Several factors go into determining the cost of orthodontic treatment. One of these factors is how difficult will the treatment be? The more appliances that are needed to properly correct the patient’s teeth will cost more than a patient that just needs one or two appliances. Another factor is how long will the treatment time be? Some treatments are very straightforward and so the patient won’t be seen as many times by the orthodontist compared to treatments that are more involved. So, if your treatment involves more time, it will cost more than one that is a shorter treatment time. For example, the longer you are required to wear the braces, the more adjustments and orthodontic appointments you will need.

“Can you negotiate price with an orthodontist?” At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, we try to help as much as we can when it comes to financing your orthodontic treatment. We offer a very generous easy pay payment plan based on your number of months of treatment. There is no interest at all charged to the patient for using the easy pay plan. This is an incredible benefit to you as the patient, because you have a low monthly payment that is paid out over time, so it’s easier for families to afford. We also file any primary orthodontic insurance that you may have as well. We also follow up with your insurance company and answer any questions that you or they may have. We offer you a variety of ways to assist you financially. Another way Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics assists you financially is by allowing the patient to pay the down payment over two or sometimes three monthly payments to assist with the financing piece. We call this down payment assistance. Many orthodontic offices require a large down payment up front before treatment begins. We, however, will work with you and come up with what works best for you and your family’s budget.

Another way we help with the question of “Can you negotiate price with an orthodontist?” Is our records fee is a one-time family fee. Records consist of digital x-rays, pictures of the patient (from the front and profile pictures) as well as a 3-D scanned image of your teeth. The 3-D image of your teeth is done with the Itero scanner. It’s a simple wand that is done in the patient’s mouth to give the orthodontist a 3-D image of your teeth. Because it is 3-D, it is like having you at our office when you’re not actually there! The orthodontist uses this 3-D image to come up with the treatment plan for each patient. We only charge this records fee one time per family to make it more affordable for families! So, when the first member of the family does their orthodontic treatment with us, only the first patient pays the records fee. Then any other family members who might need orthodontic treatment, such as all other siblings, Mom and Dad, will never pay a records fee again. We only charge it one time, per family, to help with financing orthodontic treatment. This is just another way we help with the question of “Can you negotiate price with an orthodontist?”

Another way we help on the question of “Can you negotiate price with an orthodontist?” is we give multiple family member discounts. The more family members who do treatment at our office, the bigger the discount. We also run coupon specials from time to time for an amount off of full braces or a different amount off of Phase I orthodontic treatment. We also offer discounts for teachers, military and professional discounts to those who work in the dental field too.

So, you can see that with the question often asked “Can you negotiate price with an orthodontist?”, the answer is yes and the price reduction is given through various discounts offered from time to time, or by having multiple family discounts or the one-time record fee. We also offer a paid in full discount. So, if you pay the entire treatment fee up front, we will give you a paid in full discount to thank you for paying up front.

Another factor to consider when asking yourself “Can you negotiate price with an orthodontist?”, is you want to be sure that the orthodontist you choose is highly skilled and has received specialized training that a true orthodontic specialist goes through. Our orthodontists both have not only a dental degree but also another three years of an orthodontic residency program. So, they are official specialists in doing orthodontic work. They are not general dentists who have just decided to do some orthodontics on the side. This is a very important difference. Many general dentists go to a few weekend classes and then start treating patients with braces or Invisalign. Two-three weekend courses do not equal 3 years of specialized training in orthodontics. Also, you want to be sure that the orthodontic office you select has at least one full time orthodontist in the office! Both of our orthodontists are full time and we offer extended hours Monday through Thursday, plus we have a 24-hour emergency call line to help our patients with any orthodontic emergency that may come up, such as a pokey wire, broken bracket, or anything uncomfortable for the patient. So, be sure to ask before you select an orthodontist to be sure they have a full time orthodontist and a 24-hour emergency service available to patients! You definitely get what you pay for!

Another area to look into is the experience of the doctor. Both of our orthodontists have over twenty years of orthodontic experience here in McKinney, TX. They have worked together all of those twenty plus years too! They have treated thousands of orthodontic cases and each case with its own challenges. Therefore, they have a vast knowledge of many different orthodontic issues, so that makes them ready to handle even the most difficult orthodontic problems. So, when looking for an orthodontist, please make sure you choose one that has good experience and excellent knowledge.

If you are wanting orthodontic treatment and are concerned with the treatment pricing, please make a complimentary consultation with us by calling our office at 972-529-9700 and we would love to meet with you to discuss treatment recommendations as well as pricing and how we can work with you to make orthodontic care affordable for you and your family! We would love to answer any of your questions and make you one of our highly valued Smiles Hollywood Orthodontic patients. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Call us at 972-529-9700 or visit us on our website at to make an appointment.