You are the star of the show when you visit our office. you will not need to remember lines though HA-HA. Smiles Hollywood is a top Orthodontics McKinney TX has to offer. Will be able to discuss your treatment and you’ll be able to ask any questions that you want. we are here to help you and answer all of your questions and we have a team who is passionate and knowledgeable about your treatments. we will be able to review everything you need to do to achieve a gorgeous smile. you will just have to follow the directions that we give you for the best results during your treatment.

When you have braces and you are receiving treatment you will need to diligently brush your teeth and floss them. as food will get stuck in your brackets and wires, and we all know that doesn’t look good on camera. it is very important to follow our brushing and flossing guidelines to make sure that you get the best results that they a healthy smile. we recommend that you use a water flosser if possible. it will help you get into hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. when you have braces we also recommend that you swish your mouth out with a cup full of fluoride rinse before you go to bed. do not swallow your mouthwash., always spit it out. The reason why we recommend a fluoride rinse before you go to bed it is because when fluoride sits on your teeth at night it added protection to your teeth to prevent took decay do not try to drink anything including water until the morning. you will have a very successful Journey for getting perfectly straight healthy teeth with a beautiful smile if you follow our guidelines and take care of your teeth with braces.

We know when you first get braces on it can be weird and challenging. When you eat We recommend that you take your food in smaller fights. such as Appleton carrots and harder Foods you’ll want to make sure that they are in smaller bites for you to chew them more properly. when you have glasses you should never buy into anything that is hard and could easily pop off one of your brackets. you want to avoid chewy foods that are gooey, hard, and crunchy. such as Tootsie rolls, caramels, starburst, and any other food that is simpler to the ease you will want to avoid when you have your braces on. considerate a reward and something to look forward to you when you get your braces taken off. you don’t want to chew on anything of hard objects. it is important to use common sense on which foods are okay to eat and which ones are not when you have braces on. Smiles Hollywood top Orthodontics McKinney TX Wants to ensure that you are getting the best treatment and reaching your goals.

We know it’s challenging you’re going to have to give up some food but there are so many foods that you can still eat and it’s just a few short years you’ll be in braces and it will be worth it. the foods that you cannot eat while you have races you’ll be able to look forward to when you get them taken off. Indulge! Smiles Hollywood is here to give you the best treatment by the top Orthodontics McKinney TX will offer you.

If you have any questions regarding your life with braces, and if you are concerned about anything you’ll be able to reach out to our knowledgeable staff and they will be able to assist you and answer all of your questions by calling us at 972-529-9700.Our website is jam-packed with information that will be able to educate you about your life with braces and a list of foods that you are unable to eat until your braces come off you can visit our website at

Top Orthodontics McKinney | This Is A Big Experience and Choice

When you choose Smiles Hollywood understand that this is a big experience and a decision that you’ll be making our goal is to give you a healthy, straight, and beautiful smile that you always wanted. we are excited to help you and we want to help you improve your confidence and look. receiving Orthodontic Care from the Top Orthodontics McKinney TX. We are here to give you treatment plans and give customized individual care that you deserve. We pride ourselves on making sure that you get the smile that you deserve. we treat adults and children. we do offer a private area in our Clinic that is separated from the rest for adults that may want more private privacy when being seen.

We offer a Cove area for little children and we have a toy, books, and children’s lives Furniture in this area. we also have a study space area for teens who want to do their homework and the reception room while they’re waiting for their appointment. we offer free Wi-Fi for parents who need to work while waiting on their children. we have many amenities in our office that will be able to give you the best experience.

We are confident you will be revising the best care and treatments. We have a staff that is able to give you the best experience with our Top Orthodontics McKinney TX office. We have a kid-friendly environment with many things to keep them busy while the parents are at ease knowing that it’s okay if their kids play and run around. We want you to enjoy your experience and with our exceptional care, we have the best office for your family to wait for the care and best treatments. Our staff is excited to help you. and we are passionate about what we’re doing we love coming to work.

Yes, we love coming to work! Smiles Hollywood is a second home to our staff and we love connecting with our patients and want them to feel like stars. We will be able to give you an experience that will help you accomplish your goals when it comes to your smile. We are the top Orthodontics McKinney TX.

Every smile starts with an initial consultation, we offer free consultations and a free X-ray page. you’ll be able to schedule with one of our friendly team members who will be able to assist you by calling us at 972-529-9700. Feel free to visit our website for more information and the services that we can provide for you to make your experience great by visiting our website at