Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics has earned the title of the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney because of our amazing patients and our outstanding highly experienced doctors and staff. Click here to learn more…

To answer your question of who is the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney, it is Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics! Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics became the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney by providing the best customer service to every patient. Our work at being the best orthodontic office in town is by making sure we stay up to date with the newest and latest technology to ensure the best accuracy and results for our patients. This includes our new itero scanners that allow us to see our patients in 3D on the computer so that we can create the perfect treatment plan for each patient. Our itero scanner allows us to be quicker, more efficient, and keeps our patients from having to deal with ooey-gooey impression substance in their mouths for making study models!

Another way Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics wins first in answering the question of “who is the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney” is by winning the “Best of” McKinney contest over 12 times! This contest is sent to the people of McKinney where they are given the choice to vote for all of their favorite businesses. Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics has successfully been voted the best orthodontics office in McKinney over and over again. We were able to achieve this honorable award more than 12 times because our patients know that we will take excellent care of them as soon as they walk into our doors. We also make it easy to afford braces or Invisalign treatment by offering them easy payment plans, plus we accept most all insurances available. We walk our patients through their treatment plan every step of the way, and we deliver top-notch results every time. This is only part of what has made us the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney!

You may be wondering who is the most reviewed and highest rated orthodontist in McKinney and what have we done in order to achieve this title? One way we have done this is that one of our outstanding doctors: Dr. Stephanie Crise takes the time to visit as many elementary schools in McKinney and Frisco to educate students and teachers on how to properly take care of their teeth and have overall better dental hygiene. Dr. Stephanie Crise has created a 30-45 minute presentation that entertains children by being super energetic, having the kids interact with physical demonstrations, playing fun music, and allowing them chances to win different prizes such as our water bottles, fun colored and shaped erasers, and even our Croc Hollywood stuffed animal mascot toys. While this is very entertaining, these students are also obtaining very important information on how to properly brush and care for their teeth. They also learn why one should see an orthodontic specialist over a general dentist for braces or Invisalign treatment. They learn about what the process of having braces looks like, so when it is time for them to get orthodontic treatment, they will remember who is the most reviewed and highest rated orthodontist in McKinney and will come to us at Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics!

If you are wanting to know who is the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney is, it is Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics! We have been known as the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontic office due to our consistent quality care that we provide for our patients. Our goal is to ensure that each and every patient who walks into our office has the best experience possible. Our team makes sure this happens by being very personable and connecting with each patient on a deeper level to make them feel like they are part of our family. Our doctors, Dr. Stephanie Crise and Dr. Jessica Downs, make sure to give every patient a very thought out and thorough treatment plan that makes the patient comfortable and have a successful treatment experience. This top notch customer service that our whole staff provides is what has given us the opportunity to treat thousands of orthodontic patients successfully and is why our patients continue to refer us to their friends and family.

Another reason parents tend to wonder who is the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney is because they want to make sure their children are in good hands, and to have the least amount of stress as possible. At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, we have a different kind of kid friendly environment. Our office is an exciting movie themed extravaganza, so kids feel relaxed and have an enjoyable time. We also offer a game room area, a movie room for kids to watch a movie while they wait, a study area, and a young play area for the smaller kids. This is very appreciated by the parents who need to get work done, take a phone call, or keep their children occupied while their other child is getting orthodontic care. Families love us and we know you will too!

At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, we offer many different types of payment plans so that finances won’t stand in the way of helping our patients achieve the Hollywood Smile they deserve. At Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics, we really value every person who trusts us with their smile and we strive to offer nothing but the absolute best! Our front desk ladies always greet everyone with a smile and a friendly welcome. Our treatment coordinators take extra time to explain the process to the patients and show future patients why we are the perfect option for them. Our assistants do their very best to ensure customer satisfaction with their orthodontic care and are very gentle when working on our patients. Our doctors also go the extra mile to make sure every patient feels valued, understands our treatment goals throughout their treatment plan, as well as feel part of our Smiles Hollywood family!

If you or anyone you know need orthodontic treatment, come to the highest rated and most reviewed orthodontist in McKinney and let Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics give you a spectacular smile! Call us at 972-529-9700 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment!