Are you searching for an affordable option for Orthodontists Mckinney TX care but unsure where one of the most affordable facilities is going to be? and we can definitely assure you the most affordable facility you’re going to find for Texas Dental Care is going to be here at Smiles hollywood. We make sure any and every patient is able to come in and get a free consultation for whatever issue they may be having because we know the importance of being able to understand your dental health. from understanding your dental health you’re able to make a decision on treatment and this better is your chances of a brighter smile. All we want is for everyone to walk out of our dentist office with a Hollywood Worthy smile.

Even fellow dentists are choosing us for their Orthodontists Mckinney TX needs and this is why we understand we are probably one of the most important dentist offices here in texas. We are able to provide over the top care for any patient no matter what their issue May be. Our dentists are truly passionate about the services they provide and happen if they are young. Whether you are a child or an adult, we are going to make sure to provide that free consultation for you along with a lifetime warranty to avoid paying in full for any retreats. We also want to make sure that you receive a free retainer when walking out of our office.

These are only a few of the reasons why we are the best Orthodontists Mckinney TX office that you can find in the area. Along with affordability we want to make sure that you also have the flexibility to attend our office when you’re capable. This means that our office hours are actually extended to help everyone and their specific requirements. This means that our offices are open 7:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and as well as 6:30 on Tuesdays. Our technology is also very amazing and advanced as we continuously try to stay up to date with the newest Technologies for Orthodontics care.

With this, we also provide some of the newer age options for braces and invisalign. you can learn more about those different options we provide on our website under our Braces 101 guide. Some of the options that we’re going to be able to provide you are going to be Damon braces and Innovation braces along with Invisalign options.

We want to make sure that we can be here for anyone and everyone when it comes to their smiles. We know the importance of having an amazing smile and feeling confident in your own skin. This is why we want to make sure that you can attend our facility at a low cost at whatever time you may need. to learn more about those services and the amazing things that we’re going to offer you here at our facility you can go ahead and visit our website at or give us a call if you still have any questions with the following phone number; 972-529-9700.

Orthodontists Mckinney TX | Our amazing doctors

Being able to remain confident in knowing that you are receiving the best Orthodontists Mckinney TX Care is definitely one of the most important things about attending a dentist office. This is definitely one of the most important things about choosing your dentist office and exactly why we want to make sure you are very familiar with the doctors that we have here at our facility. These doctors are two amazing women that are very passionate about the orthodontics industry and can tell you exactly how they begin their career and what sets them apart from other orthodontists in the area.

To start off we’re going to go ahead and tell you about Dr Stephanie Crise and her passion for the best Orthodontists Mckinney TX care that you can find. It is actually a very unique story considering that Stephanie originally had a passion and a drive to become a medical doctor but due to her own orthodontist realizing that she was going to be able to pursue the orthodontist field. As a teenager her own orthodontist made her realize that this in fact is a field she wants to enter which is why she began her education In Texas during the 1980s. From here she only excelled in achieving her doctorate, masters, and so much more education.

It’s also really fun to know that Stephanie chose the theme for her dental office based on her own love for Hollywood and the stage. Along with being a mom, orthodontist, And wife she is also a singer herself which makes room for her to have love for the Hollywood stage. This is exactly why she wanted to make sure that her facility was going to be hollywood/Broadway themed to be able to express the love she has for the stage.

On top of these amazing achievements she is more than present within her local community and gives her time frequently to visit elementary schools in the surrounding areas and explain the importance of Orthodontists Mckinney TX care. She wants to be able to inspire everyone who may not have an extensive knowledge of dental care to be confident in their abilities to care for their own teeth. She also likes to employ some high school students from local areas within her office and order for them to be able to observe her practice and basically Shadow her. She does this because she wants to encourage other people to take on the dental field just as she did.

This is definitely a type of moment that is going to be full circle considering that her very own orthodontist was the one that pushed her into joining the orthodontics field. You can learn a lot more about Stephanie on our website under my doctors at We also recommend that you give us a call if you want to schedule that consultation or you have any questions about your braces or anything along those lines. you can reach us at 972-529-9700.