The best Orthodontists in McKinney TX can only be found at Smiles Hollywood. we have brought smiles to many faces in our community for quite a while. Smiles that have been as bright as possible for long enough that we have had children grow into adults as our patients. if you are looking for Great orthodontics experience, we are going to be able to bring you the best help possible regardless of your age. we all know that everybody deserves a perfect smile, so come experience our level of talent at Smiles Hollywood the best in Texas!

Finding the best Orthodontists in McKinney TX doesn’t have to be difficult with Smiles Hollywood. having a phenomenal smile at something that we believe can broadcast your confidence as well as bring you confidence. we help patients of all ages, with younger patients being referred to as Phase One and patients with their permanent teeth grown referred to as Phase Two. phase one patients are typically pre-adolescents who require services to help prevent maladies later in life. without proper care, these minor issues can lead to costly experiences such as oral surgery and tooth removal. to help prevent these, we use a variety of tools such as spacers, Arch supports, and expanders to help fix bad habits and Aid in skeletal realignment.

Our Orthodontists in McKinney TX aren’t only able to help children. for our phase two patients, and people who have grown in their permanent teeth, we offer a variety of services as well. we offer clearer realigners, including Invisalign, which helps you to continue to realign your teeth without having braces showing. braces however are a phenomenal option, so we offer those as well. no matter which ones you use, we make a point of having the fastest-moving braces with the least friction. this means less time wearing braces and more time with your perfect smile.

On top of realignment procedures, we also offer basic upkeep. the different things we can do include tooth whitening, wisdom tooth removal, digital x-rays, production of mouth guards, and various others. we offer these to help bring everybody their Hollywood smile! when you have regular teeth whitening and cleaning, this leads to you being able to show off a bright smile that everybody will be jealous of. the custom mouth guards will be produced and can be used for sports, but we also offer night guards as well. wisdom teeth can be a painful part of growing into your adult years, and we’re able to help with that removal as well. no matter what you need, you’re going to be able to find the best help possible at Smiles Hollywood!

No matter which of our services you require, we are able to help you at Smiles Hollywood! If you have any needs for our services or if you have any questions, you can go to or contact us at 972-529-9700. we look forward to helping you with whatever needs that you or your family may have!

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One should always expect the best help possible when they go to Orthodontists in McKinney TX. without fail, you can expect that here it Smiles Hollywood! The skill sets that we bring in helping every one of our patients have been gained over a long period of experience. The skill level we bring is backed by our customers’ stellar reviews we hope to bring you the same help we brought them! If you’re in need of any sort of dental service, regardless of your age, here at Smiles Hollywood are excited to be able to help you soon!

the wonderful Orthodontists in McKinney TX who work here at Smiles Hollywood are experts in our field. we bring this expertise to every patient regardless of their age and needs. we’re able to help phase one as well as phase two patients, who are differentiated by whether or not their permanent teeth have grown yet. Our phase one patients will benefit from a variety of services that are specific to that age group. typically they will be used spacers, expanders, and our support as well as other devices to help correct the alignment of their teeth and relation to their skeleton as well as to help fix any bad habits they may be developing. this can help to prevent costly services that they may need later, including tooth removal or even oral surgery.

The expertise of our Orthodontists in McKinney TX extends beyond working with pre-adolescents though. we can also offer expert care to our face to patients, who again have grown in their permanent teeth. typically we do this using tools that have more longevity, such as braces or clear aligners. the clear aligners, such as Invisalign, help to provide some tooth straightening well also providing a clear and removable option as opposed to braces. Braces, however, don’t have to be the painful and garish experience of the past. the pray says we use, as well as the clear aligners, are the fastest on the market and provide less friction. This means that you’ll spend less time in the orthodontist’s office as well as less time wearing your braces. it also means that you’ll experience significantly less pain.

We also offer services to help with the basic maintenance of your teeth. these include teeth whitening, wisdom tooth removal, digital X-rays, and the building of custom mouth guards. the benefits of these treatments can’t be overstated, and we believe in making sure they’re accessible to everybody. the brilliant smile that you’ll be able to offer people when you’ve had your teeth whitened should be proof enough! Additionally, we can help with custom night guards to help prevent tooth grinding.

When you’re ready for your perfect smile to shine, or even if you just have questions, you can go to or call us at 972-529-9700. our team of expert orthodontists is excited to be able to help you get that Hollywood smile that you deserve! thank you, and we expect to hear from you soon.