How many local orthodontists McKinney TX dentists do you know that give back to their community as much as our doctors do? Our dentists set up presentations for a local kindergarten through second graders in elementary schools to enforce good hygiene habits so they do not have to have a long recovery road when it comes to their oral hygiene and treatment. The better hygienic practices that are instilled in kids and they are, ensures that they have these practices for when they become young teens and adults. If you want your child to have healthy teeth for the rest of my life, then you will gain from our dentist presentation to young ones today.

Our orthodontists McKinney TX are humans just like you. They enjoy spending time with their family as well as swimming, watching movies, going to the theater, and spending time with loved ones. They give back to the community to see all of the patients they have provided service for years as well as see the patients’ families that they have been providing dental services for as well. Our other dentist swears to them that their smile will last a lifetime. After 20 years of being in practice, she still has patients who are loyal to her and bring their friends and family to her office.

The education and experiences our orthodontists mckinney tx have being a specialist for over 20 years in Mckinney, Texas, are being named one of America’s top dentist back into 2010, biology degree she obtained at the university of Virginia, a doctorate of dental surgery, magna cum laude from the medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, certificate of orthodontics and master of science from Baylor College of dentistry, being a Texas A&M dental college mentor and being an McKinney ISD mentor. The professional affiliations our dentists are involved in is American Association of Orthodontists,being a part of the American dentist association, Texas dental association, Baylor orthodontic alumni association, and being part of the Alexander discipline study group.

Our dentists specialize in all bracketing systems, including Damon brackets, Innovation brackets, as well as other functional and useful appliances. The functional appliances that are used are Herbst appliance, rapid palatal expanders, carriere, forsus Springs, Shwartz, pendex appliance, tongue crib and holding arches, including nance, transpalatal arch, bands and loops, and lower lingual arch. Our dentists are also top specialists when it comes to Invisalign and have treated patients for class two and class three dental/skeletal cases. Our relationship with others allows us to make sure that the patient is receiving the best treatment available. That is what is most important to our mission.

Check out all that our dentist have been through and provide for all of our patients, please feel free to use our website at where you’ll find a multitude of testimonials as well as high ranking reviews that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are making the best decision when it comes to your orthodontist needs. If you would like to experience how wonderful customer service is, please give us a call today at 972-529-9700 and we look forward to scheduling your first appointment with us today! Feel free to enjoy every exam and x-rays and just know that you are in the best hands possible.

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With orthodontists McKinney TX offices, you can be sure that all of our dentists prize ourselves in treating all of our patients like family and we love to hear about all of our patients personal lives. The fact that we grow with our patients and their families is what makes our dental industry so fascinating. Not only do we provide care for just one patient for 20 years, but we more than likely provide care for that patient’s whole family for 20 years. We know everybody in the community and we pride ourselves in making sure that everyone in the community has confident smiles.

Not only do our orthodontists mckinney TX love helping with teeth, but they love mentoring and giving back to the community. With two wonderful women such as our dentists are, they love to inspire and encourage young adults to motivate them to go in the right direction. And in their free time, they are just normal people, taking gym class, going to concerts, being huge sports fans. Our dentist also enjoys going on trips and spending as much time with their family as they can. Being a dog owner, our dentists are sure that you can get a grasp on how much more they have for others while being such a good dog owner.

We also offer a blog along with wonderful orthodontists McKinney TX. With COVID-19, it definitely set us back in the real world. Everybody is aware of all the symptoms of Covid and our staff monitors themselves so they do not pass along to other patients. Covid 19 has become nothing but stress and is absolutely not healthy for your mouth. This stress has picked up 71% of teeth grinding and clenching among patients as well 63% uprising in chipped teeth, 63% in cracked teeth and 62% of TMD symptoms. We are here to help the community even going through this pandemic. Many people when they report stress feel it in the neck and shoulders, not even realizing it’s because of the clench jaw.

Clenching and grinding behaviors of your teeth cause headaches, which many people do not know. Clenching your jaw travels to your skull and provides a tension headache as well as migraines. We offer night guards for those who are stressing so much they’re grinding their teeth at night. So we can lessen the effects of this condition. Did you also know that stress will stop your mouse production of saliva? Nobody likes dry mouths. Dry mouth can lead to an increase of cavities and bacteria to build up on your teeth. Senior dentist regularly four or two times in your project is important when you’re facing so much stress.

For more stress health tips as well as looking at our wonderful testimonials and our easy to use website, please take a look at us at so we can get you on the schedule today. If you are not tech savvy and you would rather give us a call, please call us at 972-529-9700 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to get you scheduled an appointment to see the best dentist in the world. If you are stressed and haven’t been to the dentist, I it is time to come get your check up today. We know you want to keep the integrity of your mouth and you want to keep the hygiene going great as well. You do not want the medical problems that come with not taking care of your mouth.