Smiles Hollywood is the top Orthodontics McKinney TX has to offer. Giving our patients the red carpet treatment, our office is super family-oriented and has lots of fun. In our office, we also have an area where patients are able to use their laptops with Wi-Fi internet access. you’ll be able to get some work done as well as an area for students who want to get their homework finished. from study zones to the in-house movie theaters where our patients and their family will be able to sit down and watch movies, we have video game stations, Wireless internet, and TVs at every chair. there is plenty to do when visiting our office. will be able to keep you occupied with wonderful things while you wait to get your exceptional treatment. we have an under-the-sea playground for younger siblings.

We know that children love playing in our areas while waiting for their doctor to be ready or if the younger ones are waiting for their older brothers or sisters to finish getting their orthodontic treatment. This allows parents to be at ease and know that their child will have fun and plenty of things to do. we know how hard it is to make the younger ones that still as we are waiting patiently. We are here to accommodate and make this a fun and exciting family-friendly atmosphere. our office is super family oriented and kids will be able to have lots of fun. we have a Cove area with children’s toys and a reading area for young readers as well.

Along with all the fun exciting things to do in our office that are friendly, family-oriented, and fun. we offer a slushie machine and a hot chocolate/cappuccino machine as well as purified water for all of our patients. Both adults and children can accommodate themselves to our slushie machines in our hot chocolate/cappuccino machines, all ages will be able to enjoy. Smiles Hollywood is rated the top Orthodontics McKinney TX. All of our delicious treats and amenities are free for the whole family in our office. we have an orthodontic program and prices! this is for grape operation during their orthodontic treatment. crock-pots are given for cleaning teeth, wearing appliances, consistently making sure that nothing is breaking, wearing your smile Hollywood orthodontic t-shirts to your appointments, and for a good report card. you’ll be able to redeem your Crocks for movie tickets, gift cards and other cool gifts that are gift showcase will display. this is a great incentive for our patients to be able to cooperate with their treatment properly.

Having cooperation from our patients and doctors will make your treatment plan go by much smoother. we want our patients, especially younger ones to be able to know that taking care of their braces or Invisalign is very important. we have a cool contest for our patients and we have a variety of contests in our office that could be considered motivation. we do in-office, online, and referring contests. several contacts throughout the year you’ll be able to win prizes such as gift cards, treats, and tickets to movies. and even concerts and sporting events! when you come to your appointment you’ll be able to see our contest that will be going on that month. we have fun and we love rewarding our patients for taking an initiative to take care of their braces, teeth, or Invisalign. there are many reasons why Smiles Hollywood is the top Orthodontics McKinney TX has to offer.

To visit your appointment and to come and visit our office with all of the awesome stuff we have to offer with great treatment please give us a call today at 972-529-9700. To learn more about what our office has to offer you and your family with our amenities in the office and our treatments you are welcome to join us at our website by visiting us at

Top Orthodontics McKinney TX | Smiles That Last A Lifetime

Smiles Hollywood is here to make a difference. We are not only helping our patients with smiles that will last a lifetime. We are making a difference in their overall experience, am I giving an experience of a lifetime with a top Orthodontics McKinney TX. With our amazing office and amenities with fun things to do, we’ll be able to have cool contests to make your appointment more interesting and exciting for all ages! We have the best braces option for the most efficient treatments. Providing treatment that will help you create Smiles that last a lifetime.

Our affordable payout plans with 0% interest will be able to help you conveniently pay for your braces with no interest. we have affordable braces for you. this option is available for most of our patients, if this is something you might be interested in you will have to let our amazing treatment coordinators know that you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. we are here to make your treatment as easy as possible. the choice is absolutely up to you when deciding if you want to finance through us or use your HSA or FSA cards.

After treatment, if you are not satisfied with your results or need retreatment, we offer a 100% warranty for any re-treatment. We will be able to replace your retainers id the inevitable happens to them. We want to be here for you every step of the way helping you create a smile that will last you a lifetime. Book your appointment today with Smiles Hollywood is the top Orthodontics McKinney TX you will be visiting.

You have come across the top Orthodontics McKinney TX has, at Smiles Hollywood we are constantly making our patients feel like stars!With all the exciting things to do in our office will be able to accommodate your family. we’ll make this a comfortable experience and be able to accommodate any anxieties or fears of the orthodontist. we have a tattoo with specialized in the treatment and will be able to work with your child accordingly. we have several contests throughout the year that will keep your children on board with their treatment.

Schedule your appointment today or feel free to ask us any questions you may have, we are here for you! Contact us today at 972-529-9700.please visit our website at to find out more about what services we offer you.