If you’re looking for the best Orthodontists Mckinney TX has to offer, just go to Smiles Hollywood the smiles that we brought to the faces of our community have been amazing! we brought these smiles to people for long enough that the children that we treated years ago or adults now! if you’re looking for the best Orthodontic Care you can receive in Texas, you’ll find it with us! you don’t have to take our word for it, as our clientele have been leaving phenomenal reviews to help people like you find us. No matter what kind of dental care you may need, come to Smiles Hollywood today!

the skilled Orthodontists Mckinney TX who work here at Smiles Hollywood are able to help patients of all ages. The two types of categories that patients fall into are Phase 1 and Phase 2. An example of a phase one patient is somebody who has not had their permanent teeth erupt yet. Phase 1 patients differ from phase two patients in a variety of ways, and this brings a different type of care requirement. phase one patients typically benefit from things like arch supports and expanders as opposed to braces. by using These types of services, you’re able to help prevent long-term issues that can become costly and traumatic. the use of these tools helps to fix bad habits as well as realign the teeth of the patient. by using these when it’s appropriate, you’re able to minimize the chances of the Need for tooth removal and oral surgery.

the experienced Orthodontists McKinney TX working for Smiles Hollywood aren’t limited to treating Phase 1 patients. For our Phase 2 patients, we offer A variety of different ways to help maintain your perfect smile as well as help you gain longevity of your teeth. for example, we use braces as well as clear realigners to help promote the healthiest and happiest smile you can get! The aligners that we use are meant to provide the fastest option with the least friction, promoting healing as well as minimal pain and minimal time with your braces.

We also offer basic maintenance of your teeth here at Smiles Hollywood! we do this for the use of sport guards as well as night guards, through teeth whitening, and Wisdom tooth removal as well as a variety of other services. The services that we provide are Centered around making sure that a customer’s smile can be as beautiful as possible. sports guards help prevent damage while playing sports, night guards help prevent damage from tooth grinding and other nighttime activities, tooth whitening helps to ensure that your smile looks as healthy and bright as possible, and our services don’t stop there.

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Orthodontists Mckinney TX | Incredible Results

Finding Orthodontists Mckinney TX doesn’t have to be a chore with Smiles Hollywood! We’ve been bringing the best smiles to every single member of our clientele for many years! This has let us watch our satisfied customers grow from children into adulthood, all while helping to maintain their phenomenal smiles! No matter what age you are, you can count on finding the type of reliable service that is tailor-made to your needs. If you’re in need of the best orthodontic work you’ll receive in Texas, you can only find it here with Smiles Hollywood!

Our Orthodontists Mckinney TX can help clients across a wide variety of ages. Whether you’re a phase one patient, typically a younger person who has not had their permanent teeth grow in yet, or if you’re a phase two patient, we can bring our expertise to you to cover your needs. Phase one patients typically require different treatment from phase two patients. Phase one patients are typically in need of tools such as spacers and expanders to assist in correcting bad habits as well as helping to ensure skeletal alignment. The use of these services helps to ensure that expensive and painful procedures don’t become necessary later on, such as tooth removal and even oral surgery.

Our expert Orthodontists McKinney TX have skillsets that extend past helping phase one patients, as we’re able to help phase two patients as well. We do this by offering a variety of services to help with realigning once teeth come including braces and clear realigners. the clear realigners we offer include Invisalign, As well as other phenomenal brands. regardless of whether you use a clear realigner or if you use braces, we make a point of having products that offer the fastest tooth movement as well as the least friction. this allows for less time wearing braces, as well as fewer visits to the orthodontist. overall, this allows you to spend more time with your perfect smile!

in addition to these different procedures to help with the alignment, we offer help with basic upkeep. Services related to this include wisdom teeth removal, custom mouth guard production, digital X-rays, tooth whitening, and many more. these services are intended to help bring everybody their perfect Hollywood smile! with regular teeth whitening and cleaning, you’re able to show off a bright healthy, and fun smile to everyone every day! while wisdom tooth removal is often necessary, we make a point of minimizing pain while engaging in the procedure. the night guards we produce are intended to help with a variety of needs. the sports guards help protect your teeth while you’re showing off your athletic abilities, and the night guards help to prevent tooth grinding in your sleep. No matter what you need, Smiles Hollywood is here to help!

regardless of the services you need, we’re excited to help you here at Smiles Hollywood! to get started, go to SmilesHollywood.com or give us a ring at 972-529-9700. we’re excited to help bring out your Hollywood smile!