Thank you for taking an interest in Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics providing the best Orthodontist mckinney care that you can find in texas. Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics was created by the amazing Dr Stephanie Crise who has a passion for providing some of the most advanced and amazing Dentistry capabilities possible. On top of this she is an avid figure within the community providing some of the best information, resources, and seminars for those to learn exactly how they can better their dental hygiene or if they are interested be able to join the dental hygiene field. Stephanie does this because she was actually provided the opportunity to join the field and pushed into the field by her fellow orthodontist who she had as a teenager. Because of this she has made sure to provide that same opportunity to other teenagers who may feel the same.

That is just one of the ways that Stephanie remains interactive in the community and not just one of the top Orthodontists McKinney Texas has to offer. Instead she wants to make sure that Texas is going to have another amazing orthodontic dentist one day that will be able to replace her. However, she has over 20 years of experience within this field and it’s extremely passionate about providing some of the best dental care you can get. She also wants to make sure that the community is aware that they can receive and be a part of their own Dental hygiene.

A really amazing way that Stephanie gives back to the community is by holding a Candy buy back event. In other terms this means that the facility welcomes donations for candies that may be too sticky or unwanted for various reasons, especially those who have braces, and then following that we are going to go ahead and donate $10 for every pound of candy that we receive. This $10 is going to go to Samaritan Inn which is a local homeless shelter here in mckinney. The really cool aspect about this is that if you are in fact an Orthodontist yourself and you find that this is an amazing little program that you can go ahead and donate candies yourself. All the candy then gets donated to Charities and even local firefighters in the district.

These are only a few ways that Stephanie and the team here at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics gives it back to the community every day. They want to make sure the community is able to benefit from this facility just as much as anyone else who attends it. even including other doctors who trust Stephanie with their Dental needs.

to learn more about these promotions or the awesome things that Stephanie does to provide support to the community then visit our website at The team at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics truly is passionate about providing some of the best Orthodontic Care that you can find in the state of Texas which is why we want you to give us a call today to schedule your first consultation completely free at 972-529-9700.

Orthodontist McKinney | Dr. Jessic Downs

Unlike our doctor Stephanie who was the one who found the smiles Hollywood Orthodontics facility, our doctor Jessica is the one who joined Dr Stephanie oh so many years ago in providing some of the best Orthodontist mckinney care has ever seen. is she actually joining the doctor Stephanie and the year of 2002. She ended up joining Dr Stephanie because they had an extremely similar viewpoint on the proper treatment philosophies, personalities, and other standpoints when it comes to Patient care. They ended up deciding that it would be best for both of them to remain at the facility and provide some of the best treatments that anyone has ever seen for dental care in texas.

if you haven’t gas miles Hollywood Orthodontics is the highest rated and most reviewed Orthodontist mckinney office that you can find. This means that even though they are both extremely highly skilled and trained their reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. As for Dr Downs she is extremely proficient with bracketing systems specifically for your braces. This means that she also has an advanced knowledge of Damon brackets, and newer Innovation when it comes to racist technology. She also is aware of what Alexander brackets are and a couple different functional appliances.

Dr Downs graduated from Baylor Orthodontics in Dallas and she enjoyed Dallas so much that she decided to continue to stay there after leaving Virginia for college. This is at the time when she found Dr Stephanie and decided that this would be a good place to continue her Orthodontist mckinney career and has remained at our office for over 20 years now. Among her Specialties and brackets she’s also familiar with rapid palatal expanders, forces springs, schwartz, and spandex appliances. There are so many things that she is knowledgeable in and can assist you with over her many years of practice. She still has extreme amounts of relationships with oral surgeons as well.

She is often seen working closely with periodontist and orthodontist who are in relation to class two in class three Dental or skeletal cases. Her relationships with other Dental professionals means that she’s able to refer you to proper care for whatever your issues May be. so no matter the extreme of your case she can definitely get you to the right referred specialist. As with Dr Stephanie Dr Jessica also enjoys very much being able to allow students to mentor and Shadow her through the ISD mentorship program.

To learn more about this program and the amazing capability that Dr Jessica provides to our team we should visit our website at and select to learn more about our team today. you’re awesome, more than welcome to give us a call if you have any questions and speak with a treatment coordinator at 972-529-9700. We want you to walk out of our door with a smile that screams Hollywood and makes you feel an extreme amount of confidence.