodontic Care she has definitely proven to be one of the best Orthodontics you can find nearby. She continues to improve her education and knowledge every single day she’s driving to provide some of the best services that you can find for dental care. Whether you are an adult or a child, she’s definitely here to assist you in your dental Journey no matter how extreme or how little that may be.

There are tons of amazing things that a doctor Stephanie has implemented into her daily routine for typical Orthodontist McKinney care that you won’t see in every single Dental office. Some of these things are the free consultations that she gives for many different areas of services. You can actually get your very first dental evaluation completely free which is going to include a free x-ray, a free evaluation, and ultimately a treatment plan created by one of our treatment coordinators. This plan will be discussed with you and Dr Stephanie will explain to you exactly how we can go about assisting you and your dental needs.

No matter what those Dental needs, maybe we can definitely have you covered here at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics mckinney. Meaning, Dr Stephanie is more than trained and knowledgeable in providing some of the best Orthodontist McKinney assistance when it comes to extreme cases of unaligned Jaws or even wisdom teeth removal as well as Pediatric Dental care. We also like to know that even though she is advanced in both adult and pediatric care she has made it a huge point to be able to provide both services with an equal amount of attention and passion.

Speaking of passion, one thing that Dr Stephanie is definitely passionate about is going to be the Hollywood scene. This means that she has always had a love for the stage and being able to sing, therefore she wants to be able to express that within her office and has definitely made a point too. You can actually find a movie theater within her office along with many cutouts and posters of very commonly singing movie stars and characters. She doesn’t want her office to feel only like it’s a child friendly facility and it said it wants both adults and children to feel welcome which is why she also has a personalized workspace where you can find peace and quiet to be able to continue working.

to learn more about Dr Stephanie we would appreciate it if you checked out or met our doctor’s page on our website at However, we assure you if you’re local you’ve probably already heard of her as she has been very known within the community since the beginning. We’d like you to give us a call if you have any questions or want to schedule that consultation today at 972-529-9700.

Orthodontist McKinney | What Does Orthodontic Care Mean?

Here at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics mckinney we actually know what the meaning of Orthodontist McKinney Orthodontics is, which you would hope considering we have extremely skilled and educated staff members that have had over 20 years of experience in this field. However, we know not everyone May understand what the term Orthodontics means and we are definitely here to explain that to you. This among many other things we are more than happy to answer for you because we know that dental care and hygiene can definitely be confusing or at least misconstrued within this day and age.

To start off, we want to go ahead and explain to you that the meaning of Orthodontist mckinney is a form of Dentistry focusing on straightening teeth, directing jaw and Bone growth, and much more. We focus on the process of prevention diagnosis and then treatment following in order to help with those many issues. So whether this be braces, invisalign, clear aligners or unfortunately the possibility of surgery we can definitely help you out. We are more than capable and specialized in all of these categories and can definitely assist you with whatever that may be.

Dr Stephanie herself truly specializes in providing some of the best diagnosis prevention and correction when it comes to Orthodontist mckinney care specifically that has to do with teeth misalignment jaw misalignment or an incorrect bite pattern. Either way we’re going to be able to assist you no matter what. We also want to make sure that you understand you should definitely visit an orthodontist between the ages of 8 and 9 considering that that is the time at which a dentist would recommend you to pursue treatment for a misaligned jaw. Being able to Target these early between those ages is going to be extremely important to your child’s overall jaw health. the earlier we catch it the earlier we can begin prevention in a two-step phase.

We would love for you to be able to understand the exact importance of many different types of orthodontic treatments and services that were able to provide such as braces. This is why we have provided a facts and questions sheet to help you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into here at our office. We want to make sure every patient is educated in the possible treatments they may undergo and their necessary needs for them. to also learn more about that two step phase that we refer to in the previous paragraph you can check that out on our website as well.

All that helpful information can be found and located on our website at! We also recommend that if you would prefer to speak to someone one on one with your questions or concerns you can definitely give us a call at 972-529-9700. However, we have made our website extremely full of information and common topics that you might see within the orthodontic area.