You can find the top orthodontics McKinney TX location at our dental offices today. With two wonderful dentists with years of credentials that are incredible, we want to ensure that you or your child will receive the best orthodontistry practice that is out there in the Texas location. We want to offer free exams and x-rays when you schedule with us today as well as payment plans for those whose insurance or lack thereof is not supported within our systems. Dr. Crise and Dr. Downs’ mission in life is to ensure celebrity smiles for the community that they live in.

Dr. Stephanie Christ has amazing credentials that would shock anyone, but not us here at top orthodontics Mckinney TX. She has been an orthodontic specialist for over 20 years in the McKinney area. She has been voted the best orthodontics McKinney TX 11 times readers choice award and living magazine. She was also named one of America’s top dentists in both 2007 and 2019. She has attended both the Texas A&M University as well as the Baylor College of dentistry. She has been a radio dental health consultant on 87.5 KLAK radio as well as received the outstanding women in this award in 2014. She has also been interviewed for dental news on ABC and is a member of AAO, ADA and TDA.

Our top orthodontics Mckinney TX office also hosts our wonderful Dr. Downs. She also hasn’t been an orthodontic specialist for over 20 years in McKinney Texas area. She was named one of America’s top dentist in 2010. She attended the University of Virginia and the medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University as well as Baylor College of dentistry. She is a Texas A&M dental college mentor as well as a McKinney ISD mentor. She’s affiliated with the American Association of orthodontists, American Dental Association, Texas dental association, Baylor orthodontic alumni Association, and the Alexander discipline study group.

Our dentist are more than qualified to service you and your family‘s dentistry needs today. With credentials and accolades that are superior to the competitions, we are confident and being able to provide a dental experience that excuses all expectations. We know that you were looking forward to the best when it comes to dental hygiene and oral surgery. And you should expect nothing less. Why would you except anything less when someone is going to be servicing on your mouth or your child? We know that is not the taste with you and we look forward to your child with Dr. Downs and Dr. Crise today.

Check out even more wonderful accolades our dentists receive daily, please view our easy to use website located at for all your testimonials and services that are provided within our company. If you would rather talk to a wonderful customer service representative, please give us a call at 972-529-9700 to see how wonderful our customer service is before even coming into the office. We will be happy to set you up with a schedule today as well as go over a possible needs and that your family needs for dental hygiene and dental surgery. Let’s help your smile today!

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Our call at top orthodontics McKinney TX is to provide patients with a wonderful dental experience. Not many experience wonderful experiences when people think of the orthodontics industry. With our office being committed to being open Monday through Thursday from 7:45 to 6 PM, we want to work around everybody’s schedule so nobody misses out on the experience of receiving the best orthodontic care today. We are highly trained orthodontic specialists with over 20 years of experience each. We go above and beyond for a patient and our patients are unique as well as their treatment plan. We can give you something to smile about.

At our offices at the top orthodontics Mckinney TX office, we offer nothing short of cutting edge technology. With an in-house lab as well as digital imaging and an Itero scanner, we will be sure that you do not have to wait on results as long as you are used to with normal x-ray machines. Not only does our new X-ray machine not emit the same radioactiveNess that old x-ray machines will give out, but the turnaround time for the result is significantly shorter. The Itero scanner gives us a 3-D image of your mouth. And this is amazing to be able to provide before and after photos.

When you come to our top orthodontics McKinney TX office, you’ll get to see our in-house movie theater as well as experience or magical under the sea playroom or your younger children. No need to worry about whether your child’s attention will be captured by us, we have an office that is set up to keep children’s focus on the importance of dental hygiene and enforcing good dental habits for them in the future. The more dental habits ingrained in their system now, the less likely they will have to have major surgeries in the future. Now that’s a wonderful experience!

We also offer a slushy machine and hot chocolate and cappuccino machine to go along with the purified water we give to patients. We have children and adults who love our slushy machine as well as our hot chocolate machine. We change out flavors every few months, and encourage children to come next time to see which flavors we have. Along with our cool beverage machines we offer contests for our patients to win either T-shirts, movie tickets, gift cards, and other cool prizes that we are proud to give out to our patients who have a good report card when it comes to their teeth.

Check out all the super cool stuff we do in our office today when you visit our website at to see all the services we provide and to view our amazing testimonials. If you would like to call and schedule an appointment with us today, we will have someone be able to take your call at 972-529-9700 at any time. We look forward to sending up your appointment and giving you the best rates available. All on your convenience and time. We want to give you the best experience possible and know that we can deliver on that when you schedule with us today.