At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, your smile is very important but equally important to us is your health! We care deeply about our patients and our staff, therefore we are always on the lookout for updated information in regards to Covid-19 protocols. Below are all of the procedures that we implemented during the pandemic. Right now, these Top McKinney Orthodontics procedures have been relaxed since the CDC has recommended that these procedures do not need to be enforced right now. Should things change we will be quick to respond to make sure that our patients, staff and families remain safe!

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During the pandemic we have adopted some new Top McKinney Orthodontics procedures and equipment for the safety of our patients and our staff. We have always worn gloves and masks, but now we are wearing N95 surgical masks as well as face shields to protect you. We have installed plexiglass at the front desk and in our Treatment Coordinator offices. Everyone’s temperature is taken before entering the office, including our staff. This is for everyone’s safety! 

 Our Covid-19 Informed Consent Form and the Pandemic Procedure Information page are below:



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Covid-19 Informed Consent Form

With the community transmission of communicable diseases, you could be exposed anywhere to infectious diseases including, but not limited to COVID-19 (also called Coronavirus).  Our orthodontic office is following the State and Federal regulations and recommended universal personal protection and disinfection protocols to limit transmission of communicable diseases.  However, it is possible that these precautions will not always be successful in blocking the transmission of these diseases.  Social distancing nationwide has reduced the transmission of Covid-19, however it is not possible to provide orthodontic treatment with social distancing between the patient, orthodontist, orthodontic staff and sometimes, other Top McKinney Orthodontics patients. 

By presenting yourself or your child for orthodontic treatment, you assume and accept the risk that you or your child may inadvertently be exposed to a communicable disease. 

If you have been exposed to a communicable disease prior to your Top McKinney Orthodontics appointment, you may spread the disease to the orthodontist, orthodontic staff and to other patients/parents in the practice.  Therefore, prior to each appointment, we require you to answer the following questions: 

Have you, your child, anyone in your household or anyone accompanying you to today’s appointment tested positive or been diagnosed as having Covid-19? 


Yes____           No____ 

If so, when?           Date________________ 


Do you, your child, anyone in your household or others accompanying you to today’s appointment have: 


  • A Fever                               Yes____ No____ 
  • A Cough                               Yes____ No____ 
  • Shortness of Breath and /or 

       trouble breathing?                 Yes____ No____ 

  • Persistent pain, pressure or                                  

tightness in the chest?                 Yes____ No____ 


If any of you have any of these symptoms or have recently tested positive for or been diagnosed with Covid-19, you will be asked to reschedule your orthodontic appointment. 

Do you acknowledge and accept the risk of exposure in our orthodontic office to a communicable disease, included but not limited to Covid-19, and consent to treatment? 


                                 Yes____         No____ 


________________________________   _________________________________

Patient/Parent’s Signature                                                  Date


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Pandemic Procedure Information

Hello Smiles Hollywood Family,
Our office has been notified by Governor Abbott and the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners that we may begin seeing Top McKinney Orthodontics patients again in our office. We have missed you all and are looking forward to seeing everyone for their appointments.

A new Covid-19 Informed Consent Form will be required to be signed before the appointment. This form MUST be completed, signed and dated by the responsible party ON THE DAY OF THE APPOINTMENT or the appointment will need to be rescheduled, no exceptions. This form is attached, but now we have also made it available on our website so that it can be signed electronically for your convenience.

While our office is being cleaned and disinfected diligently, we have implemented some new policies in order to serve all of our patients in a safe and efficient manner. Please familiarize yourself and your family with these new procedures in order to make your appointment easy and seamless.

  1. Check in procedure – Once you have arrived at our parking lot, please CALL our office to let us know that you have arrived (972-529-9700).
  2. Entering the office – We will call you when we are ready for you to meet us at the front door. An assistant will meet and greet you at the front door and take the temperature of the patient and anyone accompanying the patient before you are allowed entrance to the office. In order to keep the number of people in the office as low as possible, we are asking that only the patient come into the office and the parent/guardian return to their car and wait for the appointment to be completed.
  3. Appointment – After temperatures have been taken and the informed consent form has been processed, we will take the patient back to the clinic for their orthodontic appointment.
  4. Pick up and scheduling of next appointment – After we have completed your appointment, we will call you and tell you that the patient is ready. During that call we will let you know that the patient is finished with their appointment and at that time we can schedule the next orthodontic appointment and take payments if needed. The assistant will meet you at the front door for you to pick up your child.

If you do come into the office at any time, we are asking that you maintain a 6 foot distance from others and that you please wear a mask. We request that you please have your child brush their teeth at home before their appointment to minimize using our toothbrush station at this time.

We know that this new protocol may seem a little burdensome right now, but it has been implemented for the safety and welfare of your child, yourself, and your family as well as our entire Top McKinney Orthodontics Smiles Hollywood family. Thank you for being patient with our office and cooperating with these new procedures for the health and safety of everyone who enters our office. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting back to business! Can’t wait to see you!

Sincerely Smiles,
Stephanie Crise, DDS, MS
Jessica Downs, DDS, MS