There really is nowhere else that you should trust more than Smiles Hollywood to be able to provide you with the best Orthodontist mckinney Services in texas. Our team of highly trained and skilled staff are extremely passionate about providing you the opportunity to walk out of our facility with a new Hollywood worthy smile. This includes our treatment coordinators, media marketers, and are amazing orthodontic doctors Stephanie and jessica. These two are extremely passionate about providing some of the best Orthodontics care and a unique aspect here in texas. Because of their similar beliefs in the process for Orthodontics care they decided to begin working together in 2002 and haven’t left since. This means that our doctors have over 20 years of experience providing some of the best Orthodontics care that you can find in our area.

along with this, we make sure that most of our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in the sense of typical Orthodontist mckinney care and therefore can build a amazing one on one relationship with our patients.We have a passion for creating relationships and strong bonds between our patients and us so they know that they can come to us any time in their life whether an adult or child in order to be provided the best Orthodontic Care that you can find. We know that there are many others here in the state of Texas that you could attend For assistance with your orthodontic needs. However, we know that we are going to be the number one option for you as we are the highest rated and most reviewed.

Another thing to mention is we have in-house labs and certified lab technicians which is amazing because not every orthodontist office has that. so we are fully equipped with a dental lab that is able to provide services such as liner trays, passive retainers, expanders and so much more. This specialized Dental field and the appliances that come with it are definitely needed to provide some of the quickest care possible for our patients. the park so in other words if you need a retainer quickly then you do not have to reach out to us for a 2 week holding. and instead we will be able to create that retainer for you on the spot and help you with your Orthodontist mckinney needs.

We also want you to be comfortable and approach us for those free retainers and such, which is why we make sure that you understand we’re actually going to provide anyone and everyone that completes the service here at Hollywood Orthodontics with a free retainer. This is to assure that you remain with an amazing Hollywood smile for an extended period of time.

We advise that you learn a little bit more about the difference between us and other Orthodontics clinics here in Tulsa by visiting our website at We are also more than happy to answer any questions you have during our typical business hours and a treatment Coordinator would be happy to discuss any inquiry she may have with you so just give us a call at 972-529-9700.

Orthodontist McKinney | We Are Passionate

The amazing Dr Stephanie began her career here in McKinney Texas providing some of the best Orthodontist mckinney services that you can find over 25 years ago. along with being an amazing mother, wife, and singer she developed a love for the Hollywood stage and the vibe that it provided. which is why she has aimed to create her office around exactly that. So the moment you walk in you are going to be greeted with tons of popular characters from recent movies and shows that you and your kid May love. There is even a movie theater within our office that includes snacks, refreshments, and even a slushy machine.

We understand that this definitely sounds enticing to a kid but as an adult you can also find enjoyment from our workstations that are peaceful and allow you to still continue to work while your child is receiving their Orthodontist mckinney care! We also want to make sure you as the adult are confident coming to our office for care which is why we have provided that quiet area for you to continue working or complete anything you need to complete. Along with this we have a game station for older children and an Under the Sea themed room for smaller children.

So either way no matter what Orthodontist mckinney services you need and no matter what age you are we are definitely going to be able to help you and we welcome anyone and everyone to attend our facility. Both of our dentists are knowledgeable and professional when it comes to Orthodontic Care for adults and children both. With this, we like to hold many different promotions and events during the year so you should definitely reach out to her office if you want to see about anywhere holding currently. These promotions can range from winning tangible items to a movie with your family and we also have snow cone days at the office.

It is important to know that the amazing doctor Stephanie has a passion for giving back to her community and can often be seen within the community trying to educate young people about the proper hygienic care that they need. Among this we also see that she has provided a candy buyback program meaning that if a patient brings in any unwanted candy they can absolutely do that and actually every pound of candy that we received means we’re going to donate $10 to Samaritan Inn, a local homeless shelter.

These are only a few of the amazing things that we are able to offer you here at our facility and shows exactly why we are passionate about Orthodontics care. if you don’t believe us you should check out those testimonials and reviews on our website at We also welcome you to reach out to one of our treatment coordinators or front office agents to be able to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at 972-529-9700.