The best Orthodontists Mckinney TX has to offer can only be found at Smiles Hollywood. our experience and skill sets have brought Beautiful Smiles to the faces of many people in our community for many years. these smiles have been brought to the faces of people from their childhood into adulthood, and we hope to do the same for as many people as we can. no matter what age you are, we have the expertise to help ensure you are provided the best Orthodontic Care possible. to get started on the journey to your perfect smile, reach out to Smiles Hollywood today!

Our extremely talented Orthodontists Mckinney TX here at Smiles Hollywood can help our patients regardless of their age. this comes from the understanding that there are patients are typically grouped into two different Phases based on age. Phase 1 patients typically have not grown in their permanent teeth yet, and thus require different care than a phase 2 patient. A Phase one patient typically will require things like extenders and arch supports to help enable them to gain the oral health that they require. By taking advantage of these services, phase one patients can avoid later complications that can lead to tooth removal and oral surgery. we believe it’s very important to begin maintaining your oral health early.

The knowledgeable Orthodontists McKinney TX that work for us have expertise extending beyond phase one patients. We’re able to assist phase two patients through the use of different realigners that can help bring out the best value we have. we offer braces as well as clear options like Invisalign. No matter what option you end up choosing, we offer these because we have options with the least friction And the fastest tooth moving available. this allows us to help prevent quite a bit of pain while also allowing the patient to spend less time in the orthodontist’s office. This also translates to less time wearing braces, which means that you get to spend even longer with that perfect Hollywood smile!

in addition to these realignment services, we also offer services centered around basic upkeep. These services can include wisdom tooth removal, teeth whitening, production of custom mouth guards, and digital X-rays. while they’re not limited to these, these are some of the more common options. Tooth whitening as well as tooth cleaning is important because it helps to engage people by using the amazing smile that we know you have. wisdom tooth removal can be important for many reasons, including the fact that wisdom teeth growing in can cause the rest of your teeth to go out of alignment. By removing your wisdom teeth when necessary, we’re able to help prevent the need for braces.

all of these services are available at Smiles Hollywood! we bring the most phenomenal services available specifically so that everyone can get their Hollywood smile! when you’re ready to look your best, simply go to or contact us through our phone number 972-529-9700.

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The only Orthodontists Mckinney TX you’ll ever need can be found here at Smiles Hollywood! we’re able to provide you with several services that can help you develop that perfect smile that we know you could have. we’re able to help regardless of age, as well as through a variety of needs. We’ve gained this level of expertise through years of experience, which has also allowed us to watch many of our patients go from childhood into adulthood. The stellar reviews that we have received should provide you with all the confidence you need. when you’re ready to begin working on your Hollywood smile, come to Smiles Hollywood!

Our skillful Orthodontists Mckinney TX working here at Smiles Hollywood engage every customer based on their distinct needs. Typically patients can be split into two groups known as Phase 1 and Phase 2. These groups are distinguished by whether or not the client has had their adult teeth erupt yet. They are separated into these groups to more easily distinguish the type of needs that they may have. A phase one patient, for example, is less likely to need braces as opposed to spacers and arch supports. Using these options to help with any bad habits or malformations allows the client to avoid costly and painful procedures later on. Avoiding these treatments can lead to instances where the patient requires oral surgery or tooth removal.

The amazing Orthodontists Mckinney TX at Smiles Hollywood have expertise extending beyond phase one patients. We can help Phase Two patients with their various needs as well. For realignment, we offer a handful of different options. These include both braces and clear aligners like Invisalign. These products are hand-picked to ensure that each one provides the fastest tooth migration while providing as little friction as possible. This means a significant reduction in pain as well as a significant reduction in time. The time reduction means that you’ll spend less time in the orthodontist’s office and more time showing off your Hollywood Smile!

In addition to different realignment options, we can offer services to help with the basic maintenance of your teeth. teeth whitening for example can be important and maintaining the beauty as well as the health of your teeth. we offer wisdom tooth removal, which can be important for a variety of reasons including keeping your teeth in the position they’re supposed to be in. We offer custom mouthguards as well, such as sports guards and nighttime guards. nighttime guards help to prevent tooth grinding while you sleep, which can help promote the longevity of your teeth as well as reduce potential pain. Sports guards help to prevent damage to your teeth while you are playing the various types of sports you might enjoy.

across the variety of services that we offer here at Smiles Hollywood, we’re sure that we can help you with whatever you are working towards. when you decide that you’re ready for your perfect Hollywood smile, simply go to or call us on our phone at 972-529-9700.