When it comes to the best orthodontists McKinney TX that we can offer, our dentists are here to not only give you the best orthodontic advice, but they are here for all of your oral hygiene needs. Do you truly know the best time to brush your teeth? You were always told to do it morning and night, but sometimes, let’s be honest it just doesn’t happen. If you were to only choose brushing morning or night, which would you choose? If you think it’s all about the food and drink you take in a day, then you would be right to assume that your diet and what you consume is the reason for the right answer.

Think about what all your teeth goes through in a day (orthodontists McKinney TX does), from carbonated drinks to carbonated water, they actually both have acid content that questions if the effects of sparkling water are healthy for your teeth or not. The top McKinney orthodontics researchers tested and found that it’s no different than plain water on your teeth. Which is good for everybody who loves to drink carbonated water, but you can only go so far. If you start branching into flavors of carbonated beverages, that’s when you really start to hurt your teeth. Some have sugar in them which is not good for your teeth at all. The best beverage for your teeth is just plain water.

We know it’s obvious here at orthodontists McKinney TX to know that sticky things like candy are not good for your teeth. Did you know that sugar can stick to your teeth and hold sugar there for hours until you’re ready to brush your teeth? That will be sure to give you a cavity quicker than you can say cavity. Between sugar candy and fresh fruits that can also be harmful for your teeth if they get stuck in between your teeth, fresh fruit is the best way to go over dry fruits and candy. It will help protect your teeth longer than either one will.

Did you know that bread can really be harmful for your teeth? Saliva breaks down starch that is in bread so the sugar from the bread acts just like candy does. Potato chips cause a similar issue with breakdown of starch and honestly, anything with the starch will do the exact same thing as sugar well. Makes sense as starch and sugar are basically the same thing. So be wary of what you were eating and what you are doing to your teeth today. But worrying about cavities isn’t the only reason you need to watch your hygiene needs. Bacteria that’s in the mouth can cause chaos to enter all parts of your body. Oral bacterial infection can travel through your bloodstream which can contribute to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other things you do not want to get.

For many more tips, please check out our website and look at our blogs at https://smileshollywood.com to see all the useful information listed there! If you have any more questions about the foods you should or should not be eating, then please give us a call today at 972-529-9700 so we can get you on the right track when it comes to your diet and your dietary needs. We want your mouth to be in the best condition possible and we do not want you to have to come in and get a root canal or teeth removal because the state of your teeth is in such disrepair.

Orthodontists Mckinney TX | So White They Are Blue

Here at our orthodontists McKinney TX office, we are able to provide our patients with a multitude of information they can take home and implement into it their oral hygiene today. Such as did you know about the purple light that the dentists shine into your mouth at your dentist appointment? Have you ever wondered what they are doing? They are drying sealant to your teeth. A fancy way to describe what UV-A light does for your teeth is causing polymer to harden onto your teeth. So it’s definitely handy when you are getting braces put on your teeth. It feels like your teeth may be visiting the tanning salon, but it is helping cause a photochemical reaction on your teeth.

Checking out all the dentist supplies at the orthodontists McKinney TX office can be confusing and slightly intimidating. If you see that UV light, it could be a UV-A light or a light that does a different job. The UV-C light disintegrates nucleic acid in the cells of microorganisms, which makes it perfect for sterilization. UV-C are germ killers whereas UV-A is basically the same as glue. If only we could walk around with UV-C light everywhere we go, right? We would never have to worry about germs in our day-to-day life again. Wouldn’t that be amazing? No more germs!

However, there are downsides that we orthodontists McKinney TX professionals say come from UV rays. Electronic devices emit ultraviolet rays that can disrupt your sleep and distract our mind. Especially when they are used to close to bedtime. If you ever find yourself trying to go to sleep at night but can’t, I think did you possibly use your phone before you lay down? Instead of diving into electronics closer to bedtime, you do the old fashion way and pick up a good book and dim the lights in your room for at least half an hour before you go to bed.

We know that UV rays can be used for great causes, but they can hurt your brain. They also can cause damage to your retina. For commercial uses such as used in our dental office for sterilization procedures they actually require safety protocols for using these rays, Because they can be so damaging to your eyeballs. The light in electronics we use every day is not as damaging to our eyes, but over time, it starts to become more effective and causes our eyes to deteriorate as well as our minds. We recommend keeping your UV’s rays only in the area of helping us with your braces rather than looking into UV rays every day.

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