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When it comes to getting the most gorgeous smile, you are going to need Smiles Hollywood and our orthodontists mckinney tx. You can expect that at every appointment, you are going to get updated information about your treatment and the progress that you are making. We know that braces can be a difficult process, but once you get them off it is going to feel so good and you are going to have a gorgeous smile. This is why we are going to teach you all the proper guidelines to make sure that you can protect your braces and your smile as well.

It’s important that once you get your braces, you are very diligent with brushing your teeth correctly and getting the proper flossing materials. This is why we recommend getting a water pic because this is going to be able to allow you to get in all of the crevices of your practice. we are going to provide you with fluoride, which you are going to need to swish around in your mouth each night to protect your teeth. we want you to have a healthy smile, this is why it is important to use these techniques so that by the time your braces are off your teeth are looking outstanding. it is going to be worth every second that I took.

Getting braces is an exciting experience, especially when you get them taken off. We want to be able to provide you this at an affordable cost so it is important that you get started today. We want you to take that offer when it comes to getting that free consultation and x-ray at our office. This is just going to allow you to see if you like our practice and what we do. give our office a call at 972-529-9700. You can also visit our website at to get more information.

Orthodontists Mckinney Tx | What You Can And Can’t Do

We are the top-rated and most-reviewed orthodontists mckinney tx I Smiles Hollywood, this is because we are very passionate about way too and made a commitment to our clients and making sure they get the perfect smile. This has allowed us to be featured on many big platforms because we are constantly winning awards for our services. We want you to be able to get the same type of experience because we have an amazing crew waiting for you when you get started. This is why we are going to provide you with a free consultation and an x-ray so you can come in here and see if our treatment plan is going to be perfect for you.

Once you get your braces at our orthodontists mckinney tx Smiles Hollywood, it is important that we teach you all of the rules about braces. This is because we want you to keep up with their braces and take care of them so that they can last you a long time. If you are interested in any sports, we do not recommend that you buy a sports card from the store, this can ruin your teeth and take out your brackets.

Many of our clients at Smiles Hollywood I have gotten their braces applied through our orthodontists mckinney tx love their treatment in our environment. They also play instruments and have questions when it comes to this. yes, you can play instruments with your braces and may take a couple of weeks for you to get used to it but once you are used to it you’re going to be an expert. you do not have to remove your braces for any type of live performance or competition, because you are already used to playing instruments with your braces on.

If you ever have an emergency, then you are going to need to make sure that you keep your wax in a handy place at all times. because there are certain events where a wire can become loose, and you are going to need to get this under control so that you are not uncomfortable. This is why with the wax kit, you can just apply to the wire until you can get into our office. You can also call a 24/7 hotline that is going to be able to guide you throughout the entire process and give you solutions to your problems.

We would love to help you get started in this process because we know you are going to enjoy every second of it. especially when you get your prices off and you feel how smooth your teeth are, this is going to be amazing for you. We are going to walk you through every step of the way, so you can count on us when it comes to getting the best smile. When you are ready to get started you can call our office at 972-529-9700. You can also visit our website anytime for more information at