You may or may not be surprised to learn that most people are going to not attend any Orthodontists in Mckinney TX if they are an adult themselves. This is very interesting considering that as an adult you still are going to need to get treatment for many different things, especially your yearly hygiene cleaning. Most people tend to fear the idea of getting braces or treatment in order to straighten or adjust their smile after they have already grown into an adult. This is because most people do not want to be seen with metal braces in their mouth at that age or they just feel that it’s going to be a waste of time and money. That’s why we are here to explain to you that it is in fact going to be neither and it could be very beneficial to you and your quality of life in the future.

There is no better time than the present to be able to search out for the best Orthodontists in Mckinney TX! That is why we are here at Smiles Hollywood to tell you we’re going to be the place for you to find those amazing orthodontists. Especially if you are an adult as we do know the difference here between the needs of a child and I don’t want to come to the orthodontic care. There are different levels of attention and care that are required which is why we’re going to offer you a private area specifically for adults if you do prefer.

we also know that as an adult you may not have an amazing schedule that allows you to be able to take time off to get the dental care you need which is why our facility actually has specialized flexible hours to allow people after typical business hours to be able to come in and get the proper care from a Orthodontists in Mckinney TX. biologically there is a major difference between children and adults which is going to be your Jawbone because as a child that bone is still developing and then as an adult it has stopped growing. This means that you may actually be in need of orthognathic surgery for your jaw if it is not able to grow correctly.

This is not meant to scare you as there are many other options for you to be able to help align your job properly that are not as aggressive as surgery. Typically people choose things such as Invisalign or clear aligners as an adult instead of braces because they don’t like the aesthetic look of it. This is completely fine as we actually have three different options for braces.

Whatever option you choose, we are going to fully support you and provide you with the best support possible and Aftercare you can receive at our facility. but if you are interested in receiving braces as an adult we definitely advise that you look into the different types of braces we offer yourself on our website at If you believe that one of these methods is going to be a good option for you then we advise you to schedule a free consultation with us and one of our front office staff at 972-529-9700.

Orthodontists in Mckinney TX | We Will Treat You As A Dentist

Smiles Hollywood is going to be the perfect place for you to find amazing and passionate Orthodontists in Mckinney TX! Art orthodontists truly are passionate about the services they are able to provide and the Futures they’re able to create for students and adults. That is correct, our facility handles both dental care for adults and children. We are more than aware of the differences that come between an adult and a child for their Dental care. Either way, if you are an adult or a child we’re going to make sure that the care plan we provide for you is going to be affordable and flexible to fit your needs.

With this, you may be considering exactly how we are going to be able to benefit you and we are going to tell you that we will benefit you by providing you with affordable payment plans in our office as well as assistance with down payments and discounts. These are just some amazing reasons why you should choose us for your Orthodontists in Mckinney TX care. However, we also know that as an adult or even as a child you may not be able to take time out of school or come within typical business hours. This is why our hours of operation have been extended in order to fit those who may not be able to come in at an earlier time or during a typical business day.

These are just a few of the reasons why we provide some of the best care that you can find from any Orthodontist in Mckinney TX! Truly, if you do not believe us you can definitely check out the Orthodontists in Mckinney TX testimonials and reviews on our website from previous patients which even includes the dentist themselves. Many dentists have chosen us for their hygienic needs and this is absolutely amazing because it shows that if another dentist chooses us and trusts us with their smile then you definitely should as well.

It is very simple. Our dentists have had a passion for Orthodontic Care for many years and they know the importance of having a smile that you can be proud of in order to walk into your job or your school every day with confidence. Again, we want to know that we are very familiar with the difference between a child and an adult when it comes to Orthodontic Care, which is definitely why we provide a private setting for you as an adult in our offices if necessary.

We advise that you check out the amazing reviews from other dentists that have attended our office on our website at! This information is going to be on the front home page of our website and you can see exactly how we’ve been able to help other dentists or even regular people such as yourselves by clicking testimonials in the top right. to schedule your first appointment today go ahead and give us a call at 972-529-9700. hey appreciate you guys