Are you in search of extremely knowledgeable and understanding Orthodontists in Mckinney TX that have a thorough knowledge of braces or teeth straightening capabilities? If you answered yes to this question then you’re definitely going to want to check out the orthodontist over here at Smiles Hollywood in texas. We provide some of the best assistance when it comes to teasing alignment and straightening that you’re going to find anywhere else. Our teeth straightening methods are very Advanced and they sense that we have three different options for aligning your teeth, all of which are capable of fitting your specific needs depending on what those are. We also want to make sure that you as the patient are going to be knowledgeable and understanding of how to care for your braces yourself or your aligners.

In order for other people to understand the care that’s necessary for their braces or aligners, we’ve been able to publish our Braces 101 guide on our website for you to understand exactly the do’s and don’ts of having braces. This definitely sets us apart from other Orthodontists in Mckinney TX because we are not just going to leave the knowledge to you to figure out after you’ve left our office. We are going to make sure that you can return back to our website if you have any questions or give us a call at any time if you happen to have an emergency dental issue.

Most people tend to be concerned about the pain and Aftercare that’s going to come along with braces or Invisalign but we are here to assure you that it’s definitely not going to be the most difficult time in your life but there may be slight discomfort. During your first week you may feel a bit of difficulty on your journey which is completely normal as your gums and teeth get used to the braces or aligners. The whole point of having your braces or liners is to be able to shift the teeth to the proper area that they are meant to be in which will be uncomfortable at first.

Either way, highly trained Orthodontists in Mckinney TX at Smiles Hollywood’s office are going to be more than happy to explain to you how to better assist yourself in the recovery process. Especially as an adult it could be a little bit more challenging considering that you are going to be more active, possibility for different things being ingested than a child would, as well as the habits of your ability to brush teeth.

to learn more about the proper care you should be providing to your braces or your Invisalign you can visit our website and review our Braces 101 guide at Our front office staff also accepts calls throughout the day at 972-529-9700. We just want to make sure that you can walk out of our office with a smile that screams Hollywood and makes you proud to be able to show it.

Orthodontists in Mckinney TX | Would These Positions Work?

Smiles Hollywood is an amazing office providing extremely knowledgeable Orthodontists in Mckinney TX that are more than willing to provide you with the information and capabilities necessary for you to be able to pursue your Orthodontics career as well. so on top of being an amazing dentist to fellow dennis, adults, and children we are going to be able to provide you with opportunities to advance your knowledge and enter this career field. This is because we understand the importance of the dental field and that we need passionate people willing to enter it. Just like our doctor Stephanie, she was recommended to join the dental field as a teenager by her own orthodontist which she did follow and she enjoyed.

With this, she began her career as a Orthodontists in Mckinney TX and has been helping other people join this as their career as well. She does this by providing seminars to local schools and young students to be able to teach them exactly how to care for their oral hygiene and get them passionate about that care. She also wants to make sure that older students such as high schoolers can apply to Shadow and Mentor within her facility. This is important because Dr Stephanie along with Dr Jessica is going to provide amazing opportunities to learn unique skills and processes for dental hygiene.

That is why we are here to tell you exactly the types of Orthodontists in Mckinney TX careers that you can pursue as a Orthodontist in Mckinney TX! you may not even want to be the main orthodontist that handles the legit treatment of patients but instead you may want to be a treatment coordinator, a clinical assistant, or possibly even a marketing director. Either way these are going to be positions that assist the totality of our Orthodontics office and provide better opportunities for anyone and everyone.

However, we want to let you know that an awesome position for you to consider is going to be our treatment coordinator because they are going to be able to speak with the patients and create a one-on-one bond. With this, they are going to be the person that discusses with a patient and their family the proper method of treatment that’s going to be expected along with any prior medical history that is needed. These are basically the face of our company and they provide others with opportunities for good care along with our Dennis and opportunity to achieve the patient’s perfect smile.

you really should not miss out on the opportunity to walk out of our facility with a new Hollywood worthy smile. You should also not miss out on the opportunity to be able to Shadow or Mentor our amazing doctors if you believe this is going to help you join the field that you wish to join. If you’re unsure about joining this field, we’d also be more than happy to explain to you the different positions that you can find on our website on We also welcome you to contact our doctors or our treatment coordinators themselves if you have any questions at 972-529-9700.