January 16, 2020


Mckinney Orthodontics Blog 9


Most fads won’t hurt you – bell bottom pants, avocado toast, the water bottle flip challenge – but using Do It Yourself (DIY) orthodontic aligner treatment just might.

Many people have heard about DIY orthodontic aligners and how easy it is to straighten teeth with no appointments for a lower price. It is human nature to want to follow the easiest path. But sometimes easiest isn’t always best.

The American Dental Association has taken a firm stance against companies who provide “mail order” aligners for teeth. Their concern is for the safety and health of patients’ teeth. One of the most popular DIY companies protects themselves by having customers self-certify their dental condition and sign documentation to hold the company harmless for any negative consequences that may occur.

Unbeknownst to many customers, when they agree to the program, they are agreeing to waive rights to any kind of recourse in the event of a negative outcome or circumstance.

Of course, there are customers who report success from such mail order orthodontic aligners, but a quick Internet search will alert the public to issues with aligners that don’t fit correctly, cut into the gums, or aligners that cause serious problems for a person’s bite including loss of gum tissue, root problems and even tooth loss. Many customers of DIY orthodontic aligners end up in a local orthodontist’s office to fix such problems.

Ultimately, DIY aligners are not appreciably less expensive than going to an orthodontist when you factor in the peace of mind you get from knowing a professional orthodontist is overseeing your treatment. Typically a patient only has to visit the orthodontist every 8-10 weeks for aligner treatment.

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