October 11, 2020


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We are a nation of strong people… pull yourself up by your bootstraps, stiff upper lip kinds of people. However, this last year of the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll. We are all aware of the symptoms of Covid and vigilantly monitor ourselves for them. We know about wearing masks, washing hands and keeping our distance from others.

But while we have been concentrating on all those things, we may be overlooking others. The American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute has found that our stress from the pandemic situation may be taking its toll in our mouths!


Dentists and Orthodontists have been noticing an increased prevalence in stress-related mouth conditions such as grinding and clinching teeth resulting in chipped and cracked teeth and problems with the temporomandibular joints, more commonly known as TMJ. These conditions obviously affect teeth and jaws but can also cause headaches, and really, who needs more headaches?! Also, did you know that crowded and out of place teeth can even cause you to start grinding and clenching at night? And what’s worse, this detrimental activity on your teeth/mouth is happening when you don’t even realize it!!

As our nation works through the pandemic, dental health professionals can help with “oral stress”. An orthodontist can help with straightening teeth that are being damaged or are culprits for causing us to grind at night. Invisalign and Braces are great options for straightening, and custom mouth guards are effective to help prevent damage to teeth from grinding and clinching. If damage has already occurred, see a Dentist or Orthodontist for recommendations on repairs to the teeth or jaws. Let Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics help your mouth get through this pandemic.

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do you know the best time for brushing your teeth?
december 16, 2020

Brushing your teeth in the morning and at night is ideal, but let’s face it… sometimes that just doesn’t happen. If you brushed only once a day, which is better: in the morning or before bed?

Think about all the things you eat and drink during the day. The particles left behind, on and between your teeth and gums are an all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria in your mouth. If left alone, that bacteria create plaque on your teeth which can calcify and become tartar which in turn can cause cavities.

The anti-bacterial effect of your saliva is one way to combat that bacterial growth, but we can’t leave the job to saliva alone. At night, the production of saliva naturally decreases and if you sleep with your mouth open, you know your mouth is even drier! This gives bacteria time to do its dirty work on your teeth. A simple 2-minute brushing of your teeth before bed can remove the plaque and food particles leading to bigger issues later. Gum, mints or mouthwash don’t count. They may make your mouth feel “fresher”, but to remove the plaque on your teeth requires brushing and flossing.

If you aren’t already brushing your teeth before bed at night, it’s easy to make that part of your routine. A few weeks from now we will begin a new year and for many, that is a perfect time to release bad habits and replace with new ones. Warding off troublesome and costly dental issues by doing something as easy as brushing before bed can be a great start!! Good dental hygiene is important to having a Beautiful Smile and creating gorgeous smiles is what we do best at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics in McKinney! For Braces, Invisalign or teeth whitening, call us at 972-529-9700 or visit us online at SmilesHollywood.com.


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october 11, 2020

By now, most school districts have determined what the first half of their school years will look like – all online, all on-campus, or a mix of both! Beyond that, it seems the most dominant punctuation mark for this school year is a question mark. ??? Where will the country be with Covid-19 as we round the corner to 2021?

There are kudos to be handed out to all: Teachers are working double and triple time preparing lessons for a variety of learning modes while also managing the learning needs of their own children. Parents without teaching degrees have been thrust into being teachers for their own children in a greater role than usual while still trying to perform their own jobs if they are still working.

There is no doubt that tensions are running high in our great country because of all the stressors we as a nation have faced in 2020. In case you need to hear this, it is okay to take a deep breath and realize that we’re all doing the best we possibly can. The situation the country is in is unprecedented and we are writing the owner’s manual as we go along.

When people seem stressed out and snappish, let us remember that we have no idea what they are dealing with personally. The word of our time is G-R-A-C-E. Grace for the overworked teachers, parents and equally-stressed people everywhere. When we’re out and about, masked up and 6 feet apart, let our eyes smile at others we meet.